5 Foolproof Steps to Name Your Clothing Brand

5 Foolproof Steps to Name Your Clothing Brand

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The feeling of starting a fashion brand is cosmic. However, along with the  happiness, joy, and excitement, it is imperative to understand that building a clothing ‘brand’ or ‘label’ isn’t that easy. The first step towards doing that is to choose an appropriate name that resonates with the target audience. 

While looking for clothing brand name ideas, it would be wise to pick a name that remains consistent for several years after the business’s launch date. Typically, once a fashion brand selects a name for itself, it can’t rename or change it for several years. That’s because the process can be quite hectic with a lot of documentation work and expenses, which can impact the overall brand’s revenue structure. 

This is why it’s crucial to consider several things for clothing brand name ideas. Before making the name official, designing a logo, launching an Instagram account, or printing the brand name on the apparel’s custom tags, it’s recommended to check the following factors mentioned below. 

1. Planning The Clothing Products That Are Ready For Sale

It’s imperative to set objectives for the fashion brand’s future during the initial launch process. For instance, consider a fashion brand that wants to sell luxury purses but later changes its objective to expand and sell shoes. In such a case, it’s best not to name the brand something that explicitly illustrates the brand identity for selling footwear or handbags. This is where flexibility comes into play. The name should be flexible while laying focus on the brand.

It is good to ask whether or not the brand will be personalised, named after the founder. If yes, the brand will become the owner or founder’s extension. It means the brand owner has to market and sell themselves apart from their clothing brand. Several clothing brand name ideas are based on this concept as it’s easy. However, if that’s not the style any brand prefers, they can go for a name that is separate from their own.

2. Determining The Target Audience 

Determining The Target Audience 

It’s best for fashion brands to determine their target audience. They need to ask whether they’ll focus on selling the latest fashion trend products or something like classic women’s party attire. If the brand is focused on the Zoomer audience, they need to pick one of the clothing brand name ideas that sounds, feels, and looks contrasting to a name intended for attracting the older generation. It’s essential to pick the name ideas that will attract rather than drive away from the potential customer who will buy from your brand online. 

3. Keep it Short and Simple

It’s recommended to pick a brand name that’s unique, short, concise, and memorable. The aim should be picking a name that makes its way to the first in the line of competitors. Also, clothing brand name ideas should not be too complex for the customers, such that it becomes too difficult to remember. 

The best solution is writing down as many words as possible in a listed format. Then, take help from an online tool to come up with the ideal word bubble. Here are a few online tools that can help any fashion brand. 

  • WordNik: As Pineiro said, it’s the similar yet better and faster version of a thesaurus. All the fashion brand needs to do is type the word to describe what they’re trying to name (clothing). A complete list of names will appear, from which they need to pick the favourites. 
  • Urban Dictionary: Although this tool doesn’t provide an endless number of options, the clothing brand name ideas will most certainly be unique here. 
  • Idiom Dictionary: The tool provides some fun idioms when it receives a certain keyword. It’s a helpful tool for brands that need slogans once they decide the name. So, saving it for later purposes is advisable. 
  • Visual Thesaurus: This is one of the advanced thesaurus tools that will certainly give good name ideas. 

4. Create and/or Use The Best Name Generator Tool

It’s best to be creative while brainstorming the clothing brand name ideas. Fun should become an integral part of the process as it’s the start of a new journey for the brand and its team. 

After making the list of names, it’s best to take suggestions from the team members, friends, and family. Then, shortlist the names as per the choices and preferences. If there’s still an issue, the best option is to use a name generator. Some popular platforms that provide name generators for free with easy access include Oberlo, Namelix, and Shopify. The process involves typing the brand-specific name or item, and a window appears displaying the potential name ideas. 

A few other businesses or brand name generators include:

  • NameSnack: It is one of the most effective business name generators that leverages machine learning and helps brand owners to explore thousands of name ideas, which are ideal for their niche or industry. It ensures relevant, specific name ideas rather than some loosely related, generic titles. 
  • Pun Generator: When brands type some keywords in the search bar, this tool combs through multiple puns. The results are a combination of some good laughs and fun ideas. 

5. Scrutinising The Name Availability Online 

Finally, when the fashion brand decides and chooses a name they love, they need to make sure that it’s usable. It would be best not to use a name that some existing brand already has. Why? That’s because the process would be too complex, resulting in potential legal problems and customer confusion. After starting to use the name, the brand may later discover that the name has already been trademarked or copyrighted. 

Most fashion brands are launching their online website in the initial process. In such a scenario, the clothing brands need to have a domain that’s available for use. Although some URLs will only cost a couple of bucks, other URLs with high demand and desirability are usually sold at over $20,000. This is where startup fashion brands can take help from platforms like GoDaddy and Shopify. These platforms enable free domain search with many more options. 

  • Namechk: This website portal enables brands to check vanity URLs, domain names, and social handles. 
  • Trademarkia: Although it’s not the only software tool, it’s great to ensure that the chosen name is not already taken by some other existing business or brand. 

Naming The Clothing Brand: Rinse & Repeat 

Naming The Clothing Brand: Rinse & Repeat

Although the average time for this process is one or two hours, every brand is unique. If the process fails to provide the result in the first chance, try again, making some changes in decisions to see the outcome. 

The goal should be collecting and narrowing down the best clothing brand name ideas. Show the names to the known ones for getting their honest opinions. Also, the brand must be able to define why they like these names. 

There are a few questions that every fashion brand should ask themselves and the collaborators to ensure the name is permanent till the end. These questions are as follows: 

  • Is the brand name a tongue twister? 

The brands need to realise that various brand names appear to be stylish and approachable in the paper but fail to work in the real world. They need to see if they can actually say and spell it or not. If the name becomes complex, customers will misspell it, and the website visibility will worsen. 

  • Is the name self-explanatory? 

Although the brand name doesn’t need to help explain what it does or what it is, having a connection between the name and the brand’s operation or what it does makes things simple. For instance, PayPal and Facebook are two names that most certainly hint at what they do in the beginning. 

  • Does the brand name have any verb? 

If possible, fashion brands should pick a name with a verb on it. This way, their brand name will turn into the action they want to take. For instance, the brand ‘Yelp’ uses a verb in its name. 

  • Is the brand name a keeper or fling?

Fashion brands should know that naming their brand or product after a city, person, or anything too specific can result in conflicts. For instance, if the fashion brands want to diversify and expand or move their location, they can get immense benefit out of an uncommon and unique name. Companies like Apple and Google can sell or do anything under their names. 

Ending Note 

So, with these foolproof steps, every fashion brand can start off its business with the most creative, attractive, and legal name. Although the process of creating a clothing brand’s name is fun, it’s crucial to know the logistics of it. 

Once the brand is launched with a good name, let it sync all-good quality fabrics from top suppliers for manufacturing the best collections. When it comes to connecting with fabric suppliers from all over the world, Fashinza leads the way. Using these platforms will be the next best step for any fashion brand to a brighter and scalable future ahead. So, get the best use of this guide to make the right decision in the brand name selection process. 


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