5 Reasons Why Brand Positioning Your Fashion Brand Is Important For The Long Term

5 Reasons Why Brand Positioning Your Fashion Brand Is Important For The Long Term

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We live in the era of cut-throat competition, and the fashion sector is no different. Starting a fashion brand, producing at least the first three collections, and watching it take off is a massive challenge. With an array of fashion brands, all looking similar on the surface, winning your customer's hearts and driving sales isn't an overnight success.

If there's something that can set your fashion brand apart from the rest, then it's your uniqueness. To simplify it further, a strong brand positioning strategy will give your fashion brand a competitive advantage in the already flooded market. For your brand to highlight and stand distinct in the market, it's imperative to carve out the brand's place in the minds of clients.

What is Fashion Brand Positioning?

For ages, the definition of brand positioning was restricted. Almost everyone was at a consensus of just providing a company with a creative logo and design to sell its products and services. Branding was reduced to offering a unique aesthetic component to the brand. The primary focus has been on the visual identity of the brand- name, logo, design, packaging, etc.  

However, the essence of brand positioning has evolved over the years and goes beyond fancy logos or taglines. Now, an effective positioning strategy encompasses a myriad of activities to persuade your customers to favor your collections and styles over similar garments. It is more about clarifying how your fashion brand wishes to be perceived and being precise about what could be expected from your label.

Brand positioning is a way of defining your brand's uniqueness in comparison to your competitors. It's simply giving your clients a reason to choose your brand as a better choice by exploring, identifying, and refining your unicity. Your brand's USP could be anything, more accessible, more sustainable, more high-end, more ethical, and the list goes on and on.

Why is Brand Positioning Important for Your Fashion Brand in the Long Term?

Why is Brand Positioning Important for Your Fashion Brand in the Long Term?

The proof of the strength of an effective branding strategy is in the numbers. Around 90% of the fashion brand marketers agree that driving good fashion sales relies heavily on engaging brand positioning. Fashion labels with intelligent brand positioning strategies generate 33% more revenue. The success of such a planned move speaks volumes when customers start considering your brand as credible, valuable, and worthy of investment.

Your brand positioning strategies will prove fruitful eventually by leading to brand differentiation, better revenue, stronger brand value, and an even stronger message.

1.    Brand positioning attaches value to your brand

If your brand wishes to develop into a sustainable and promising business, then branding helps give more leverage to your label. It increases the brand's value and makes it a more appealing investment opportunity for the customers.

A brand that gets successful in building a reputation in the marketplace has value coming along with it. That value can translate into anything, more influence, a better price point, or mindshare. A brand in itself has weight and financial value attached to it, and that can only increase if it manages to win over its customers.

Brand positioning gives your clarity on your brand's specific value. Your value is the aspect that your brand specifically caters to in the market. Your value could be providing fashion products that bridge a gap or satisfy a need or a want by offering better alternatives than the competitors.

In the absence of branding plans, all your brand can offer is ambiguity. Needless to say, no one buys ambiguity.

2.    Brand positioning brings to the table new and better customers

Let's just all agree that, with so many labels, customers feel overwhelmed and make hasty decisions. Who doesn't want fuss-free choices and decisions? No one wants to shortlist 25 alternatives and pick the right one among those. The choices are easy to make when they know whom to trust.

That's exactly when a brand's brand positioning comes to its rescue. Strong branding will trigger the emotions of your target market. A well-positioned brand will never have trouble in building and attracting potential clientele. Once a brand manages to build a favorable reputation, it'll always be perceived by the audience in a positive light.

A brand is likely to do good business if customers perceive it as familiar and trustworthy. A brand's reputation always precedes it, and once done well, an uncontrollable chain of propagation will kick start. A well-established brand will generate business through the most effective advertising technique, word of mouth.

So, if the right levers are smartly pulled in a brief time, the likelihood for people to say "yes" will increase.

3.    Brand positioning sets your brand apart from the rest

Let's just face it: no one wants another similar-looking product. In such a choked market, how can your fashion brand outshine the rest?

If your brand provides a unique proposition, caters to some unmet needs, or delivers an unsurpassed experience, then you're sure to stand out. The only way you can hold a dialogue with your target audience is through brand positioning. With so much noise and clutter, your brand, like others, can blur out in anonymity.

Every day, our phone screens are flickering with tons of sales and advertising notifications from umpteen brands. Everyone wants to grab your time and attention. In this clutter, brand positioning breaks through the noise and lets you interact directly with your target audience. Instead of screaming out to empty spaces or deaf ears, your brand will become visible, and your voice acknowledged.

4.    Brand positioning will increase employee pride and satisfaction

Brand positioning will increase employee pride and satisfaction

When an employee is associated with a strongly established brand that stands by him, he'll take pride in being a part of it. Employees feel higher levels of satisfaction by working for a reputable brand. Being attached to a highly regarded fashion brand, employees tend to feel more creatively fulfilled and enjoy being in the workplace.

The stakeholders of a brand are not just the outside clients, but also the ones working inside. It is well known that interaction is the basis of commerce for any label. And, in the line of communication, the employees are the first ambassadors.

Employees who feel content with their association will pass down a positive perception of the brand further down the line. They're the first ones to interact with clients and partners. If they spread positive messages about the brand, such a powerful spread of word might translate into better leadership, more participation, and improved products and services.

All in all, everyone coming in contact with the renowned brand will propagate the brand positively and will help it thrive.

5.    Brand positioning builds trust within the marketplace

A revered and raved fashion brand will leave everyone drooling. Once the foundation of a brand's reputation is built, there's no turning back for it. The customers will start placing an enormous amount of trust in the label, and the brand easily becomes their go-to.

A trustworthy brand will always be better perceived in the eyes of clients. And, a better reputation results in a stronger brand image. A brand positioning strategy navigates the right way to maintain a decent level of trust between the company and the outside world.

This happens when a brand promises to offer something attainable and realistic to the audience. And, trust builds up when it manages to live up to the expectations by delivering its promises. This is of utmost importance in a crowded market, where trust can persuade the buyers from intention to action.

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Position your brand appropriately to seek growth.

Your brand image can either make or break your business. One poorly planned strategy and your brand gets tarnished forever. To move ahead in a crowded marketplace, it's important to find out ways that make your brand special. Once you have the attention, growth is inevitable.

Plan your moves and see your fashion brand winning hearts.


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