5 Things To Include In A Resume For A Trading Manager

5 Things To Include In A Resume For A Trading Manager

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A good employee is an asset to a company. While any company works on its values and ethics, having a group of loyal and dedicated employees will ultimately work towards the success of a company. 

A company is made up of hard-working employees at every level. Be it the top management committee or the workers at the factory, human resources are a significant part of any organization. These human resources are considered to be the heart and soul of any organization.

For a company to work smoothly, experienced and qualified professionals are appointed to different posts. These professionals usually work under a manager, who reports to the head of the department or the board of directors. This is the organizational structure in most companies.

Job posts within an organization are essential to look after the various functions of an organization. Even for a labor-intensive industry like the garments' industry, various job profiles are an influential part of the company's structure. One such essential job role is that of the Trading Manager. 

Who is a Trading manager? 

A Trading Manager in the garments industry is the one who is in charge of the B2B business channel. He helps the company identify and connect with resellers or other businesses that further retail the company's products to the target consumers. He is majorly responsible for developing the brand locally and increasing its demand to different supply chain channels. Furthermore, he is also responsible for identifying previously unexplored markets which may have a huge demand for the company's products. A trading manager can help establish new distributors or retailers for the purpose of making the brand more accessible to the target audience.

In short, a trading manager acts as a link between the wholesale distribution channel and the manufacturer. 

Why is a trading manager critical? 

A trading manager is a crucial link between the manufacturer and the wholesalers. The person hired for this role represents the company and its products. He is the one who connects with other B2B supply chains and ensures the right amount of market saturation of the product. He is also responsible for creating a demand in the market for the company's products, by pushing sales through the wholesalers and resellers. 

A good trading manager maintains excellent relationships with the B2B channels and ensures that the company always meets its sales target. In a way, he guarantees the success of the company's products in the market. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a trading manager? 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a trading manager? 

The roles of a Trading Manager are multi-faceted. Here are a few roles and responsibilities of a Trading Manager in a Garments industry- 

  • Develop cordial and friendly relations with B2B channels to push forwards sales of the product
  • Chart out key marketing strategies for effective product distribution 
  • Create a demand for products in previously uncharted territory
  • Identify potential markets and employ effective B2B channels to ensure product success
  • Conduct market analysis and communicate with the production team regarding the latest market trends and consumer preferences
  • Responsible for daily trading activities between the manufacturer and other B2B channels
  • Provides deep sales analysis to the higher management, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to develop immediate and long-term strategies. 
  • Ensures optimization of the product in different categories of markets
  • Produces weekly trend reports to include key performance indicators, conversion, and best ofsellers and forecasts changes in trends
  • Provides direction to the marketing team to push the product through different marketing channels.
  • Identifies and creates promotional programs to ensure good outflow of inventive inventory.
  • Responsible for the budget, revenue, margin, and market share for each distribution channel.
  • Works with the marketing team to create effective marketing strategies for the products to all distribution channels. 

Qualifications of a Trading manager-

A trading manager is a very important part of the company. He is responsible for maintaining good relationships with other distribution channels, which directly affects the sales and demand for the product in the market. He is also the one who works with the higher authority to predict future sales. Therefore, companies look for certain qualifications before hiring a Trading Manager- 

  • Most companies look out for Trading managers that have a Bachelor's/ Master's degree in the fields of Accounts, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Business for any recognized university.
  • An experience of 3-5 years in a similar field is the minimum requirement for most companies. However, this can change based on individual candidates.

Some of the additional skills required by the employer that can act as an advantage are-

  • Full working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Be ready to act as the first point of contact for resellers.
  • Budget and forecasting knowledge
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Should be digitally well versed and use analytics data to get chart out KPI
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Ability to design marketing copy to drive sales
  • Should identify new markets to drive sales 
  • Create new sales strategies 
  • Should monitor market changes in trends and forecasts
  • Strong organizational skills

5 Things to include in the Resume of a Trading Manager- 

A resume is a very powerful tool for candidates to express their skills and abilities to their potential employers. A powerful and impactful resume is sure to get the candidate one step ahead of the others.

A resume usually contains regular information such as the candidate's name, age, qualifications, experience, and other skills. However, there are a few things that can make a resume go from ordinary to exceptional. 

While building a resume for a Trading manager, including these 5 points may best work to grab the attention of the employer- 

  1. Good planning and prioritization skills
  2. Experience on Analytic platforms such as Google Analytics
  3. A smart worker and efficient, energy to get the desired results and work in a fast-paced environment.
  4. A people person and an ability to interact effectively with everyone to build contacts over time.
  5. Ability to utilize internal and external resources to the maximum.

Other tips to create an impactful resume- 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a trading manager? 

A resume is a very important step when it comes to applying for jobs. With so much competition in the market, employers look for candidates that are a perfect fit, and all this is done without personal interaction. Therefore, a resume is the first step towards landing a job. 

Here are some things to remember when creating a powerful resume for a dream job-

  • A simple resume should be one that does not look cluttered. A simple layout with a heading in bold and a simple structure will be the one that will eventually grab attention.
  • Classic fonts such as Ariel and Times New Roman are a safe bet. Resumes with Comic Sans or Italics should not be a preferred choice when it comes to serious documents such as resumes.
  • The use of generic words such as "Hard working", " ambitious" should be avoided. 
  • Important points should be stated first. The list of qualifications should always start with the highest degree first and downward from there.
  • Achievements should be highlighted in a different section to ensure that the hiring manager does it overlook them.
  • Technical and additional skills should have a separate section, after the qualifications section. 
  • Including a LinkedIn profile will make the resume complete, as many hiring managers check the candidates' LinkedIn profile for research. Therefore, there should be a match between the resume and the LinkedIn profile.
  • Candidates should always focus on tailoring the skills with the job requirement mentioned in the job description. For example, if the job role requires the candidate to have analytical skills, the resume should mention "Expert in Google Analytics" as a skill to attract the hiring manager's attention.

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