10 Tips to Find the Right Home Furnishing Catalogue That's Perfect for Your Brand

10 Tips to Find the Right Home Furnishing Catalogue That's Perfect for Your Brand

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Eclectic, contemporary, vintage, or chic? Keep reading to find the tips to get the best home furniture design catalogue for your brand. 

Furnishing a house is an expensive job. Generally, owners seek catalogues that match their idea of the space within an affordable price range. However, as a brand, you must know that many other factors also get into the creation of a dream living space. 

In this article, we've curated 10 all-season tips to find a home furnishing catalogue that would reflect your unique choices for the space. Brimming with trending designs and luxuriously styled rooms, the pages of these catalogues will give you a hard time in zeroing down on a design. 

Tips to Find the Best Home Furniture Design Catalogue for your Brand 

Find the Best Home Furniture Design Catalogue for your Brand

While some companies choose to publish their catalogues biannually, many release annual copies according to the ongoing trends. You must make your choice of catalogues based on these tips. 

  • Overfilled: Interior designs with a filled space looks tempting to the eye. But recreating that appearance could prove complicated in real life. Cramming every space, nook, and cranny would make your space appear fuller. But, it will lack the sense of homely warmth that is required in a house. Apart from the essential furniture like sofa, dining table, and shelves, the catalogue must not have many non-essential pieces that fill every corner. 
  • Reality check: Many magazines and catalogues have two or three-page spreads that promote a luxurious living arrangement. These glossy rooms look perfect in the images, and many viewers bookmark such pages (online and offline) for replicating in the future. When implemented in reality, the inviting and welcoming feeling of a house is missing from these spaces. This is why you must search for a home furniture design catalogue that matches reality.  
  • Comprehensive: A house is made for many people of different ages. From toddlers to seniors, the rooms must suit the needs of every family member. A child-friendly design will have smooth and curved edges of furniture. Similarly, a senior-friendly space will have easily accessible shelves at shoulder level. This would lessen their pressure of bending or climbing stools to get a product. If possible, it must also have handicapped-friendly designs. 
  • Inclusive: Check your inventory for this step. The designs in the home furnishing catalogue must make use of all the products available to you. If a customer likes a design from the catalogue, they must be able to purchase every product from your store. Otherwise, they will be tempted to try the offerings of your competitors to meet their requirements. 
  • Comprehensive budget range: Every customer has different requirements to fulfil under different budget ranges. If a catalogue only promotes the interior design of an elite-class house, the average person of mid-range financial status would never be able to afford it. Similarly, the designs promoting the living style of any specific financial class will send away the other customers. Ensure that your catalogue takes care of people belonging to various financial categories. 
  • Multiple layouts and dimensions: Apart from furniture, you must consider background factors like lighting. The dimensions of the spaces are also important because large furniture would not look good in a small room. If the catalogue has multiple rooms of many dimension options and spacing, your customer can conveniently select one design without customising it further. 
  • Many theme options: The first step of selecting a furnishing design is to choose a theme. Customers who have made their minds to a particular theme must find the relevant designs in your catalogue. The colour scheme of the themes could vary, but the overall vibe of the space must match the varying expectations of your customers. 
  • Textiles and texture variations: Homeowners can be very particular with the feel and look of the furniture. This makes the availability of textile and texture variations very important. There are many textiles for furniture like a sofa like nylon and olefin that last longer than others. Your customers will indeed purchase your products if your catalogue shows the availability of such options. 
  • Offline and online availability: A brand is successful because of different types of customers. Today, people prefer buying products on the internet more than the traditional process of visiting the brick and mortar shops. However, even today, many customers like to visit the stores. You must ensure the print and online availability of the catalogue. 
  • Frequency of release: A catalogue that is released biannually (or more times in a year) would provide more design options than others. However, you wouldn't have to keep a constant eye on the updates with catalogues released annually. Depending on the demand of your customers, select the right type of catalogue for your brand. 
Textiles and texture variations


With these tips, you will be selecting the best catalogues available in the market for your brand. Ikea, Crate and Barrel, and Ferm Living are some inspirational catalogues to start with. 

All the best for your search! 


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