10 Tips To A Better Web Development Strategy: Building A Killer Web Development Strategy

10 Tips To A Better Web Development Strategy: Building A Killer Web Development Strategy

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Using the Woocommerce web development plugin on WordPress can make your platform more customer-friendly. This will enable you to update and edit your eCommerce website with no extra effort.

Why do we suggest using Woocommerce web development?

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface
  • Extensively supported
  • Offers extendable plugin
  • Offers the best themes to choose from
  • No impact on your budget; It is absolutely free!

So, if you are planning to launch your own venture then, invest in learning about it before you invest your money!

Here we have brought you 10 quick, easy, but highly supportive tips to building a killer web development strategy:

Let's get rolling!

1)  Identify your target audience

Every business has its own target group or TG, which can be limited or extensive, depending upon what you offer. For example, if you are investing in Woocommerce web development to sell toddler clothes, then your primary TG is parents who have kids in that age group.

Identifying your audience will help you lay down all subsequent strategies. Leverage the benefits of Google Analytics and play around your digital marketing and advertising strategy accordingly.

2) Run an extensive keyword research

Run an extensive keyword research

Sit down with your team and brainstorm all the relevant keywords that will help you win the SEO game.

Here are some bonus tips on how to choose the right set of primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords:

  • You can start with keywords with a minimum of 200 searches per month.
  •  Identify less competitive keywords. Remember not to forget their relevance to your business and your overall Woocommerce web development strategy.
  • Go for the keywords that have cost-per-click for Google Adwords. They are bound to bring you orders.

3) Invest in a professional product/ portfolio photographer

While developing a robust Woocommerce web development strategy, entrepreneurs often neglect the quality of the photos they post. Here are some hacks to attractive and sales-driving product photography:

  • Choose the best angles.
  • Make sure the shades and colors are not deviated from what they look like in reality. This may result in a 'cheater tag.'
  •  Try to add other elements in the frame; vase, plants, mugs, pillows, furniture, table, etc. They uplift the mood of the viewer and compel them to hit the 'buy' button.
  • Make sure the product is of the best quality. If you sell apparel, then ensure they are wrinkle and crease-free.
  • Choose plain backgrounds.
  • Try to play with monochromatic colors.

4) Copywriting plays a big role!

While laying out the outline of Woocommerce web development strategy, never underestimate the power of copywriting. These are the words that work best for compulsive and impulsive buyers. Look for a copywriter whose copy can speak the most using the least words.

5) Develop a well functional and easy to use website structure

Be creative with your website design, but ensure that it remains user-friendly. All the options and tabs should be easily accessible. Hire a professional coder for Woocommerce web development so that you get a responsive and well-functioning platform.

6) Create web pages as landing pages

This is one of the most beneficial strategies for advertising. Make each of the pages a landing page so that it becomes easier to run campaigns like email marketing.

7)  Draft a site map

A site map is nothing but an outline of how and where you will place the tabs. Prioritize and create a hierarchy of the pages with the help of your Woocommerce web development professional. This will keep your planning organized and efficient.

8) Compress the components to get rid of loading delays

Here are the points that you can follow to optimize and compress your e-commerce website:

  • Compress the images without ruining the quality.
  • Use lazy loads for images.
  • Use CDN
  • Try plugins like W3 Total Cache. This can work wonders for your Woocommerce web development journey.

9) Send out newsletters regularly.

Send out newsletters regularly

Newsletters are a bit old-school trend, but this is one of the most effective cold calling strategies that can bring business and attention to your eCommerce website. These days fashion sells faster than grocery, so make sure you leverage the most out of it.

Always add an 'unsubscribe' tab because you cannot impose your email marketing.

10)  Involve your users

Not adding review and suggestion options can land you in big trouble. Often eCommerce platforms restrain customer feedback. Understand that there is a large stratum of buyers who depend upon the reviews and photos the customers have already bought and used the same product. This gives them an idea about its usage, quality and helps them choose an appropriate size. They often find it more compelling to see the outfit on genuine buyers than models.


While drafting Woocommerce web development strategy, ensure that you have focused on making its interface customer-friendly. Adding high-quality and genuine photos with all sides (front, backward, left, and right) gives the customer overall satisfaction before they even click on the 'buy now' button.


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