10 clothing items that suit all consumer body types

10 clothing items that suit all consumer body types

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Have you ever noticed that some types of clothing items do not flatter every body type as the rest of the clothes do? There are many fashion companies with excellent design teams, but poor manufacturers. A fashion brand must have a well-run production organization.

Everybody feels that they don’t look good in certain types of clothes. However, it is not usually the body; rather, it is the way the garment was made. Every body type needs to feel well in their clothing, and the garment brand must offer them high-quality materials and design. The responsibility for creating ill-fitting clothing rests with fashion brands. Therefore, they need a production staff of professionals who never let the customer down.

This article will guide you about various styles of apparel that look good on all body types, including hourglass, apple, pear, and other shapes. Know which clothes work best on the majority of body shapes. You'll learn as well that your manufacturers are crucial to the success of your fashion business. Learn what to look out for and which apparel items to create next. Read on.

Clothing items for all body types

When it comes to customers with various body types, it can appear difficult to make clothing goods. As a result, making garments that fit properly can occasionally be challenging for manufacturers. We have you, though! Here is a list of clothing that will look good on most of your customers, regardless of their height or size, whether they are size 2 or size 20, short or tall. This article will help in your understanding of apparel from several angles as a brand. This is why it's crucial to work with organizations like Fashinza, who support you from the clothing's manufacturing through to delivery.

1. Bodycon dresses


There is a definite reason for listing bodycon dresses first in this top 10 list. Bodycon dresses fit sit perfectly on a woman's body curves and look sleek. Bodycon dresses give the appearance of picture-perfect dresses. So a well-fitting dress made by professional dress designers is all the brand needs.

2. Crop tops  

Crop tops look good on everyone too. They flatter one’s body at the waist even without cinching it. It can be paired with almost any bottoms, such as high-waisted jeans, skirts, palazzos, etc. These tops enhance the body shape and thus look flattering.

3. Blazers 


Anyone wearing a blazer looks like a boss. A traditional blazer can be worn to different formal events without having a second thought. Earlier, people used to wear blazers in a specific palette of colors. Nowadays, men and women both rock the well-structured blazer equally. A blazer paired up with coordinating trousers can never go wrong for any body type!

4. Jogger pants 

Jogger pants are comfortable as well as one of the stylish clothing items to have in your wardrobe. The way jogger pants cinch the waist and taper the ankle makes the body look flattering no matter what size it is. The length of the joggers should end just above the ankle. It also makes the person look tall and thus makes a good casual outfit. People prefer pairing them with an oversized t-shirt or even a crop top.

5. Midi skirts 

It's time to get cleared with this belief that tall people can wear a midi skirt and flaunt it. Midi skirts can be worn by anyone regardless of their height. This kind of skirt ends exactly right below the knees and elongates the height of the wearer.

6. Oversized sweatshirts 


Oversized sweatshirts are the comfiest top wear in both men's and women’s collections. But the essential factor is that the fabric used should be of good quality. Usually, vendors use an itchy material, and it makes the consumer unsatisfied. These sweatshirts can be paired with leggings, jeans, trousers, etc. 

7. Co-Ords 

Some people have a hard time finding the right kind of clothing to suit their body type. Fortunately, many brands have started manufacturing coordinating sets nowadays. These cords sets combine the style, right fit and fit versatility. That is what keeps them in trend at all times.

8. Flared jeans 

flared jeans

Flared jeans are types of bottoms that suit all body types. This type of jeans does not outline the shape of a wearer's legs and is thus perfect for all body types. It can be styled up with a shimmery/casual top, depending on the occasion. It has become one of the must-have staple jeans that everyone should have in their closet.

9. Pencil skirts 

This is one of the basic clothing items that people can wear to any formal event, party, or meeting. It gives a tapering look from the hips and is one of the most popular body-hugging skirts available on the market. Some brands have the best collection of pencil skirts. 

10. Jackets 

Jackets are another clothing item that is loved by people of every body type. There are several different types of jackets available nowadays, such as cropped jackets, faux leather jackets, varsity jackets, flannel jackets, and the list goes on. These jackets make everyone and every outfit look cool. Any simple outfit can be uplifted by putting on this jacket.


To give their customers the ideal clothing, fashion firms need highly skilled production support. We've picked a few items of apparel that look nice on all body shapes and are thus appropriate to always maintain in stock.

Finding the right manufacturer to produce the clothing to your specifications is crucial. For any of your manufacturing requirements, get in touch with Fashinza. The company guarantees a smooth procedure from design to delivery. Bring your dress design vision to life by working collaboratively with Fashinza today!


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