Can You Remove Labels from Clothes and Resell?

Can You Remove Labels from Clothes and Resell?

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Relabelling clothes is quite a common strategy in fashion and the design world. In fact, it has been a trend for many years now. Many famous clothing brands usually relabel their clothes and sell them to the public. However, this strategy has raised many ethical questions. Many individuals still wonder if they can resell clothes by relabelling them.

Before an individual starts their relabelling scheme, they will need to understand the legalities of this process. Not everyone can buy random products and relabel them. The altered products need to satisfy a few conditions before they are resold. Thus, meeting such prerequisites is essential, especially if an individual does not wish to fall into legal venture controversies later!

Is Reselling Clothes That Are Relabelled Illegal?

Relabelling clothes from other brands and selling them under your brand is illegal in many countries. Ethically, it is, of course, not the right thing to do. Yet again, there is an unexpected catch in this strategy. Although people may find this way illegal, it isn’t precisely illegal if you accomplish this strategy correctly!

Yes, ethically relabelling may be wrong. However, altering the product so that it nowhere resembles the original product isn’t bad at all. This could help you establish your own business identity since the product now looks unique. Apart from that, customers will now look forward to buying something new, since their wardrobe probably lacks your unique clothing designs! 

Before you learn more about some of the most common relabelling strategies, you must know your purpose. Removing a brand label from clothing wear and relabelling it under a different brand has many benefits. Many businesses usually buy wholesale products and relabel these products as their own. 

By following a few relabelling strategies, you can avoid legal trouble associated with your venture. Although you may establish your unique identity without putting in much effort, you may need to take a lot of time to ensure that your item does not resemble the original product. 

How Can One Accomplish Relabelling of Clothes the Right Way?

How Can One Accomplish Relabelling of Clothes the Right Way?

You need to learn the strategy of processing that could do the trick without being illegal or unethical. However, there are a few limitations to the relabelling approach. One cannot opt to buy numerous wholesale products and relabel them.

Numerous conditions need to be analyzed before selling most of these products under your brand! No matter the context, it is possible to resell clothes and generate a good income with the relabelling strategy!

 A few of these conditions are listed below for your convenience.

  1. Ensure that the product you buy is not embedded with any designs or fancy patterns.
  2. Consider buying clothes only from a wholesaler.
  3. It is crucial to opt for a product that is quite basic in a pattern or even design. 
  4. The clothes you buy should not look quite similar or resemble well-known brands. 

When relabelling is accomplished the right way, it can benefit numerous businesses, especially in the long run. In fact, many of the ventures could soar up and establish a name for themselves through relabelling. All these enterprises did was resell clothes belonging to various other brands. There are numerous instances where relabelling has helped ventures pursue a successful business path!

Do People Still Relabel the Purchased Wholesale Products?

Today, designers usually relabel their products. Thus, this way, they can ensure that their design becomes an integral part of both the branding aspect as well as the design aspect of the clothing wear. With the help of relabelling, many small businesses can now scale up their overall production process and start their clothing line!

One of the best things about relabelling is that one does not have to put in many efforts to gain a competitive advantage. Yet again, you need to be compliant with all the rules and regulations in your region. In the pretext of increasing your production rate, one cannot simply buy wholesale products and relabel them. Thus, this is mainly because the strategy would then be illegal!

It is usually rare that people opt for relabelling their clothing wear. Customized clothing, by far, has been one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction. You could relabel products and come up with a strategy to customize the relabeled product. This way, the new product will not resemble the products from the original brand. Apart from that, you can eventually develop a unique design that your customer wishes to buy!

How Has Relabelling Helped Numerous Enterprises Establish Their Identity Today?

When creating your own venture as an independent clothing line, relabelling can help you establish your identity in many ways. In fact, this process can give your company a unique edge. One can also opt for customized labels on their clothes to show off their brand in an enhanced manner. 

If an individual chooses to keep the original label, the brand may lose the unique image gradually. People might not feel the same loyalty for their brand compared to buying an identical product from recognized stores. Eventually, not many customers might want to buy your products, only because they can find the same products in the original stores. 

Consider T-shirt relabelling as an example. When you remove the labels and add in your own brand identity, you will be able to seal the quality of the product. In fact, you will also receive instant recognition, thus eventually adding up to the overall value of your product!

Every country has different regulations when it comes to relabelling. What may be legal in one country may not be permitted in another country! Thus, this is mostly because relabelling isn’t always a safe strategy, especially if you do it incorrectly. Therefore, taking a few pieces of advice from other professional enterprises can turn out to be beneficial in numerous ways. In fact, you may also have the opportunity of starting out a joint venture selling relabeled clothes. 

What You Must Do Before Starting Out a Reselling Venture

Consider learning more about the relabelling regulations of your country. You can also take professional advice from various authorities! If you are still unsure how to go by this process, you can consider getting in touch with your supplier. The suppliers are usually aware of what one could do with wholesale products.

Whenever you go to a printing company to relabel a product, the company will already know numerous relabelling techniques. Thus, you can establish a unique woven product or print another design on it. Indeed, it is now possible to resell clothes by relabelling them for an affordable price!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Reselling Relabeled Clothes?

What Are Some of the Benefits of Reselling Relabeled Clothes?

There are numerous benefits of relabelling wholesale products. First, you do not have to go through the trouble of processing your designs to establish your clothing line. You can come up with unique products with comparatively minimal effort. Relabelling can improve the brand’s overall professional presence, thus making a better impression! Gradually, you will then be able to generate greater profits with time!

Relabels may also be a valuable marketing space since they can be customized to incorporate vital data such as your company’s website, ensuring that the consumers always remember where to go when it comes to placing new orders. Many printing shops today may employ a variety of procedures to guarantee that all the clothes are polished to an extraordinarily high degree so that they can then be resold at an affordable price!

How Is Relabelling Usually Carried Out?

The most basic method of relabelling is to remove the original collar tag from inside the clothes and replace it with a completely customized label that is then sewed, perhaps under or over the neck tape. Garment printing shops may also use the current care labels inside such clothes to offer the size, place of origin, and any relevant care instructions as needed by law. This frees up the alternative label to reflect your brand and showcase your business to clients.


The main takeaway from this article is that one can resell clothes. However, relabelling clothes might not always lead to skyrocketed sales. How relabelled clothes perform in the market is mainly dependent on your marketing efforts. As a brand, how you can differentiate in a sea of other brands is something your target audience or audience in general looks out for. 

Relabelling today has come as a handy strategy for numerous clothing brands in many parts of the world. Yet again, make sure that you follow up with the rules of your territory. You then do not have to risk getting into controversies associated with your brand or other brands! De-labelling and relabelling can indeed be a great way to make money. Still, it is always better to do it through an entirely legal process to avoid any repercussion. Planning well and implementing even better will help you accomplish your goals.


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