10 Mind-blowing Embroidery Ideas for Fashion Brands - Try Them all!!!

10 Mind-blowing Embroidery Ideas for Fashion Brands - Try Them all!!!

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India is the treasure trove of art and crafts. From classical singing to painting and dancing to stitching, India has conquered a good place in the world. Indian embroidery has won everyone’s heart because of its eye-catchy design and intricate craftsmanship. Every province holds its uniqueness in the designs, like Kutch work from Gujrat, Chikankari from UP, and more. 

Even a simple embroidery design makes a dress classy and elegant. A small motive or flower embroidery design adds a spark to an ordinary dress.

Looking for some embroidery ideas?

Scroll down and explore the most popular embroidery ideas that will turn your piece into your signature design

Let’s dig deeper.

Extraordinary Embroidery Designs Ideas to Try!!!

Planning to design dresses with embroidery? We will give you end-to-end guidance about great embroidery ideas. You can get tons of ideas, but so can the other fashion brands. What you need is a great, exclusive list of ideas to take inspiration from. 

  • Simple Embroidery Design 

If you are getting started with embroidery, try simple embroidery ideas to add life to the dress. It can be as simple as outlining a motive or highlighting a small design. Try it out on a dress, handkerchief, table cloth, and so on. 

If the designs are handmade, they may cost you a bit more. 

  • Flower embroidery 

Floral design adds freshness to the design. 

Flower embroidery Idea for Fashion Brands

Flower embroidery comes under fill-stitch embroidery categories. It can be like artistically designing flower motifs or filling the design with art. Such designs are mostly made on satin silk fabric. 

  • Machine embroidery 

Handmade embroidery designs are costlier than machine-made. As advanced stitching machines have made it possible to get the work fast, brands are also often looking for machine embroidery ideas for blouses. An expert knows how to manage the needle position and create a detailed design with the machine. 

  • Chikankari

Chikankari is one of the finest embroideries introduced by Nur Jahan. Although initially, it started with white and white designs, gradually dyed fabric is being used for such embroidery designs. 

Though chikankari has its own style, sometimes flower embroidery designs are also included in such designs.

  • Katha 
Katha embroidery Idea for Fashion Brands

Perhaps it is the oldest form of embroidery in India. In the early days, people used to narrate stories through Katha stitch. Though it looks simple, it needs patience and measurement ideas to do. Mainly these stitches are done in wider pieces like sarees, stoles, shirts, etc.

Flower embroidery designs are often combined with age-old Katha stitch to bring uniqueness to the design.

  • Phulkari 

Amritsar, Punjab, is popularly known as the birthplace of phulkari. Colorful silk threads are used to create modern designs. Khadi is the perfect canvas for phulkari design. The combination of light and deep-colored thread highlights the design. Many women make stole and sarees with phulkari designs in their free time. 

  • Kutch
Kutch embroidery Idea for Fashion Brands

Kutch is another popular embroidery idea from Gujarat. Gujaratis are fond of the color, and they prefer thread work rather than zari. The cotton piece is decorated with kutch by using cotton and silk threads. The use of mirrors and colorful threads make kutch work stand out in the crowd. Bags, decorative items, or women’s wear are popularly available in the location. 

  • Zardosi

Zardosi is considered a royal stitch; it originated from Persia. In real zardosi, the original silver thread is used to stitch pearls and stones. It took its shape during the Mughal era; it was widely used in royal garments. 

In recent times cotton thread covered with metallic layers is used for such embroidery. Decorative beads, zari, are used to make the design supreme.

Wrapping up 

Unique design, delicate craftsmanship has made Indian embroidery a world-class one. In rural areas, women still make captivating designs with thread; however, machine embroidery designs are gaining more attention in recent times. Simple design on the neckline or the sleeve gives a designer look to an ordinary blouse.

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