10 Affordable Brands That Are As Adorable As Louis Vuitton

10 Affordable Brands That Are As Adorable As Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton, no doubt, is one of the best clothing brands. With annual revenue of €44.7 billion, it is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses. It offers a wide range of products like leather goods, luxury trunks, shoes, watches, accessories, etc. Louis Vuitton products are highly valuable, but they also come with a price not many can pay. Therefore in this article, we discuss brands that are more like Louis Vuitton but less expensive. 

1. Bodice

Not many in the fashion industry have heard of Bodice. It is more like Louis Vuitton but less expensive. Founded by Ruchika Sachdeva for women, it offers stunning designs at very competitive prices. 

2. Ahluwalia

Ahluwalia was launched by Priya Ahluwalia. It is a multi-award-winning label that launched in 2018. It has redefined the meaning of dark color clothing and is known for its very regal appearance. Ahluwalia has graced the runways of numerous fashion shows and is still a little on the expensive side. Nevertheless, it is still more affordable than Louis Vuitton.

3. KoAi

KoAi means “Love Child” in Japanese. KoAi creates clothes for everyday wear. Through its clothing, the designer has expressed love in the form of art. Its collection explores the long-lost ancient techniques of Dabu Print. Overall, KoAi offers a very affordable range of clothing for women that is casual and comfortable to wear.

4. Basque

As the name suggests, Basque is bold and stylish. The brand is known for its unique, unisex clothing. Its style is more like Louis Vuitton. It has established its niche by giving its clothes for women an edgier appeal. Basque’s products can be viewed under the ‘Not Just a Label,’ the world’s Shop for Contemporary Luxury Fashion.


VIRSHETÉ is a ready-to-wear fashion label established in Mumbai founded by Vir Shete in 2019. The brand offers women’s clothing with a distinctive style. Vir Shete tries to empower women and embody feminism through the brand. The products are very well designed and use block color patterns. Its designs and collections are easily viewable on the e-commerce page of the VIRSHETÉ website.

6. Label Mannat Gupta

Mannat Gupta’s collections are full of colors and authenticity. They are specially designed for women who prefer lightweight dresses and choose comfort over style. Label Mannat Gupta caters to a market that prefers vibrant colors for the day or night.

7. Dhruv Kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor is known for its funky looks and extraordinary fashion. Founded in 2014, the brand offers great handcrafted globally-renowned embroidery. It focuses on women's empowerment and portrays it through its clothing. Dhruv Kapoor plays with colors to give clothing a vivid look. It tries to push the boundaries of modern-day clothing. 


HUEMN is an award-winning brand that offers luxury everyday clothes. Its USP is that it appeals to both sexes. Huemn has a unique style sense that only a passionate designer can weave into products. It offers a wide range of authentic collections. Huemn’s latest gorilla collection offers a different perspective on society and its outlook.

9. Biskit

Biskit offers products more like Louis Vuitton. It is a brand with unique styling and collections; it offers a mix of art and design. A unisex brand founded in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, has its franchise now in Madras, India too.


PRXKHXR is a brand known exclusively for its printed clothing. It has a great summer collection. The products are specifically made to flaunt their floral design and various patterns. The brand may be compared to high-end luxury brands that showcase simplicity. 


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