30 Display Mannequin Ideas That Will Stop Every Passerby

30 Display Mannequin Ideas That Will Stop Every Passerby

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What is the first thing that makes a customer stop in their tracks while taking a stroll through the market or mall? It is the shop's visual merchandising or window display. After all, who can hold back from gazing at a stunning display mannequin right outside a shop! However, the whole idea of visual merchandising is to get them inside the store and convert them into customers.

Therefore, the creative use of display mannequins plays a vital role in the retail business. Your customers imagine themselves in the mannequin’s shoes before buying anything. So, let your imagination go wild as you make the mannequins tell your brand story like never before.

Here are some quirky yet helpful mannequin ideas that will make every passerby stop and stare at your shop. Let's take a quick look at them.

Go for realistic mannequins.

Realistic mannequins make a great choice for high-end stores. When they are dressed in the brand’s clothing range, the lifelike nature of the mannequins makes the clothes look more pragmatic yet appealing.

Headless mannequins can adorn almost everything.

Display models with no heads and, consequently, no faces and emotions can practically display any form of clothing or accessories with no bias.

Abstract mannequins live by their details.

Abstract mannequins live by their details.

Elite stores go for abstract mannequins. These models exude fine detailing and finish, and their subtle curves bring out the best from the outfits put on them.

Child mannequins for parents.

A fashion professional is often tasked with bridging the gap between customers and fashion ideas. Child mannequins do the same. They help parents find out the right ways to dress up their kids. The store selling kids wear should display their merchandise on child mannequins, making sure to represent different age groups.

Flexible models defy imagination.

A store owner can invoke a window dresser's fantasies with flexible fashion mannequins. These can be molded in many different ways and poses that sometimes allow shop owners to defy imagination. Plus, these are easy to dress up.

Sensual mannequins charm.

Sensual mannequins are in high demand among retailers of intimate wear and swimwear. Flattering, three-dimensional display of undergarments helps the customer make a choice, especially when the stores don’t allow the customers to try on undergarments.

Ghost mannequins for better visualization.

As the name suggests, ghost mannequins are invisible and allow the customers to imagine themselves wearing the displayed piece of garment. It is a powerful way to convince a customer to make a purchase.

Mask the mannequin to hide that crack.

What if an otherwise good-looking mannequin has a crack on its face? Instead of disposing of it, a decorative mask on its face can work wonders and even add character to the mannequin.

The mannequin with body art. 

The mannequin with body art.

Transform a display model uniquely with body art. It is sure to get etched in the mind of your customers and increase footfalls. This idea can work wonders for a lingerie shop.

Creativity with mannequin limbs

If you have mannequins with detachable limbs, you can display your products in many creative ways. Place the limbs and torso at different points in the display window to showcase the various products you sell.

A pop of colors always turns heads.

How about adding a pop of color with some flowers to an otherwise regular mannequin? You can repaint the models to reflect the vibrancy of your collection.

Make the right use of accessories.

Be diligent when displaying accessories along with clothing. Over- or under-doing them will either leave a jarring or empty impression upon your customers, neither of which is helpful for sales.

The rule of three always works.

Use three figures and three relevant props. The rule of three never fails to create a pleasant visual experience. 

Like for the alike.

Pair the clothing to make outfits. A customer might come looking for a shirt but the display donning it with perfectly matching pants is sure to induce a second buy.

Live models - strange but works!

If the store demands it, you may also employ live models to present your clothing collection. Live models are sure to turn heads and be the talk of the town.

Silly and fun mannequin decals.

Silly mustaches, big smiles, and pouty lips grab the attention of passersby. Get the most out of the mannequin with decals.

Mannequin in various postures and poses

Mannequin in various postures and poses

Say no to a plainly standing or sitting mannequin and give it a pose. A yoga, athleisure, or sportswear retailer can depict a yoga asana or a gym exercise in their window display. 

Say yes to plus!

Do you sell a plus-size clothing range? If so, then you should make sure to have realistic plus-size display mannequins. It will allow you to build an emotional association with the shoppers who are size plus. 

When on a tight budget

If you have just opened your shop and are on a tight budget, you can always have a cost-effective choice to make. An elegant and simple-looking female mannequin in a standing pose would be fair enough. Or you may get a pair (male and female).

Add real-life elements

Arranging the display mannequins in a certain way that makes them look interacting with each other will add more life to the decor.

Try the less is more approach.

Refrain from using too many mannequins and props. Your display window might end in a mess and not live up to your expectations.

Go with the colors of the season.

With Christmas almost knocking on the doors, using the prevailing colors of the season - red, green, and white - would be a great idea to add a festivity quotient to your display.

Strike the right balance between color and lighting.

How about displaying white outfits against a black background? Playing with colors and lights does make a power display alternative.

Add oversized objects to the display window.

When you see something noticeably big, you are compelled to turn your head. You can use the same concept to add more drama to your window display.

Showcase a cause.

Sustainability has kind of become the buzzword in every walk of your life. Why not showcase it as a cause and create display models out of recycled paper or upcycled cloth? It may make an impact.

Elements of humor always work.

You can use various props to evoke a sense of humor in your display window. Humor and fun components almost always do the magic. For example, try displaying a famous scene from a comic or comedy movie.

Unexpected things do turn heads!

Unexpected things do turn heads!

How about doing something unexpected with your mannequins to make the window shopper gawk in surprise and visit the store?

Replace mannequins with dress forms.

Any dress when goes into a dress form reveals the actual design and fit of the dress. You may replace your display models with these to bring a change to your display window.

The Gothic theme sounds interesting.

Using eerie, dark, and bizarre elements with the main colors black and shades of gray might appeal to your customers.

A little bit of wit may go a long way!

When displayed right, a chunk of text in the form of quotes can add more detail to your display. Have some winning texts up your sleeve? Don't hesitate, use them.

To Conclude 

Showcasing the products makes the bottom line of any retail business. That’s called visual merchandising. And to make it work, an essential part is the display window. Hopefully, these display mannequin ideas will help you in the long run.


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