3 Customer Benefits of Buying Fair Trade Kids Clothes

3 Customer Benefits of Buying Fair Trade Kids Clothes

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Every parent wants to dress up their kids. This means that parents want a variety of breathable, cozy and comfortable clothes. These clothes must also be durable as kids like to play around all day. Another factor to consider is the speed with which kids grow up. In a flash, kids grow from “this little” to “that big” which means that parents constantly need to upgrade their wardrobe.

As a parent, do you often find yourself confused when shopping for the best clothing for your kids? If you are looking for smart, trendy clothes for your little ones, then you are in the right place! This is because kid's clothing that is fair trade is what you need (and deserve).

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye and are often careless with their clothes. Regular washing and harsh chemicals can also damage the lint (in kids clothing). Clothes with a Fair Trade label are made with high-quality fabrics which makes them durable. In other words, quality and durability are two of the primary criteria of the Fair Trade label for kids clothing. 

Given that we are health-conscious while shopping for groceries, ethical clothes shopping for kids should not be too hard. Read on to find more about the benefits of buying Fair Trade label kids clothes:

  1. A Fair choice for kids clothes: Fair Trade label clothes are by nature sustainable. You don't want your kid to be enveloped in chemically harmful dyes and fibers. Fair trade clothing is made of fabrics that are free from toxic chemicals. In addition, the yarn is made of eco-friendly raw materials; this makes the fabric soft and breathable.

When shopping for clothes, keep in mind that kids have soft and sensitive skin. This makes your children prone to rashes and skin diseases. Poor-quality clothing, sparkly material and sequins will likely damage your child’s delicate skin. Fair Trade label clothing manufacturers create soft and light clothes well suited for your tot. 

  1. Value for money: Spending money on kids' clothing is a hard business. You wake up one way and, just like that, your kid has grown out of their clothes! Every parent has probably asked themselves this question: “How long is my kid going to wear this anyway?”. Another factor to consider is that many clothing brands put a high price on their clothes. Fashion shopping for your kids, in other words, has never been easy on the wallet.

Fair Trade label clothing for kids is very budget-friendly. When you see the Fair Trade label on any clothing item, you can rest assured that you are buying high-quality clothing for your kids. You’ll also breathe easy as you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket!

  1. Multiple options: Finding the most trendy clothes for kids will never be difficult with Fair Trade label clothing. Mainstream clothing brands are always striving to create fashionable, stylish, chic options for kids. It is a buyer’s market out there for parents. In other words, you will always have unique stylish clothes that come with the Fair Trade label. 
Fair Trade Kids Clothes Fair trade label

Need more tips on shopping for fair trade clothing? Firstly, when shopping at retail outlets, make sure to explore a wide range of clothes for your kids. Secondly, look out for the Fair Trade label tag and read into the fine print. Lastly, ecommerce is booming in this post-pandemic age. This means that parents can easily shop for  Fair Trade label clothes on sites like Amazon. (Pro tip: you can search online for specific sizes, quality, materials etc. to find the right clothing products for your kids.)

We want to end our article with a word for budget-conscious parents. Parents who like being frugal, specifically when it comes to kids clothing, may wonder if fair trade clothing is worth it. We at Fashinza respond with a resounding yes! Eco-conscious buying is always worth it because you are in essence investing not only in the planet but also your child’s future. Keeping this in mind, go green (and go Fashinza): head out there and buy Fair trade clothing that your kids deserve. It has never honestly been easier!


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