10 Business Lessons You Need To Learn From Victoria's Secret

10 Business Lessons You Need To Learn From Victoria's Secret

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Victoria’s Secret was established in 1977, and it has come to become one of the most renowned lingerie, clothing, and beauty brands in the world. Despite the fierce competition, this brand has managed to assert its dominance in the market. With a legacy of more than 40 years, the company stays more relevant than ever. With the ever-changing trends, it’s not easy to pull off what this brand has managed to. Thus, it’s no puzzle that everyone’s wondering how their brand can also achieve the same thing. 

We’re here to let you know about the 10 business lessons you need to learn from the lingerie brand:

User-Friendly Website

While over-the-top and intricate websites may seem appealing and unique at first, do not fall into that trap. You need to have a simple, user-friendly website with an easy-to-navigate interface. Similarly, you must also place the call to action buttons strategically while keeping the website design simple yet glamorous.

Never Stop Innovating

If there is one thing we all know about Victoria’s Secret, it’s that they are super innovative. You don’t just see a lingerie catalog but a luxury brand with a story. Likewise, your business must find innovative ways to tell your story and advertise your brand uniquely. Make the most of social media tools and digital marketing tools as well.

Maximize the Use of Social Media Marketing

Victoria's Secret Business Lessons

One thing you must definitely do is spread your business’s wings on social media platforms. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and other platforms, which can help you generate many quality leads. Victoria’s Secret has a huge following on social media. Their pages are not just about promotional but also aesthetically pleasing, informative content.

Host Annual Sales

Victoria’s Secret hosts a huge clearance sale on its out-of-season products. Further, they start hyping up the sales weeks before to gather the attention of the customers. You can also try hosting sales, maybe annual or seasonal sales, to keep your products circulating among consumer circles.

Stick to your Target Audience

You must specify the target audience of your business first and then stick to them. For years, Victoria’s Secret has been catering to fashion-forward and affluent women. They know their audience and serve them accordingly. Do not lose focus on who is buying from you the most.

Keep in Touch with Your Clients

One of the most important business lessons is speaking to your clients and keeping in touch with them. It is an uncommonly used smart strategy. Once you have analyzed your target groups, integrate that information with your concepts and marketing. When you speak to your clients, you will be able to deliver products that your audience wants, hence making you relevant.

Do Not Undermine the Power of Email Marketing

With the world focused on social media, we often forget the power of email marketing. The emails from Victoria’s Secret offer exclusive coupons to their subscribers. Moreover, you also get sneak peeks, member-only shopping events, and more. You can do something similar to ensure your business offers something beneficial to the consumers on a regular basis.

Give Out Coupons

Victoria's Secret Business Lessons

You might think it’s not a good business idea but offering coupons is actually a beneficial idea. The lingerie brand offers coupons regularly to its customers. This does not only draw people to your brand but also helps in creating a guaranteed shopping cycle. Customers will feel valued as well and create a favorable impression of your brand.

Do Not Forget Mobile Marketing

Do you know why this lingerie brand is so successful? They have mobile apps for all devices, including iPad, tablets, and more. Moreover, they use multiple ways to transform when they decide to boost their mobile sales, using interactive quizzes, digitally-enabled catalogs, and more for mobile users. This is very helpful to convert potential customers into paying customers.

Make the Purchase Experience Worth It

Customers coming to your store must have a worthwhile purchase experience. It is very important and valuable to do so. It encompasses the look and feel of your website, app, or brick-and-mortar store. Make sure you’re offering them an eye-pleasing and alluring experience. This will definitely help you in building your customer relations in the long run.


You see, no matter which industry you belong to, you can always find ways to stand out from the crowd. Even after 40+ years, Victoria’s Secret has been experimenting with new strategies to maintain its business’s success. This is not an overnight process but a long-term one. You can do it too and make your business a super hit. Follow Fashinza for more tips and tricks to boost your business’ growth.


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