3 Branding Mistakes Every Fashion Entrepreneur Should Avoid

3 Branding Mistakes Every Fashion Entrepreneur Should Avoid

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The fashion industry is an exciting arena to work in. Entrepreneurs who are eager to embark on this path must ensure that they handle the entire experience effectively. Creating a new brand may seem like an ideal way to an entrepreneur who is trying to make their name in the fashion industry. However, there may be slips between introducing the brand to the audience at large and gaining the right recognition from target customers.  In other words, it is the branding that matters!

So, what is branding? Well, the efforts taken by a brand for creating a unique identity for its label products and/or associated services in the customers' minds are known as branding. The new creators of startup companies or small enterprises should do their best to garner specific information. One can utilize the company name or its logo and image(s) to achieve this objective. Yet, it is necessary to follow certain rules to ensure smooth sailing. One would like to avoid such occurrences by all means. Business success is not akin to mathematics, but avoiding common mistakes and erroneous decisions can help the concerned fashion entrepreneur go a long way.  

The secret to successful branding in fashion depends on recognizing the demand and fulfilling it at the earliest. Making alterations to items as and when needed is essential too. Finally, the concerned branding may go on to change the perception of end users. This gives one reason to celebrate but beware of committing the following branding mistakes that may well rob the fashion entrepreneur of the glory.

Mistake 1: Inability to identify the right target audience

Well, this is not a mistake; it is akin to committing a crime, especially when it concerns branding. Identifying the niche clientele is all-important as this directly concerns profitability. Sure, a new business owner may have a fair idea about the type of customer who would be catered to, but a vague concept is as good as having none at all. It is important to observe people and note their dressing habits with interest before arriving at a conclusion.

Fashion entrepreneurs cannot be expected to please everyone with their offerings. Therefore, it is important to identify a niche initially and cater to it exclusively. After identifying the right target audience, try to focus on designing products that appeal to them and that they find useful. Serving the right customers and customizing the clothes as per their taste can improve customer satisfaction.

Fashion entrepreneurs should have a look at their competitors and try to get inspiration from some of their successful branding techniques to appeal to their target customers. Create a buyer persona using all the data available about the target customer. Brands need to mold their overall brand image which includes advertisements, brand ambassadors and product designs to ensure that their offering will resonate with the target audience.

right target audience

Mistake 2: Outdated marketing and customer acquisition

People buy clothes every season. However, this doesn't indicate that the fashion business is easy to set up and run. Unfortunately, many youngsters have an unrealistic idea that the fashion business is as simple as ordering numerous products from Alibaba and then going on to make a ton of money courtesy of an online store. It is important to remember that every business needs inspiration and perspiration in the same ratio. Entrepreneurs need to check the facts and make an effort to market their products in a better way.

There is nothing wrong with being a fashion entrepreneur, but one needs to be realistic about expectations. The branding should be appropriate as well. Trying to dupe the customer with clever jargon is a strict no-no. It might tarnish the business reputation for good. One can always learn from their mistakes and move forward taking the right lessons from the dismal performance.

Every fashion entrepreneur needs to create relevant brand visuals and use up-to-date marketing strategies. Having a good idea about design, production, product marketing, and sales can help tremendously. One may safely start small and showcase the best items to attract attention. Most visitors would feel compelled to buy at least one item before converting themselves into loyal customers.

To grow the number of loyal customers, a brand needs to pay attention to customer feedback because customer experience is vital to any brand's success. Brands should initially offer returns, free alterations, and exchanges to their customers. Such a move will not only endear the fashion entrepreneur to clients but will add value to the branding effort too.

Mistake 3: Not being unique

Getting into the fashion business is an exciting and lucrative prospect because it seems interesting. The concerned fashion entrepreneurs also get to hone their creative skills and create a name. However, it is important to understand one’s strengths and limitations before going ahead and investing money. The business owner may be a designer par excellence, but focusing on a single aspect will not make the business profitable. A fashion brand needs to be unique to stand apart. This is an aspect that cannot be ignored at any cost. Furthermore, brands should also strive to have a consistent brand identity as it is crucial to building a loyal audience.

While taking a page from your rival's book is fine, one cannot make the mistake of imitating their rivals' style blindly. After all, no one wants to be a cheap copy of any big brand. Therefore, fashion entrepreneurs need to find ways to make their products unique. Delving deep into the target audience's mind and curating the product accordingly makes one find the unique selling point. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible either.

Not being unique

Another mistake that most young and first-time business owners tend to make is taking the entire responsibility of making a unique brand on their shoulders. Remember, that no business can be handled by one person however talented they may be. It is vital to have a team in place and delegate the responsibility. Hiring creative professionals to come up with attention-grabbing taglines should do the trick beautifully too. A catchy slogan may not be entirely about the product. However, it could lead to a successful product campaign. These successful campaigns eventually build up the much-needed brand identity.

The target audience should be able to identify with the brand identity and also find it affordable at the same time. If the entire branding process is not making headlines for the brand, it should go through a rebranding process to retain its target audience.


A fashion entrepreneur must be concerned about branding as a whole and not focus just on individual brand campaigns. Identifying the target audience and finding the USP can help the fashion brand make its mark in the fashion industry. Furthermore, it is more important to be unique to appeal better to the target audience and improve sales.

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