80s Fashion Look: Everything You Need to Know

80s Fashion Look: Everything You Need to Know

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Summary: Designers often go back to the 1980s for fashion inspiration. These styles are so impactful that they still make waves in mainstream fashion. Others are classics that never go out of style. Designers can incorporate elements from the 80s outfits to bring an element of drama to their collections.

The 80s are best known for iconic fashion trends set by the decade's celebrities. Inspired by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Princess Diana, 1980s fashion stirred a craze for lace, leggings, and leotards. Brands can include 80s elements like these in their collections and show buyers how to dress 80s with normal clothes. 

Another turning point in the 1980s came with old-fashioned denim, which got a significant makeover. Be it styling or body silhouettes, designers started to experiment and redefine jeans which gave us some of the most iconic oversized trouser styles. Here are other cues from the decade to help create the ultimate 80s fashion look.

From Sequins to Shoulder Pads: '80s Has It All

The 80s is an era that never dies in fashion. With the recent revival of the alternative era, 80s-inspired outfits are seeing a renaissance everywhere, from runways to streets. Here are the most memorable elements from the decade that can help designers with their upcoming collections.

Sequins to Shoulder

Acid-Washed Denim Is Coming Back

Trend-savvy buyers are asking questions like how to dress 80s with normal clothes, so the top pick that makes it to the list is acid-washed jeans. Expected to make a comeback in 2023, acid-washed denim can be a wardrobe staple for buyers. As a designer, this textile doesn't have to be limited to jeans. Skirts, dresses, and jackets can all be redefined with this dynamic style.

Sequins: The Best-Kept 80's Secret

Outfits back in the 80s were big, bold, and not to forget, covered in sequins. Sparkly sequins and metallic fabrics redefined the era with color, glam, and drama. Using sequins, modestly or dramatically, can bring a distinct personality to outfits. For everyday looks, simple metallic details are a great way to nail the 80s vibe without being too overpowering.  

The Bigger the Better: Oversized Blazers 

Some buyers might have blazers in their collections, but they always make room for more; especially when they're oversized! Oversized blazers and power suits spelled the idea of power dressing back in the 80s, pushing the envelope of gender-neutral fashion — a trend that's seeing a major comeback today. Fitted pants, jeggings, or even acid-wash jeans, oversized blazers can work for all styles, from formal to edgy.

Oversized Blazers

High Waisted Jeans

While low-waist jeans and trousers have had their moments, nothing is quite as comfortable as a pair of high-waisted mom jeans. This 80s fashion staple is one of the styles that will keep coming back time after time. Mango, Zara, H&M, and other popular brands are already making the most of this casual 80s trend, so make sure not to miss out on these denim showstoppers!

Dress To Impress: Animal Prints 

From Madonna to Goldie Hawn, icons in the 80s loved to flaunt animal prints. Today, many buyers have ditched real animal skin and are looking for faux options. Hence, sustainable looks with over-the-top leopard prints, zebra stripes, and classic cheetah spots are on the rise. Simple animal print winter coats and sunglasses are a great way to add drama, while tiger prints and snakeskin are a go-to for creating a luxury look with handbags.

Shoulder Pads Are Back In Offices!

What would the 80s be without shoulder pads? This chic silhouette has now returned to rule fashion. Power suits, blazers, and even dresses featured shoulder pads back in the day. Designers can draw inspiration from Princess Diana’s looks to recreate this iconic 80s trend in any outfit. With officewear starting to get bolder, this element can be a go-to for designers looking to create formal looks for their collections.

Black is (Again) the New Black

While the era was all about neon hues and bright colors, black also had serious sway with the 80s outfits! Black is powerful, exciting, and sophisticated. Recent styles have hinted at the re-emergence of all things black. Designers styling all-black outfits can use leather and lace detailing from the 80s to add nuances to a monochromatic look. Tights, tees, boots, jeans, dresses – anything works, as long as it's black.

Last But Not Least: Chunky Boots

It’s debatable whether boots are a reminder of 80s fashion, but chunky boots surely capture the 1980s moment. The decade saw the roaring popularity of Doc Martens, which can still be styled effortlessly with any look – jeans, flowy skirts, polka-dotted dresses, and bomber jackets. Other chunky shoes popular at the time include color-block sneakers or Jordans, slip-ons, pumps with medium heels, and Moccasins. Make use of chunky sneakers, platform boots, and cowboy boots to bring back the quintessential 80s vibe.

Chunky Boots

Bringing the 80s to 2023

The 80s outfits rolled out some of the most iconic designs in fashion. It was a decade that unapologetically challenged the norm, so much so that its influence can still be seen today. When telling buyers how to dress 80s with normal clothes, consider the spirit of these elements. For example, look to the ruggedness of acid-washed denim, the drama of shoulder pads, or the playful side of sequins.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Because when it comes to the 80s, rules were, after all, meant to be broken. Fashinza can help you bring back the 80s vibe for your next collection. The AI-driven platform helps designers translate their vision into reality by connecting them with leading suppliers and manufacturers, which you can track via a single app!

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Key takeaways 

  • Elements to consider for an 80s-inspired line include shoulder pads, acid-washed jeans, bright and bold colors, geometric patterns, metallic accents, and neon hues. 
  • By incorporating elements of casual fashion like animal prints, denim outfits, all-black clothing, and shoulder pads, brands can show buyers how to dress 80s with normal clothes.

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