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Eco-Friendly Designer Dresses: The Latest In Fashion Trends

More and more brands today are becoming conscious of eco-friendly fashion and offering sustainable products. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to 16 eco-friendly designer dresses that can inspire your next collection!

1.      The Cleo mini dress: The Rare & Fair brand produces their exclusive Cleo mini dress from pure and sustainable silk from Thailand. The dress comes with hand-dyed certification..

2.      Clare adjustable cotton midi dress: This midi dress, launched by the Guardi, is made from organic cotton. It’s very comfortable to wear and is ideal for all hours of the day. This eco-friendly fashion wear is available with oversized sleeves and fashionable side pockets.

4.      Cecelia maxi dress: The brand Thought has come up with the Cecelia maxi dress that is made up of hemp and organic cotton. This eco-friendly fashion dress comes with beautiful stripes and a belt to go around the body.

5.      Chrysalis Cardi: Chrysalis Cardi design by Encircled is made with the Lenzin Modal fabric. It is a unique dress that is manufactured in eight different ways. It’s a form fitting dress that is available in five colors.

6.      Haruko dress: Two Days Off offers this deadstock cotton Haruko dress which looks like a staple for every fashionista’s wardrobe. It’s available with a long belt that cinches at the waist and few large pockets because everybody loves them!

7.      Elana cozy up dress: The Elana cozy-up dress is made of hemp, tencel, and recycled polyester. This eco-friendly fashion product is manufactured by PrAna. It has odor-decreasing elements that can be used for outings under the sun.

8.      Mika T-shirt dress: This highly sustainable t-shirt is made up of bamboo and organic cotton fabric. The t-shirt is relaxed and available in V-neck. Because of the environmentally friendly nature of the t-shirt, it feels breathable, breezy, and silky soft.

10.  Neptune tank dress: Outerknown is well known for its eco-friendly fashion. Their bestselling Neptune tank dress is made of hemp and tencel, making it a comfortable choice for day-long wear.

11.  Reese dress: Ably is a brand that makes the Reese dress with modal fabric. It is a very comfortable and classic dress, and its eco-friendly fabric helps to get rid of odors, stains, and liquids. This dress is available at an affordable price too.

12.  Rita wrap dress: Liz Alig uses recycled polyester blend fabric to make this dress. This handmade dress is manufactured in a small Cambodian factory.

13.   Tassel tie dress: Mata traders produce their tassel tie dresses with 100% cotton fabric. What makes this dress stand out is its exquisite handmade embroidery, manageable ties, and hidden pockets.

14.  Keiko Paris rib dress: The Keiko Paris rib dress by Amour Vert is made of modal fabric, which gives it a perfect fitting. This dress has a button-down chest, side slits, square neck, and fitted silhouette.

eco friendly designer dress


As we can see, global designer brands are setting a trend by bringing forward their unique offerings in a sustainable fashion. Our advice to brands is to start investing in sustainable fashion right now. This will ensure market domination in the coming decades. If you need a reliable sustainable manufacturer, we at Fashinza would love to find the right match for you!

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  • Maria foster
    Posted October 28, 2021 at 11:43 am

    These designers’ designs are amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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