10 Tips on How You Can Attract Customers to Your Store

10 Tips on How You Can Attract Customers to Your Store

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Many have agreed that the fashion industry has been transformed forever since the pandemic started. Online shopping has become the new trend as it makes it much easier to choose from screens at your home. But does that mean customers are done with retail stores? 

Fortunately, fashion retail stores still hold value for numerous reasons. For many customers, online shopping has several setbacks. They cannot feel the texture and color of clothes properly. And it’s also frustrating to wait several days to get the order. Brick and mortar stores offer better shopping value in these terms. As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, the future looks quite bright for fashion stores as well. 

As a modern fashion store, you need to keep up with the latest digital trends and cater to the evolving customer base. 

Check these 10 valuable tips on how you can attract new customers to your store easily:

1. Match rates that are offered online:

Customers often check the prices online before buying from retail. It’s important for you to keep your price tags updated according to online trends. According to your quality, some of your products may be priced on a higher scale. You can offer your customers a price-match guarantee or other incentives, so that they can come back to your store.

2. Give the user the choice to buy online and pick it up at the store:

Shipping payment is considered a big no-no. Most of your customers want to avoid spending on shipping if they can get the product for the same price from the store. Be kind to them and give them the option to pick the order from the store. Picking up their online order from your store would be a great opportunity for them to explore the physical store. They may even decide to add more things to the cart.

3. Provide stock information online:

Provide stock information online

In today’s day and time, it can be a great benefit to have physical as well as digital channels to reach out to your customers and make sure all the systems are synced together. Whenever you stock up on a new item in your store, make sure to post the information online. Do the same if a product goes out of stock. 

4. Promote new offers for new customers:

Introductory offers and special day sales are still among the best ways to attract new customers. Flash the trendy “Flat 50% off” or “Buy-2-Get-1” signs once in a while. Such offers always have the power to attract new customers and even old ones. However, these are not just marketing gimmicks. These are opportunities for you to offer them something valuable, so that they would want to revisit your store. 

5. Referrals or bring a friend:

Ask your loyal and satisfied customers for referrals and offer them something in return. Referrals are another classic technique to get new customers. Loyal customers can be your best marketing pitch to a new customer. Online referrals can also work, so that your customers can get discounts on their cart value. They will return to your store and refer more people if they like your products.

6. Use digital resources for promotion:

We cannot underestimate the potential of going digital anymore. All your promotions can reach a far greater audience and have a better chance to get more sales! SMS marketing and social media apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, can work wonders for any kind of business. There are plenty of marketing tools available on Instagram and WhatsApp that make customer interaction easy.

7. Optimize your website according to your location:

You must constantly update your website content, so that it features on top of keyword search results. Every time someone will hear about your store or even find a basic promotion, they will check it online first. You must have a Google My Business page along with your business website. List your best products with competitive prices with strong call-to-action buttons.

8. Host events and join communities:

Networking is a great way to expand your customer base to a great degree. You can join communities where you can find your ideal audience. Cultural and fashion events allow pop-ups where you can showcase your new collection for new customers. You can also host an event that can attract your targeted audience to explore your store and your brand.

9. Enhance your curb appeal:

Enhance your curb appeal

Fashion is all about exhibiting aesthetics. Whether it’s your website or your curb appeal, your store should have something to stand out. For your brick and mortar store, make some investment in a decent interior design with the right colors that appeal to your target audience. The brand logo, as well as the name, should be memorable and eye-catching. 

10. Introduce a lounge space:

Having a lounge space in your physical store can be an excellent way to attract new customers. It can be a great benefit if your store is not located in an established community spot. Whoever is your audience, every person likes having a lounge area where they can relax and maybe browse shopping catalogs. It will hugely increase your chances to get noticed and get sales.

These smart tips and hacks are all about using a combination of online and offline marketing tricks. Do not shut down your retail stores just because you feel that your audience is not interested. Maybe, you are just not selling yourself according to the trends.

If you are someone who is looking to start your fashion store, Fashinza can be the perfect platform. Source the best quality material and create your fashion garments according to the latest style. Check out the Fashinza website now to learn more and launch your new collection. 


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