A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser

A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser

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Every day in the life of a fashion merchandiser is different. Some days involve wearing numerous hats within the fashion industry, while the other days include countless switches. Moreover, there are times when they purely need to stick to a single area. 

The job of a fashion merchandiser is a robust combination of fashion sense and business knowledge. Strategizing, apparel marketing, and analytical research are the significant aspects of their day-to-day life. Sounds interesting, right? 

This post dives deeper into the week of a fashion merchandiser -  

Day 1: Monday

People say that the first day of the week should start early. But that is not the case in the life of a fashion merchandiser. Fortunately, they don’t have to start work exactly at 10 am, and they can still grab a cup of coffee to kick off the day. 

On Monday, the fashion merchandiser commences the work with their first ATS meeting. In the meeting, they go through all the details like apparel merchandising, planning, sourcing, and sales. They discuss several questions with the team like:

  • Does the apparel need fitting changes?
  • Does the dress have an optimal sleeve length?
  • Is it the perfect time to pull up retail or wholesale?
  • What should be the internal part of the profit margin?

It is the job of a fashion merchandiser to present every style and detailing to the Planning and Sales team. The rest of the day is spent answering emails, looking through all the social media platforms, and responding to any important messages.

Day 2: Tuesday

A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser

Although the first day of the week is a little hectic, the second day is a little relaxed. The fashion merchandiser goes through all the mails and prepares for the meetings lined up for the rest of the day.

They may work on another product category and note details in the ATS meeting. The apparel merchandising team communicates well with the Planning, Sourcing, and Sales. Since they have the authority of all the samples, they showcase each style while going through the reports. 

After the meeting gets over, the merchandisers can conduct follow-up meetings to advise the sales team where to move the units or communicate dropping and addition of styles or colors. They may also send some market requests to other offices for review. 

Day 3: Wednesday

The life of a fashion merchandiser remains super active all the time. The third day is set off to wrap up all the ATS meetings for the week. It’s time to have a conference call with the Sales representatives of different offices. 

The fashion merchandiser can even take submissions in multiple kinds of fabrics and compare the new submits and the physical samples. They look at each work according to the prices and ensure that each sample looks the best. At this time, it is important for the parties such as apparel merchandising, Sourcing, Sales, and the President of the company to be on the same page. 

The other half of the day passes by going through the marketing charts and recapitulating notes from the meeting. This is highly crucial for the Product Coordinators and Sales team as they have to make updates on their PLM system and understand what should be the next step of purchase respectively.  

Day 4: Thursday

A Week In The Life Of A Fashion Merchandiser

Thursday is the perfect time to conduct a model details meeting. During this meeting, the fashion merchandiser goes through every material purchase that has been made and evaluates the single detailing in the garment. They discuss button color changes, quality alterations, submission reviews, and everything that has been modified after developing the style. 

The merchandisers may evaluate separate model details in the different segments, like Programs, Retail, and Collection. They reiterate all the details that were discussed in the meeting with each segment. 

The fourth day can be signed off by creating a document that contains all the details of the meeting, including color, qualities, style number, and alterations needed before the meeting. 

Day 5: Friday

Finally, the first model meeting with the latest format is here. The fashion merchandisers put their best foot forward to make everything run smoothly. All the teams must understand every detail in-depth and work entirely according to the suggested changes. 

As fashion merchandisers, they need to ensure that all the notes from the ATS meetings are thoroughly reviewed and complies with the Designs. 

Therefore, the last day of the week ends on a happy and productive note.


Every individual day of a fashion merchandiser includes meeting different people and creating great products. Although they don’t have the time to rest during the entire week, the feeling is worth it when their product is about to be set. 
So, if you are looking for a fashion merchandiser that takes care of all your sourcing needs, you can reach out to Fashinza. It will simplify all your sourcing needs so that you can focus on the big picture.


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