Best and Worst of Rick Owens Spring 2021

Best and Worst of Rick Owens Spring 2021

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Rick Owens' Spring 2021 collection debuted in his own backyard at the Casino piazza. Owens' customary Paris location, the Palais de Tokyo, was more or less overshadowed by all of this. Although Owens characterized the show as "bare-bones" and set on by a "skeleton crew," fog machines and flashing lights were set up within the casino's closed doors. 

They buzzed in a good way. During Paris Fashion Week, the collection was also live-streamed from Venice. These garments have their own personality, and it's a powerful one in a world where we're dealing with a worldwide pandemic and a lot of political instability. 

The Mask of It All

Rick Owens Spring 2021

The designer's most recent collection, for the autumn '20 season, seemed to foresee the pandemic's influence on fashion and daily life: rubber gloves, duvet blankets as jackets, and a sterile, clinical palette with hospital scrub blues were a part of the designs and ensemble.

Who'd have guessed that Rick Owens will be all about public safety and caring for the audience and models amid these trying times? Whereas most designers have steered clear of face masks for spring '21 (hardly seen on the runways and in their digital exhibitions), Owens embraced reality by matching his footwear to his take on a face mask. Perhaps the most obvious signifiers were the models' masks. The cloth of the masks was mainly tucked inside a blouse or bra. So maybe a new real-life style tip?

Every fashion show in these times with a face mask is a missed opportunity. They've become a must-have accessory. Owens explained that a mask appears to work with his clothes. It also encourages people to think about others. Even if you don't believe in masks, they give the appropriate message, he believes. The sultry fishnet gowns in the presentation were actually recycled from the masks models wore in his autumn 2012 show.

Footwear Magic

Rick Owens Spring 2021

The boots have emerged as a kind of armor for turbulent times since their fashion debut a year and a half ago. 

The ordinarily dark brand went a touch lighter in the footwear for Rick Owens Spring 2021

collection, at least in terms of color. Owens' new collection exudes humility on the stage, with loose shapes, torn knitwear, and a concentration on off-white and cream tones.

The platforms were back in all their post-apocalyptic brilliance, however this season in cotton candy or bubblegum pink, with a brilliant candy-apple red and a very sleek black thrown in for good measure. The designer additionally elevated the boot by stretching it up well over the thigh and incorporating rectangular tabs that reached the models' hips.

Layering was more than simply a feature of Rick Owens Spring 2021; it was almost like the idea itself was the focal point. The tips of radically-high boots vanished underneath the hems of open-cut, customized tops that masterfully opened to unveil a textural dreamscape of bits of semi-transparent fabrics. Even what appeared to be withered ends of the sparkly garment were flowing casually as though someone had leisurely tied a sweatshirt around the midsection.

A Little Bit of Both 

Rick Owens Spring 2021 collection seemed like the rebellious fashion action we've all been looking forward to, with big shoulders, thigh-high boots, grisly hues, crisp blouses, flowy robes, and architectural capes expressing what Owens called an exaggerated middle finger to disaster.

His design was more admirable than other previous Rick presentations. It had an abundance of bubblegum pink and red, various flowing translucent materials, and the glittering beach bustles he tied over their hips. There have also been architectural shoulders and waist-harnessed coats that draped like capes. For instance, it featured Tina Turner in Thunderdome, shoulders, vests, and leather cutoffs that appeared as if they might serve as tactical gear.

Models walked in devil-may-care nano shorts with massive pocket linings revealed, lifted on big metal-soled platform boots that appeared like pieces of fighter aircraft. Rather than black, power reds and bubblegum pinks were utilized in thigh-high boots, transparent shirts, as well as a pair of bedazzled shorts in this assortment. 

The models were rushed across the enormous piazza for the conclusion in front of a massive modernist structure from the Thirties. All masked and marching in giant boots through the smoke-choked wind (there is always fog used in all of Owens's shows, irrespective of the location), it seemed as if he'd created a new kind of intense and genuine glamour.

Rick Owens Spring 2021 collection revived some classic but still beautiful concepts, including fishnet tank designs and hoodies which hint back to the masks used during his fantastic men's collection for springtime.

ConclusionThe Rick Owens Spring 2021 collection outfits seem unconcerned about being comfortable; they are content to be at home, yet they nevertheless say a lot about everyday personalities and the concept of having a clear vision and voicing. For instance, every individual model on the runway donned a mask, which looked innovative and added to the entire style.


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