Why do we consider Necklines for a Garment?

Why do we consider Necklines for a Garment?

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The neckline is the top edge of a garment that surrounds the neck, especially from the front view. While selecting an outfit, one has to consider factors like silhouette, fabric, or drape. Neckline stands on equal footing with these factors. Neckline often decides the feature of the dress and its wearer. It helps to emphasize or deemphasize different parts of the body - from shoulder to collarbone. Neckline is no less than a style statement because different necklines tend to convey something about the personality of the person wearing them. Nowadays more and more people are getting obsessed with various necklines that they can adopt to suit different occasions.

Necklines are most important because they frame the face.  They are designed in a way to complement one's best features and conceal poor ones. This is why the choice of fabric, the colour and texture have to be picked accordingly. The necklines of a garment should harmonize with : 

  • The size of the person 
  • The shape of the face 
  • The length of the neck 
  • The width of the shoulders

Five Necklines that brands should experiment with in 2021

Asymmetric neckline : An asymmetric neckline is any neckline that looks different on either side of the center front of the top or dress. This is quite flattering and looks interesting because of the lopsided cut. This style is mostly popular with a single sleeve. Sometimes the single is combined with double straps on one side. Suitable a formal evening dress, asymmetric neckline has a continued presence on the red carpets for office parties or fundraisers. Silk and sateen dresses are very popular with asymmetric necklines. 

Boat Neckline : Also called a bateau neck or Sabrina neckline, is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone. Boat neckline emphasizes the shoulder and draws attention to the style. There has been a recent surge in popularity of boat necklines due to its classy and elegant look. It is traditionally preferred on any knitwear, evening gowns, blouses and wedding dresses. Boat necklines usually don’t need to be accessorized.

Neckline Garment

Plunging Neckline : A plunging neckline has a steep neckline that seems to fall down the bust, almost like a deep V-neckline. The depth of the fall may vary from between or below the chest. Plunging neckline has the power to elevate the look from simple to classy and all dolled up. Women with shorter necks find this neckline invaluable as it makes the neck look longer. This neckline is known for its chic look and the proper exhibition of body proportions.

Neckline Garment

Square Neckline : This neckline has the advantage of both the classical edge and the modern outlook. A square neck comes down in two straight lines before cutting straight across your bust, forming a half-square. It provides a sophisticated look to virtually every body shape and size. It is functional in complementing the collarbone and neck. It goes well with puffy and voluminous sleeves. The neckline is suitable for both formal and informal wear. Square necks are popular features on a wide variety of garments, including tank tops, bathing suits, fitted shirts, and dresses. 

Neckline Garment

High neckline : A variation of turtleneck, high neckline is where the garment begins at the top of the body. The neckline surrounds the neck, sometimes concealing it. Usually it hits a few inches below the chin and helps balance a long face or a long neck. High neckline is one of the trendiest catwalk attire, a designer’s favourite. High necks are very popular in T-Shirts, for both men and women. Unlike turtlenecks, high necklines don't add to the ‘floating head’ effect. Any fabric suits the high neck design, but cotton high neck T-shirts have an unshakable reputation for smart looks. 


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