Four Aspects That Are Needed To Create Brand Awareness: Hear, See, Feel and Think.

Four Aspects That Are Needed To Create Brand Awareness: Hear, See, Feel and Think.

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Our senses deliver vital information and help us become aware of the world around us. Similarly, a brand needs certain “senses” to help people become more aware of their presence. This is where building brand awareness rightly fits the bill! An elaborate brand awareness strategy is what every brand needs to accomplish this target. 

Your goal is for people to associate your brand with a particular product. For instance, every fashion brand highly covets being recognized by, “I’m wearing <brand name>!”. Very similar to how celebrities refer to a brand, “Oh, I’m wearing Ralph Lauren” or “She wore Sabyasachi for her wedding!”

This level of brand recognition, although difficult, is very much attainable. All you need to do is reach the correct level on the brand awareness radar! Let’s take a look at the four aspects that are needed to create such kind of awareness:

1. Hear

How many times have you purchased a dress simply because you heard a really good review about its quality, fit, or color from a friend? Very often, right? Social media postings, testimonials, tagging brands are all forms of modern-day referrals. You buy something, you love it, and you recommend the product to others. This ‘word-of-mouth’ style of marketing is probably the most tried and tested way of generating brand awareness

brand awareness strategy.

Another important aspect in boosting your brand recognition is by creating slogans, jingles, and videos that define your brand. It would not take more than a few seconds to recollect Raymond’s slogan. “A complete man — you guessed it right!” A catchy slogan that associates with your brand is a perfect example of content that once heard would make your brand stand out from the rest. This essential aspect of developing a brand awareness strategy will definitely ensure your brand becomes the talk of the town!

2. See

The brand recognition of Nike and Lacoste is so wonderful that a T-shirt with a black tick mark or a green crocodile needs no further introduction. Similarly, a lemon yellow background with ‘FOREVER 21’ written in their trademark black font, hardly goes unnoticed! Such is the power of a good logo design, font, and overall imagery. 

Additionally, with the exponential rise in the popularity of social media, it is common knowledge that people nowadays ‘see’ their mobile phone or laptop screens more than they see each other. Leveraging social media to create a brand awareness strategy should be your topmost priority. Be it by posting eye-catching content, lookbooks, flat-lays, style guides, sharing behind-the-scenes reels, or even tapping into the influencer network for collaborations — there are a plethora of possibilities to explore on social media.

Apart from a good social media presence, packaging that is both attractive and consistent, is another vital factor that contributes towards promoting brand awareness. After all, the brand should be more than what just meets the eye!

3. Feel

Maya Angelou very rightly pointed out, “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

This stands true enough for brands as well. When you think of implementing a brand awareness strategy, consumers are your prime focus. One needs to bear in mind that it is human feelings that we’re dealing with. So, be it by improvising the training given to sales staff, or providing EXCEPTIONAL customer service at various touch points — there needs to be a connection on an emotional level. Because when people feel connected, feel heard, they tend to remember the brand better and are thus more likely to stay loyal towards it. Relating with people on a personal level is bound to give you an edge over your competitors. A brand will thus be recognized and associated with a good feeling. This ultimately fosters Brand Loyalty, and further promotes brand recognition — a complete win-win situation! 

4. Think

When you think about jeans, what are the brands that instantly come to your mind? Brands like Levi’s, Diesel, GAP, or Lee have been ruling this product category for years. Their brand recognition is so impressive that it endows these brands with a ‘top-of-mind’ awareness. 

Top-of-mind awareness is surely not an overnight process. It takes time and effort to gain that amount of trust and respect from your audience. Brands really need to put their heart and soul into marketing! Apart from this, practices like providing solutions to your customer problems, and living up to your claims and promises, are all factors that contribute to an exceptional brand awareness strategy.

Ultimately, your goal should be to earn a level of brand awareness, so that people don’t need to put on a thinking cap to recognize your brand’s name!

brand awareness strategy.

Key Takeaway

Launching a brand is only the beginning of your journey. For better brand recognition, devising a solid brand awareness strategy is a MUST. We have seen how a brand can make its audience more aware in auditory, visual, emotional, and mindful ways!

Now that you are a brand awareness Ninja for clothing brands, visit Fashinza.com and learn more about our journey and how we strive to simplify the apparel manufacturing process!


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