9 Etsy SEO Tips That Every Fashion Business Should Be Following

9 Etsy SEO Tips That Every Fashion Business Should Be Following

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A global online marketplace that helps you sell and buy unique items sounds amazing, doesn't it? But what if you don't get noticed? That becomes a little discouraging. It becomes more difficult for a seller when there are more than a million active competitors on Etsy selling almost the same product. 

So, how will new customers get to know about your offerings and products?

The answer is quite simple: you need an Etsy SEO strategy to level up your fashion business. 

How Does Etsy’s Search Engine Work?

Regardless of the business one has offered on Etsy, one must understand how the website's search operates. So, to answer the query in simple terms, Etsy uses two factors, i.e., ranking and query matching. The latter means how well the search keywords of a customer match with Etsy's listings, and the search function searches for all the tags and titles that match with the keywords.

After that, the search function determines the ranking on various customer and market scores, relevancy scores, and many more.

9 Etsy SEO Tips That Every Fashion Business Must Follow

A fashion business can't possibly influence these scores. Therefore, they must follow some Etsy SEO strategies to increase the ranking of a business. 

-Be Creative With Your Business Name

The name of your business casts the first impression on your customers. Hence, a person must be creative and precise at the same time to communicate their ideas properly to the customers. If a person has a business selling unique topwear, they must make it clear through the title by naming it something like “Only Unique Topwear!”

-Showcase Crystal Clear Photos

Pictures help communicate a thousand emotions, and it's the same with Etsy. A customer is likely to be attracted to your business only if you showcase your products well.

Most of the time, customers prefer a fashion store that showcases the apparel on a model instead of just the product. It is one of the factors that draw the customers’ attention towards a business, making them ignore other businesses even if they are competitive enough.

-Select the SEO Keywords Carefully

Select the SEO Keywords Carefully

Keywords are crucial to making a store rank higher on Etsy. Etsy prefers the pages with direct matches with the shopper’s keywords. 

To optimize keywords, think about your target audience and what they would like to type if they were searching for something.  

If you sell rhinestone necklaces, think about the keywords your customers will use for the products and hence use the relevant keywords on your page.

-Optimization of the Shop Sections

Organize your store's page just like you would organize an offline fashion store. Sort the products in terms of size, color, type, etc. Apart from organizing the store's page, it will also help in improving the page's Etsy SEO.

-Optimum Usage Of Tags 

A business can use at most 13 tags in the description of every item. Therefore, use them to exploit the keywords to the maximum. 

One must try to go beyond the usual keywords. One can even use phrases and synonyms from the regional languages. However, one must be careful about deliberate misspellings, multiple languages, and tagging repetitively.

-Regular Updation of Product Listings

When a seller updates the product listing on the page, the page's ranking levels up.

This method is great for influencing the visibility of the page as well. Hence, leading to an increase in the number of customers.

-Provide Impeccable Customer Experience

Provide Impeccable Customer Experience

Etsy always wants its customers to have a good experience while shopping; therefore, the customer experience score plays a great role in the ranking of a page. Therefore, a fashion business must always take care of the payment methods, shipping, return policy, feedback, and quick customer service.

Backlinks, also called inbound links, are the links that lead to your page from any other external source. This is a good method to increase the ranking. All you need to get backlinks for your page are a blog, socializing, and reaching out for publicity mediums.

-Run Ads For Your Fashion Business

One can use Etsy's paid advertising option to increase the search reach of their fashion store's page. A seller has to pay per click when a particular item is in a promoted listing. This is a great way to increase visibility too.

So, these were some Etsy SEO tips for your fashion business. If you are a fashion designer and need help regarding cloth manufacturing, Fashinza is here to cater to your needs. We connect you with top apparel suppliers and manufacturers. All you have to do is place an order with us while we take care of the process from design to delivery. Fashinza makes the whole process of apparel production fast, transparent, and hassle-free.


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