A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Clothing Photography With Expert

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Clothing Photography With Expert

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The road to photojournalism takes you through different paths, but the one where your soul gets ignited is your destiny. One such pathway is the world of fashion and clothing. Whether from an artistic or a personal perspective, experts involved in fashion photography never get tired of their work. The trick is simple - love for fashion!

For all those clothing brands trying to figure out a way of approaching the target of clothing photography for their new products or online store, this article is for you. As said earlier, photojournalism in the fashion industry requires photographers who love their work and know what to do.

5 Tips from Fashion Photography Experts

5 Tips from Fashion Photography Experts

Fashion photography experts are confident that sharing some of their behind-the-scenes moments will help any clothing brand have a successful launch. They are as follows:

-Determine The Goal - The Impact Needed From The Photoshoot

Experts say that clothing brands or executives need to be precise while articulating a few things. These are:

  • If the clothing pictures need to be full of a story or too matter-of-factly. 
  • If the clothing needs to be worn by models in the city or the pristine photo studio.
  • If the clothing photography is visualized to be a dynamic session or a static shot. 

Photographers need a few references from these clothing brands to understand their expectations and imagery on their websites. They also advise the brands to consider the pricing of the clothing products while scrutinizing the nature of the session. Premium segments require too much focus on details, and studio shots become necessary. 

Most clothing photographers working for mass-marketed products of any online clothing store ensure the photos to be perfect for every segment. This is because the clothing brand examines the details by zooming on them - to meet their customer’s expectations with the quality of the product. 

The more realistic the imagery is, the fewer rejections they face down the funnel. 

-A Proper Plan Is A Crucial Part Of Clothing Photography

A Proper Plan Is A Crucial Part Of Clothing Photography

Proper preparation becomes half the challenges faced during clothing photography. The better the photoshoot is planned and organized, the smoother the after-scenes - and the better impression it will create for the online clothing brand. 

This is why the clothing e-commerce stores hunt down experts in this niche to commission the clothing photography, as they would handle the operations with thorough preparedness, professionalism, and efficiency. 

When hiring experts for clothing photography, these clothing brands usually look for the following factors:

  • Whether the clothing photography studio is well-established or not. They find about it by checking the Google reviews, the engagement rate on Facebook, and the official website. 
  • The clothing photographer has the expertise, knowledge, and skills needed to perform such photoshoots or not. Blogs on the website where the photographers share their knowledge are a great sign to know who’s right for the job; at least, that’s what clothing brands do. 
  • Whether the photographer has verifiable clients with portfolios of the same or above their online store’s level or not. 
  • Many clothing brands prefer inquiring whether or not the photographer is strictly using only professional and top-notch pieces of equipment for the shoot.
  • Whether the photographer owns or rents a studio with all the professional lighting gears needed for exceptional results or not

Once the online clothing brand or store decides on which clothing photographer to trust their product launch mission, it is of prime importance to plan ahead. 

One of the clothing photography planning tips by an expert says:

“Flat lay is the ultimate option for clothing with optimal tailoring that any customer can easily visualize on themselves. These could be sweaters, sports pants, T-shirts, or straight jeans. However, it is imperative to think of other options for clothing products made of elastic fabric, and for apparel made with complicated tailoring.” 

-Setting Up The Equipment

The setup of the overall scene for the photoshoot session is vital for the clothing brand’s mission. Similarly, the setting of the equipment with proper checking needs the touch of professional experts. There are three significant tasks that any clothing photographer executes before the photoshoot:

  • Lighting set up and check including photography toolbox, studio lighting trigger
  • Camera and tripod setup
  • Background preparation 

-Taking The Clothing Photos 

The process to click pictures of clothing outfits on models is full of professional tricks and tips that ensure the top-grade quality outcome. Here are some of the major things they keep in mind while taking such snaps: 

  • Shooting angles: The clothing brand can specify the shooting angles to the photographers, which they can consider as the technical requirements. The clothing store can pick whatever angle seems appealing to them. There are some ‘standards’ too. Every detail and close-up photo are shot at an ¾ angle.
  • Framing: Whatever may be the object of clothing photography, it needs to be placed in a way that drives the appropriate amount of distinction in the image. The experts need to focus on the requirements of the marketplace that is being used as the selling channel by the clothing brand. Experts also advise taking shots of elongated items in a vertical position. 
  • Levelling: When performing fashion photography, the camera and table need to be 95% horizontal. Although photographers can edit the nuances later, it’s best to do things correctly from the beginning. 
  • Symmetry: If the clothing brand wants to promote symmetrical clothing, it becomes essential for clothing photographers to take symmetrical shots because of the aesthetics. Symmetrical shots emphasize the viewer’s mind and captivate them more. 

Final Thoughts

This guide is intended for the clothing brand and clothing store owners planning to approach a success-driving clothing photography mission for their new apparel launches. The behind-the-scenes shared by experts will give ideas on these fields to the clothing brand owners for doing their planning in a much better and fully efficient way. 

Although photography is the essence to promote the product and drive sales, it’s crucial to watch for the quality of the products too. No matter how well-clicked the photo is, it won’t drive results if the words spread out - poor quality! Sourcing clothing materials from trusted platforms, Fashinza, is a must. Regardless of your way of sourcing the clothing materials, ensure the best quality and go for smooth photography to promote your apparel. 


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