<strong>5 Ways Veganism Is Redefining The Fashion Industry</strong>

<strong>5 Ways Veganism Is Redefining The Fashion Industry</strong>

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Introduction To Veganism & Fashion 

The demand for veganism in the fashion industry is witnessing an upsurge due to the need for building eco-friendly businesses and conscious consumption. This has introduced a new era of smart choice alternatives for imminent fashion brands and retailers. This article revolves around discussing the credentials of vegan designers’ efficacy and why vegan clothing is a money-making market today. 

The percentage of vegans - individuals who vow not to eat or drink any product that comes from animal sources - is escalating quickly worldwide. This phenomenon made its way into the fashion world too. Now, over 250,000 men and women in the US are looking for the availability of multiple vegan clothing brands around them. 

In 2018, The Vegan Society estimated the presence of over 600,000 vegans in the UK. Moreover, in the UK, a record-breaking number of 200,000 people participated in the ‘Veganuary’ campaign, which has become a trend every year since 2019. The campaign is focused on engaging more people in the healthy and balanced vegan diet for at least a couple of months at the start of every year. 

Quite naturally, the fashion industry couldn’t ignore the rippling effects of veganism for long. So, let us see and gauge its impacts on the global fashion map. 

Veganism In Fashion Industry: 5 Ways How It’s Redefining Fashion  

Fashion trends are changing and evolving at a rapid pace. It has become common to see the trends change after every season. While some vanish within weeks, others stay for a long halt. For the past couple of years, the fashion world has undergone an entirely new growth and evolution - vegan clothing. The fashion industry is highly influenced by this cruelty-free, animal-friendly, and environmentally sustainable fashion trend and all the fingers point to its long stay. 

However, some people believe that the concept of veganism is limited to eating or dietary choices, which is false. Veganism is not restricted to a simple dietary choice; it’s a lifestyle. The central idea of veganism rotates around the concept of a cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Below are the five ways to know how veganism and vegan clothing redefine the fashion industry. 

1. Cruelty-Free Vegan Fashion 

Vegan clothing is undoubtedly cruelty-free. The main agenda of every vegan clothing brand is to support the world of fashion to get rid of cruelty. How so? Several fashion accessories cost the lives of precious animals. One of the most expensive and sophisticated clothing materials - leather, is derived from the skin of pigs, cows, and even alligators. For deriving the skin, these animals are tortured and slaughtered. 

In contrast to such cruel and heinous ways of making apparel, vegan fashion focuses on giving cheaper and eco-friendlier alternatives for these clothing materials. Cruelty eradication is the reason why designers are choosing to promote vegan clothing

2. Eco-Friendly Fashion 

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Fashion has emerged to be one of the largest consumer industries globally, and it can play a major role in contributing to the protection of Mother Earth. Vegan clothing brands source their fabric materials via natural plant fibres. For instance, these brands connect with suppliers to source fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. These are ideal for people who have taken a step towards creating a better eco-friendly world. Several clothing materials and fabrics like fur or leather come from animals. The animals are slaughtered for extracting their skin to make these materials. They are killed in the slaughterhouses, which results in greenhouse gas emissions and climatic changes. This is where vegan clothing brings the change with its eco-friendly attribute. 

3. Vegan Fashion Designs 

It’s a natural human tendency to look good. All they care about is the appeal of an outfit, not the material or manufacturing procedure involved in it. Although people have started to become more conscious about the environment and looking forward to more sustainable options, they still put the appearance of an attire on their top-priority list. With the increasing popularity of vegan clothing designs, more and more vegan fashion options have been introduced to the fashion world. The wide-ranging options of fashionable vegan apparel in the market have made it easy for people to slip into stylish clothes while choosing to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

4. Branding at Its Best

Multiple vegan clothing options have been recently introduced by some of the well-known fashion brands of the world. These clothing options are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and cruelty-free. All these clothes are made of the best vegan alternatives. Several people embellish branded products and renowned fashion brands. The purchase of vegan clothing has increased with the introduction of sustainable clothing to engage consumers. 

5. Introducing Sustainability in Fashion

The popularity and need for veganism are rapidly increasing in the world. Several people are adopting more conscious lifestyle changes. A significant percentage of the population demands fashion options that resemble their worldview. Veganism is not confined to ‘Being Hippy’ anymore. That’s because veganism is more of a conscious lifestyle change that helps to avoid any more damage to the mother earth and its children (creatures). So, one of the key aspects of adopting a vegan lifestyle is fashion. With the current fashion trend for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, it’s time to shift to vegan clothing options. 

Veganism in Fashion: Smaller Brands For Unique Fabrics

Veganism in Fashion: Smaller Brands For Unique Fabrics

The opportunity to explore smaller labels comes with vegan shopping options. 

“It’s great to have a wardrobe filled with Stella McCartney,” says Roy. “However, it’s much more effective to add some innovative and fashionable youth designers to the edit. We, at Bare Fashion, featured Eirinn Hayhow, who’s emerging at the London Fashion Week in February.”

Apart from looking at actors like Rooney Mara’s Hiraeth, who wear vegan labels, watch out for small brands that use creative and unique vegan materials. It’s best to start with the dreamy silk-free outfits by Mara Hoffman, which is made of TENCEL. It is a textile material derived from natural wood pulp. TENCEL is also the favourite vegan clothing textile material of brands like Reformation and Mother of Pearl

Other vegan clothing brands like Collina Strada, Maggie Marilyn, and BITE Studios offer rose-petal vegan alternatives to silk. Another popular vegan brand is Cossac, as it offers explicitly vegan knits comprising recycled polyester and cotton. 

Veganism in Fashion: Final Words 

Conclusively, the fashion industry is constantly witnessing the need and demand for vegan clothing. Several factors have contributed to the fast-paced adaptability of vegan clothing options. Apart from being cruelty-free, this fashion option is highly sustainable. Moreover, vegan clothing materials and fabrics like vegan hemp t-shirts or organic cotton shorts are more eco-friendly than other materials. 
For such unique and innovative material and fabric sourcing, it’s best to connect with top vegan suppliers via the best platform - Fashinza. With so many vegan fashion alternatives available in the market, there’s no need to harm animals for fur or leather. With so many fashion brands opting to introduce more vegan-friendly clothing options, the trend seems constant and long-lasting. And the best hope is that it becomes a permanent iconic clothing option in the world. So, if you own a fashion label and wish to take the eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan route, get your raw materials sourced from the right providers like Fashinza.


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