Apparel Merchandising: Basics, Rules and Tips For Retail

Apparel Merchandising: Basics, Rules and Tips For Retail

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Apparel merchandising or retail merchandising is the process of selling fashion products to consumers. Apparel merchandisers buy products from manufacturers and sell them to customers.

While visual presentations decide the success of most retail organizations, you should fit showcases to coordinate with the sensibilities of your clients. Consider promoting your items both in your store and outside it.

As a retail merchandiser attempting to expand your business, you should focus exclusively on the necessities of your target market by examining your client base and enhancing your stores.


Being a retail merchandiser, you should maintain an information base of what your target customers buy to identify what types, tones, and attire brands sell best during which seasons. Utilize the available data to examine client patterns. You can limit obsolete and non-performing products and stock your store with the best-selling merchandise to build your turnover rate.


Your clothing stores should get the attention of passers-by to encourage them to enter the store. Visual presentations of store items on life-sized models allow you to offer shoppers a variety of choices. You should run trials of various shows and use records and perceptions of clients to identify which showcases work best with your retail merchandising. 


retail merchandising

You should buy ads in nearby distributions and exchange magazines to advance your store, focusing on visual promotions that tempt your client base. A design store can run advertisements with pictures of complete outfits. 


You should focus on tidiness while displaying items. Avoid overloading racks and clear floor space for customers to move around freely. Setting the latest product offerings front and center and restocking exhausted items consistently will help your sales. You should also isolate product offerings by cost, so clients can conveniently access styles in their price range.


Since rehash deals and positive verbal exchanges further develop business, you must recruit and retain expert staff who treat clients courteously, possess design information, and fit the image of your business. Agreeable and accommodating staff are irreplaceable assets to your business.

Pick the Right Floor Plan

Your store's design and layout can significantly influence the shopping experience of your customers. Every kind of floor plan has its advantages and disadvantages, so make sure that you do some research and pick the best one for your store.

Cross Merchandise

Cross-promoting is the most common way of displaying various items together to increase sales. It aims to appeal to customers' sense of creativity, save them time, and further enhance their shopping experience.

Search for intriguing ways of juxtaposing different kinds of stock. For instance, you could put together beachwear, sunscreen, sunhats, and sunglasses to get customers excited about their upcoming vacations.

Show Products at Varying Heights

retail merchandising

Both window displays and any kinds of display within your store are significant, especially in the current time since you need additional space for social distancing. Consequently, utilize all the space you have, both high and low. Set items at different heights and shapes (example: pyramids) to enhance your store's visual appeal.

Use props to display items at various heights: for instance, you could put items in bins on the floor, spread them across a table or hang them from the ceiling.

Advance Fitting Rooms

Since customers need to try on your outfits, pay close attention to marketing strategies in your fitting rooms.

Fitting rooms ought to be roomy, comfortable, and clean. Keep in mind that customers who use these rooms need to feel comfortable and safe. Ensure that the rooms are at the right temperature and station your staff nearby to help while maintaining customer privacy.

Additionally, consider the mirrors and lighting you use: illuminated mirrors are known to be both complementary and practical.

Finally, identify how to clean your space and products after customer use to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Idolize the Ideal Lifestyle

This is something new in the apparel merchandising industry. Use the mannequins to idolize the actual lifestyle you want your customers to have. If your target audience is baby boomers or millennials, you can use muscular and fit mannequins that your target audience aspires to be. 

Visual Cues 

Use visual cues to give your customers a direction rather than aimlessly moving around. Make your customers feel smart and help them with clearly defined areas. This also helps to further customer engagement and increases sales. Without visual cues, your customer might walk around aimlessly and might not buy anything but with proper visual cues. They will be able to make clear decisions about what they want from the store. 

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