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Top 25 Fashion and Sourcing Leaders of 2023

A platform to honor the top 25 leaders who are driving the revolution in the fashion and sourcing industry in 2023. Our goal is to create a community of passionate and forward-thinking individuals who are committed to building a better future for the fashion industry.

It’s Time To Be On The List Of India’s leading Industry Leaders

Fashinza is on a hunt to seek out the top-grade adepts to give them a platform to vocalize their journey of success. The exceptional industry experts like YOU are invited to share your accomplishments and breakthroughs.

Fashinza is taking this detour to honour the best of bests across the fashion & supply chain industry to celebrate your major contributions & career milestones. FZ Thought leadership program will give you all the desired due and maximum visibility in media world like – Times of India, Indiatimes etc & across FZ platforms.

We are awaiting to share your insights, industry knowledge and suggestions with the world who looks to you for inspiration.

It’s time to show the world that you are India’s most invaluable industry leader. Submit Your Nomination

Supply chain

How Fashinza is shaping the business of Supply Chain?

We are revolutionizing the fashion industry through a B2B sustainable and transparent supply chain platform for brands, suppliers & retailers.

We believe that transparency is key to creating a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion as fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of global wastewater? Only 17% of fashion brands disclose information about their supply chain beyond the first tier of production, according to Fashion Revolution.  Hence, we builded a Tech led platform to connect fashion brands with experienced manufacturers who are committed to producing high-quality products with full supply chain transparency & real-time visibility.

Our mission is simple: To power SMB textile manufacturers & fashion brands with data and industry 4.0 solutions to create a sustainable supply chain by 2030 with 100% transparency.

We offer AI-led apparel manufacturing to help fashion brands succeed. From design and product development to sourcing and production, we support clothing brands with every step of the way. Our goal is to help partner brands, manufacturers, and retailers streamline the entire supply chain, reduce environmental impact, and create high-quality, sustainable products that our brand’s customers will love.

At Fashinza, we’re committed to making fashion more sustainable, transparent, and ethical. Join us on this journey towards a better & AI-led future for fashion to create a more sustainable and responsible industry

Ideology Behind Fashinza

pawan gupta

Pawan Gupta

CEO and Co-founder

Abhishek Sharma

COO and Co-founder

Jamil Ahmad

CBO and Co-founder

Receive expert tips to grow your fashion brand!

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Receive expert tips to grow your fashion brand!

Manufacturing Simplified