5 Reasons To Customize Clothes For Your Brand!

5 Reasons To Customize Clothes For Your Brand!

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"I don't design clothes. I design dreams." — Ralph Lauren

The interesting thing about dreams is that they are unique! Rarely do people dream the same way, dream of the same things, and if you were to design clothes in the image of dreams, they would need to be distinctive! Customization is a time-tested way to ensure that your clothing line is one of its kind! Moreover, customized clothes usher in their own share of branding and marketing benefits. Read on to know why you need to add customized clothes to your collection!

1. Customization creates a distinguished identity for your brand.

Ever came across a Louis Vuitton product, immediately recognizing which label it belongs to? And why do you think this happens? Louis Vuitton has created a distinguished brand identity for themselves with their characteristics Louis Vuitton monogram print, commonly known as Damier Ebène. 

They have customized their products so uniquely that they’re never confused with other brands. That’s what appropriate customization can do for your brand - grant you an identity, assign a persona, and put the spotlight on you.

Women wearing customized clothes\n

2. Adding your brand's logo to your merchandise can spread awareness about your brand

Every time you meet someone wearing a polo t-shirt with THE SWOOSH logo on it, you’re already aware where they shop from - Nike. The analogy would apply to Adidas as well. Brand logos, when used correctly, can become memorable, create an identity for the brand setting it apart from others, and encourage customer loyalty. 

Interestingly, two brands might be sourcing their t-shirts from the same manufacturer but selling them for radically different prices because one brand goes on to customize t-shirts with their well renowned logo while the other brand has no concept of customization and hence no identity. 

The weight carried by a logo is enormous and any brand that wishes to make its place in the fashion industry must come up with one that reflects their brand’s vision or persona. Once the logo has been finalized, all your garments should be customized to bear it like a badge of honor.

3. Customization helps to create a connection with customers

When consumers constantly come across a brand logo, they tend to become familiar with it. Think of Coca-Cola’s iconic brand logo for instance, people know they can trust the product because they are already largely familiar with the brand. 

Buyers identifying a brand

Similarly, when consumers are constantly made to interact with customized logos or prints, they develop a sense of familiarity that increases their likelihood of buying your products repeatedly. A connection with the customers is established and the familiarity translates into customer loyalty over time.

No matter the nature of the products you’re selling - t-shirts, hoodies, joggers - you can always get them perfectly customized when you have access to seasoned manufacturers. Custom clothes are rather easy to source these days with production platforms like Fashinza helping brands out. Brands can simply place their orders online and the entire customized collection is delivered to their doorstep within a short span of time.

4. Customizing your merchandise imparts consistency to your products.

Once your consumers begin to associate your customized products with positive factors like high quality or sustainability, they’ll assume the same for every product which bears an identical customized feature or logo. As such, customization can not only make your clothing line unique in its own way but it can also impart a sense of consistency. 

5. Tops brands in the industry believe in customization because it’s professional

Do you ever wonder whether the products sold by GAP are immensely different from the products sold by other brands? The answer is no. Yet, customers specifically go looking for GAP products, which are distinguished by enormous GAP logos on the front side of t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and other apparels. 

When top clothing brands like GAP and H&M go through the trouble of producing custom clothes, it is because they gain high ROI from the venture. Any brand that wishes to do well in the industry should pay attention to what the leading brands are already doing.

Unique customization of clothes

At Fashinza, we provide brands with options to customize their products in ways that would do justice to their brand’s values! You can customize t-shirts, customize hoodies, customize joggers, or customize any other apparel of your choice. You can opt for sustainable fabrics, experiment with colors, and explore different prints. We can help you to customize all your products with your brand’s logo or we can guide you in creating one! For any assistance you might need with customized clothing, feel free to reach out to us!


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