Mannequin for Sale: 10 Websites offering Cheapest Deals on Mannequins

Mannequin for Sale: 10 Websites offering Cheapest Deals on Mannequins

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The first law of fashion merchandising is, the better it is displayed, the better it will sell. According to research, the usage of mannequins increases garment sales by somewhere between 10 to 35 percent, making mannequins among few of the smartest investments for boosting your business.

Why do you need mannequins for your business?

Why do you need mannequins for your business
  • Mannequins are one of the most effective methods of visual merchandising.
  • Mannequins may assist your clients understand the concept and attitude of your shop, thereby increasing your sales  
  • Mannequins help buyers customize their purchases.
  • It provides consumers a far better idea of how an item of clothing or accessory will appear when worn. 
  • You can imbue a mannequin with whatever personality you choose. You may make the dress seem elegant in a city setting or create a whimsical and bright country setting. To reach out to teenagers, you may create a school-like environment surrounding your mannequin.
  • Through mannequins, you can use your creativity to play around and experiment till you come up with just the right appearance for the outfits that you are selling.

Although getting mannequins is essential for any business you must consider a few factors before buying and installing them in your outlet: 

  • The mannequins must not be too heavy
  • The mannequin’s size and shape must be appropriate for your target market
  • The mannequins must not be such that they prove to be an impediment
  • Mannequins should never be installed too close to the entry or exit. They should not obstruct the path of your shoppers
  • Choose carefully what you want your mannequins to be wearing 
  • The garments on the mannequins should appear well-fitted and elegant
  • The positioning of mannequins should be changed regularly
  • Mannequins should be clean and well-maintained
  • The clothes worn by the mannequins should be seasonally appropriate and changed regularly

With their strong aesthetic appeal, mannequins possess a one-of-a-kind capacity to engage shoppers and elicit an emotional purchasing response. Here are ten websites that provide the greatest discounts on mannequins for sale. 

mannequins for sale
  1. Amazon - You may find exquisite and fashionable mannequins made with different materials like PVC plastic, wood or metal base in varied proportions. Depending on the material, quality and mannequin structure, the price range starts from Rs 1000 and may go up to Rs 60,000.
  1. Ubuy India - As this is an American store that delivers products globally, your order might take some time. On Ubuy India you may find different brands such as Giantex, SSWbasics, FDW, Bonnlo, etc. The price range starts at Rs 3500 and may go up to over Rs 80,000.
  1. Flipkart - On Flipkart, the rates for mannequins start as low as Rs 800. You may also find various decorative showpieces and products created for display purposes.
  1. Indiamart - Head to Indiamart for full-body male or female mannequins in materials ranging from plastic to fiberglass to polystyrene to fiber. The prices range from Rs 2500 to Rs 40,000 and more.
  1. DHgate - This is one of your best bets if you want mannequins from certified global sellers. The options available include realistic, silicon mannequins that are available in the range of Rs 2500 to over Rs 80,000.
  1. Mannequin-manikin.com - This online shop is completely dedicated to mannequins. Here you may find dress forms or measurement dummies, mannequin heads, full-body male, female and child mannequins and sports mannequins. You may also customize your mannequin according to your requirements. These mannequins are priced at Rs 3000 and above.
  1. Eassymall - You may find mannequin heads, hands, feet or legs, etc at prices starting at Rs 2000. 
  1. Wish - This website has a wide range of mannequins starting at Rs 500. Here you will also find mannequins of different colors and with varied hairstyles. 
  1. Stopshopwipe - Starting at Rs 2000, here you can find various mannequins with a focus on specific parts like hands, heads, legs, torso etc. Inflatable female mannequins for display are also available here. 
  1. Desertcart - This global online platform has a wide variety of mannequins starting at Rs 8000. Your order from this website might take anywhere between 10 to 15 days to get delivered in India.

So go ahead and shop for mannequins that add value to your merchandise. The above-mentioned websites may help you get a wide variety of mannequins within the most reasonable price range. However, it is essential to do individual research before making a purchase to ensure quality, authenticity and genuineness of the platforms and its products.


Mannequins not only enhance the shop’s vibe but are highly functional as well. By investing in mannequins, you display your passion for the fashion industry. Your success in the fashion industry is very hard to achieve without a compelling manufacturer. At Fashinza, get in touch with the best manufacturers in the industry and flaunt your collection to the world in the most effective and hassle-free manner.


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