5 Things to Include in a Resume for a Purchasing Agent

5 Things to Include in a Resume for a Purchasing Agent

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Working as a purchasing agent is not just one job, but three—it combines the buyer, relationship manager, and problem solver. 

The following blog post will help you learn more about the work profile of a purchasing agent and what a purchasing agent’s resume should include.

What is a purchasing agent?

A purchasing agent is a person who procures goods for the company they work for at a reasonable price. Their role makes the process of manufacturing products or providing services more convenient for the company. They also ensure that the company has enough raw material so that production does not need to stop. In short, a purchasing agent has to take care of raw materials.

What should a purchasing agent’s resume include?

Purchasing agents need to be proficient in their main five key skills.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills are essential to succeed in this field. They enable the purchasing agent to assess and extract noteworthy data from raw information. Purchasing agents use analytical skills to study financial news, market requirements, pricing formats, and other economic facts and make estimations based on the data. They use this information to decide fair pricing for goods.

Negotiation skills

This is a core skill in a purchasing agent’s work profile. With negotiation skills, the agents can land on a cost-effective result. They also ensure that both the supplier and company profit. Buyers use this skill to collaborate with vendors to get high-quality goods in sufficient quantities and at a reasonable cost.

Complex problem-solving skills

Purchasing Agent Purchasing Agent Resume

Purchasing agents should be able to spot complex issues and review the available information to come up with appropriate solutions. Purchasing agents use problem-solving abilities to ensure that the purchase process runs smoothly by identifying any potential problems that may come up and taking measures to resolve them. A good example could be managing a tight budget by finding substitutes at a lower cost, ensuring that the company gets the raw materials at affordable rates.

Financial skills

This includes the ability to comprehend and analyse financial information. It is crucial for purchasing agents to be able to examine financial reports and other data in order to determine the most reasonable price for services and goods.

Communication skills

Communication skill is the core of purchasing agent job profile. These skills will enable the agent to communicate with vendors to ensure clarity on what the requirements and specifications are. They also enable the agent to negotiate, and they help build long-term relationships with the vendors.

How to create a resume for a purchasing agent

The resume for a purchasing agent role should include the most recent educational qualification, other pertinent qualifications, and relevant professional experience. The section on work experience should include:

  • The name of the company or organisation
  • The start and end dates of employment
  • An outline of the job responsibilities
  • Contributions and accomplishments

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that will help you better understand the role of a purchasing agent.

What are the role and responsibilities of a purchasing agent?

  • Reviewing requisition requests
  • Preparing purchasing orders
  • Soliciting bids for goods and services on behalf of the company
  • Negotiating with vendors and suppliers
  • Analysing financial reports, price proposals and other financial data to determine whether the company is getting at a reasonable price
  • Balancing the price and the quality of raw material
  • Monitoring the applicable regulations, policies, and laws about purchasing goods so that the company does not have to face any legal trouble.

What qualifications does a person need to become a purchasing agent?

The qualification for a purchasing agent demonstrates the potential to acquire high-quality material along with managing the company’s expenses. A candidate needs experience in procurement and a proven ability to procure quality products and services. To qualify, a candidate needs a degree in any field along with relevant skills and experience.

Skills and training required:

  • Knowledge of laws, regulations, and applicable policies while purchasing commodities.
  • The ability to read and understand complex contracts as well as contract laws.
  • Financial training
  • Training regarding how to coordinate with suitable vendors to negotiate prices.

Experience: A candidate will need to gain experience by joining as an assistant purchasing agent. By joining an experienced mentor, a candidate can earn while they learn.

How much does a purchasing agent earn?

The salary for a purchasing agent depends on various factors, such as:

  • The industry where they work
  • Geographical location.
  • Additional compensation in the form of commissions and incentives

What is the work environment of a purchasing agent?

Purchasing agents usually work in an office setting. Their work can involve lengthy reading of paper documents or electronic documents displayed on an electronic monitor and being in one position for long periods. Purchasing agents may also be required to meet with vendors and check supply chains.

How can I become a purchasing agent?

Purchasing Agent Purchasing Agent Resume

Below are the top popular ways to go about pursuing the career of a purchasing agent:

Education: Examine the educational requirements of the industry you are interested in or companies to determine if further education is required. Completing a finance degree or business field could increase your chances as a purchasing agent.

Gain relevant work experience: Look for jobs where you can acquire experience in purchasing, including dealing with suppliers or managing employees who communicate with suppliers.

Acquire professional certifications: If you meet the education and experience prerequisites, you can earn professional certifications. These certificates prove your training and experiences and establish you as a devoted professional in purchasing.

How to apply for jobs as a purchasing agent?

Study the market to identify the industries or organisations you want to work in. Choose the jobs you are qualified for based on the required years of experience and the level and nature of education. This will help you get the most out of the job hunt and improve the chances employers will contact you to schedule an interview. Submit your resume along with a cover letter summarising your qualifications for the specific job and company.

Wrap Up

Having a job profile of a purchasing agent is not only hard work to do. But also an excellent opportunity to improve yourself, as well as get the heights that you deserve. Make sure you put in all the effort that you need. And your resume shows your achievements.

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