Harry Styles Vogue Dress: How to Take Inspiration for A Gender-Neutral Collection?

Harry Styles Vogue Dress: How to Take Inspiration for A Gender-Neutral Collection?

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As fashion brands and designers no longer shy away from casting male and female models for lookbooks and feature a wider spectrum of genders for fashion shows, the industry’s catchphrase term “Unisex” has become increasingly mainstream. However, the introduction of unisex collections has caused a slew of problems.

And the credit goes to none other than Harry Styles. He is the first male in the public eye to break gender stereotypes by appearing on the cover of American Vogue — and he did so in a stunning gown. Harry Styles' Vogue dress has ignited a debate about masculinity and gender-fluid fashion on social media and beyond.

Before discussing gender-neutral collection ideas, one must fully understand the difference between “Genderless and Neutral.” 

Know the Right Difference Between Genderless & Neutral

Harry Styles Vogue Dress Gender-Neutral Collection

The goal behind Unisex design was to include both masculine and feminine clothing styles under one umbrella phrase. The goal was to create a “contrast between the wearer and the clothes.” On the other hand, genderless fashion entails defying fashion standards and wearing what one likes rather than what the world wants them to wear.

Another distinction is that genderless fashion defies the gender paradigm by including members of the LGBTQIA+ community. In this piece, we'll talk about Harry Styles' Vogue Dress collection and why it is a landmark cover for the fashion industry. Even before the cover, Harry Styles has pushed the envelope of gender-neutral fashion with some unique outfits.

1. All-in-One

Styles wore a custom Gucci organza shirt with lace, high-waisted wool mohair trousers, patent leather boots, and a bee earring with a dangling cream drop pearl to the event, which he also co-chaired. The look was striking and ignited a debate about what’s acceptable clothing for men and what isn’t. 

2. Rainbow Cardigan

During a rehearsal for his appearance on The Today Show, the Watermelon Sugar star wore a color block patchwork cardigan. The dress is believed to have cost more than £1,250 (US$1,740). As a result, Stylers, as his admirers are known, started a TikTok trend in which people sought to make the crocheted cardigan themselves.

3. Éliou necklaces & Floral Pants

One of the most popular Harry Styles’ Vogue dresses is nothing but a pair of loose flowered slacks by Liverpudlian designer Steven Stokey-Daley for one memorable sequence in his Golden music video, accessorized with a pearl necklace and a yellow rain hat.

Harry Styles Vogue Dress Gender-Neutral Collection

The pearl necklace is from Éliou, a whimsical modern jewelry designer, and costs US$180 on their web store. Each Éliou piece is handcrafted and contains naturally shaped freshwater pearls, so no two are the same. Olivia Wilde, the pop star's 10-year-older girlfriend, was spotted wearing the same necklace Styles wore in the video in January.

4. Gucci …Everything!

Styles, who is known for wearing Gucci, is also known to wear pieces from lesser-known designers. Harris Reed, a gender-fluid designer label, was once the only one in the industry who knew how to clothe the Golden star.

The DNA of his brand, according to the young eponymous designer, is "romanticism gone non-binary." Reed told Vogue in an interview that he met Styles through the singer's long-time stylist, Harry Lambert, at a time when Reed only had approximately 1,000 Instagram followers.

5. Saint Laurent suits

Styles used Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent suits on the red carpet before his solo career as a member of the British pop boy band One Direction. The former creative director of Saint Laurent (and current multi-hyphenate director of Celine) is known for his gender-neutral, unisex designs. Saint Laurent is a pioneer of androgynous fashion, having historically altered women's apparel, most famously with the Le Smoking tuxedo suit.

Gender-Neutral Clothing is the Future 

Political correctness and inclusivity have given birth to Gender-neutral fashion. The goal is to increase off-the-rack options that do not fit or flatter persons who do not fit into the traditional gender binary. Several luxury brands are already known for their androgynous clothing lines, but high street fashion is also expected to delve into this fashion segment. 

Final Thoughts

Harry Styles’ Vogue Dress has a cult following. It has become a symbol of freedom for gender-fluid people who have struggled to fit into stereotypical societal norms. Fashion is evolving, and the acceptance of gender-neutral clothing is the next big step in its growth.

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