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Promote your product with the help of these strategies

You know the challenge you have to overcome before you actually launch a product. But that is just the beginning of another lapse of challenge. Having your product ready for sale in the market, online or offline, is certainly not near enough. You have to have as many customers as possible buying your product. You need to promote your product for that to happen.

The amount of effort you put into promoting your product decides its initial sale, which actually shapes the future of your product. That is why the early phase of any product is absolutely crucial for the success of your business.

You can consider the following tips to make your product sing the loudest:

1. Introductory Offer

Most of the brands follow this trend of giving away some exciting introductory offers, like discounts or free gifts. If your store is online you can offer free shipping, vouchers, and coupons on purchase. These act as wonderful motivation for your customers. You can decide on the offers based on your target audience.

Promote Product

2. Content Strategy

Content means everything about the product, from what it is to what it stands for. Have some killer story to tell. Don’t say something the audience already knows or that which everyone tells.  Your content should be able to lure your audience. Define your brand with the view of building a strong brand image. Hire some brilliant storyteller or narrative builder for the write-up. You can also take help from bloggers for the same.

3. Exploit social media

Social media will bear you fruit like none other. You can get infinite reach through the most popular social media sites. People will come to know about your product instantly. You can make a very short film to promote your content story. For cutthroat campaigning, you can run social media contests to fetch more followers. Make sure you provide the link to your website to generate more traffic.

4. Affiliate marketing

If you are unable to hire sales or marketing help to revive your sales, consider an affiliate program for your store. In affiliate marketing programs other people promote your product for a commission. You will only have to pay them if they make a sale. It is advised to hold a workshop for those who would make the sale for your affiliate marketing.

Promote Product

5. Email marketing

Spread the word via email. This is a personalized way to reach out to your customers. You can break up your campaign and send a series of emails gradually building anticipation about your product. But you must add few key things to the mail: the value and benefit of your product and the offer you are providing. Use a highlighter for these key points to grab the focus.

6. Fine a brand ambassador

Yes, a brand ambassador does half the job for your product. Many brands wrote their success stories because of some famous people promoting the brand for them. Now if you are not in a position to hire some glamorous personality yet, then go for the social media influencers who are half as good as any celebrity nowadays. Having known faces promoting your product adds the required credibility.

Promote Product

7. Hosting events

The event can be fancy or simple, you decide that. But having an occasion build around either a cause or some personality (someone worth celebrating) and connect that/them to your product is a subtle way for promotion. You can also run a Facebook live to gain a greater audience. End your event with some promise to be unveiled later. This will keep your audience interested and stay tuned.

8. Staying true

Stick to your story and give what you offer. The customers shouldn’t feel cheated. If you are offering introductory offers, then let them have what they came in for. This would convince them of your honesty. They might come back for more. The chance of referral marketing improves as your transparency will generate goodwill and positive reviews. When friends and relatives of your customers get involved, the promotion and sale are bound to amplify.

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