Best Time To Launch Your Clothing Brand’s Next Collection

Best Time To Launch Your Clothing Brand’s Next Collection

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Starting a clothing line or already owning one? The cloth is sewn, the product is ready, and the collection is in all its glory. But, the drill doesn’t end here! You have to decide when to launch the next collection. 

There is no taut rule of “New Season, New Collection!”. A clothing brand to oneself allows setting unique benchmarks. While there is no denying that the time and date you choose matter, it is also about the aftermath of the collection launch. 

The fashion industry is volatile, with trends changing in the blink of an eye. This poses a challenge for brands to come up with diverse ideas that drive excitement in consumers. 

Here are some quick tips to follow before the launch of the new fashion collection!

1. Pick the season:

Often, brands target seasons for their collection. It can be spring or fall! You choose. Is the collection that you are planning to launch trending? When will the demand for these fashion pieces be high? Look at the for-and-about as this will be synonymous with the work timeline. 

For instance, if the collection is set to launch in the fall, you ought to be prepared by summer. As you are set for the D-day, make sure that the boutique or store is organized to welcome the customers. 

2. Get acquainted with the audience:

The end goal is to make the audience enlightened with what you have to offer! Understand what they expect this season? Is it about a new style or a comeback trend? A brilliant collection can also turn to dust if the audience does not respond well. 

Look for the statement pieces on which the customers are willing to spend. This can’t be stressed out enough. You need not sacrifice the brand benchmark. Try coinciding with the collection in accordance with the customer’s choices. This is what reflects the uniqueness that your brand has to offer. All your efforts would go in vain if the right audience isn’t on the same page as you!

3. Set up your e-commerce website:

Set up your e-commerce website

As amusing as this sounds, most shoppers tend to purchase more products online, than in-store. This happens majorly because of the wide gamut of options available on display. The website opens up an avenue not just to feature the new collection launch, but also to make it feasible to browse through the products. And this digital era calls for seamless ways of surfing through the marketplace! 

While doing this, ensure that the product photographs are of high quality with well-optimized product descriptions. Ensure the website is ready well before the launch date and it’s working well with all devices. 

4. Leverage social media:

With everything available at your fingertips, social media can turn the tables for the brand. Not just does it help you reach the customers within a few clicks, but also build a digital brand image. When people visit the profile, they tend to be inquisitive and explore all the products you offer. 

Social media platforms, for instance, Instagram and Facebook ads are more affordable compared to offline methodologies. So, if you do not plan on a big launch, these platforms can do the task! And even better, unlike offline methodologies, when the festive season brings in more customers, social media works well all year round. 

5. Know your financial hand:

No matter how big the brand, there is always a set expenditure for promotions and collection launches! The busier season you choose for the collection launch, the higher will be the competition and expense. The other factor is whether you are planning to sell the products through an online store or the brick-and-mortar store? The revenue utilization will highly vary in both instances. 

The budget also involves sourcing clothes and fabric from a third party. However, if you are on the lookout for a hassle-free and affordable platform, Fashinza is to your rescue. All the brand’s need to do is place an order for products, and Fashinza takes care of the rest. 

6. Marketing works miracles:

Once the launch date is decided, you already start feeling butterflies in your stomach. No matter what time you choose for the new collection, ensure that you let your audience know what's coming their way. Opt for marketing strategies that create hype for the collection launch!

A strategic idea can be ‘Product Drops’. This entails in the individuals a sense of urgency to shop the products before they stock out. Magnify the buzz through virtual platforms. People should be excited about what’s coming!

These tips can help you ace the brand’s new collection and add that jaw-dropping factor to the launch! After all, whether it be starting a clothing line or a new collection launch, it is one big deal. 

However, to avoid any pitfalls in your well-planned launch, there are some factors that can affect the launch. So, why not consider them as well before any damage is done. 

The factors which crucially affect the brand’s new collection launch are:

1. Product Category:

Timing plays a critical role based on the category of the product you launch. You surely can’t launch coats in the spring season. That’s a big NO! Know what you are planning to launch and the season. Categorize your products based on different criteria. This will ease out the process of product launch. 

2. Distribution channels:

Oftentimes, this factor is overlooked. The brand needs to understand whether the product is focused on e-commerce or retail wholesalers. Know the working of different channels and which are the most suited ones for your brand. For instance, small scale brands or casual wear brands tend to launch a varied and vast collection. On the contrary, signature brands require to launch some statement pieces. Gain clarity on what’s right for your brand. 

3. More the styles, higher the time:

Is it just a 10-piece collection or a full-fledged 100 piece makeover? The higher the number of samples and designs, the more would be the efforts needed to attain the targets. Before deciding the launch, ensure you have procured all the materials and set for the final drill. 

This will not just save all the last-minute hassle, but you can just create samples beforehand. Trying to keep everything simple and in place. Fewer designs with good impressions are a better bet!

4. Location of sample development:

Clothing Sample

Some big brands and fashion tycoons usually get the material imported. If you feel that the elements require to be brought in from overseas, make timely arrangements for that. The tasks will go back-and-forth, unlike the easy access of local markets. 

Often, a preferable idea is to dig into indigenous markets and get your products outsourced. This will substantially reduce the costs and save all the time possible. And by chance, you get bulk orders for a product after the collection launch, getting things done within a limited time will be possible with domestic products. 

But, if you are still worried about the clothing line, Fashinza can be the anchor. Connect with the top-notch industry manufacturers and sit back and relax while we manage everything. Yes! From design to delivery, all is taken care of. 

The Final Note:

So, if you’ve been in the dilemma to launch the brand new collection, worry not, and follow the above tips and you are good to go! Visit Fashinza for more cues. 


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