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The Fabric Encyclopedia You Were Looking For!

How Much Does Fabric Cost? (Ultimate Fabric Prices List)
Summary: This blog provides an ultimate fabric prices list that covers the cost of different types of fabrics — including natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and specialty fabrics. It also discusses the factors that affect fabric costs and provides tips for finding the best deals on fabric. The Importance Of Knowing Wholesale Fabric Prices When it…
Fabric Selection
Setting Up Your Store For Success With Fabric Selection
Summary: Fabric selection can be a daunting task for any aspiring fashion brand, considering the varied choices of wholesale clothes in composition and weight. There are small differentiations in the fabric that if go unnoticed in production, can cause considerable losses to the company. Setting up a store with clearly classified fabric inventory can serve…
Natural and Organic Cotton Denim Fabrics — What’s the Difference?
Summary: Natural cotton is grown using traditional methods, while organic cotton is produced by sustainable practices without the use of harmful chemicals. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of cotton denim fabric can help manufacturers make informed decisions for their next production run.  Know Your Denim Fabric As a manufacturer, it is essential…
Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton Fabric: What to Look for in a Manufacturer
Summary: If you're interested in sustainable fashion, organic cotton fabric is the material of choice. Getting a better understanding of organic cotton fabric can help make a more informed decision when selecting a suitable supplier. Let's learn about how organic cotton is cultivated, its many benefits for the environment and the user, and how you…
Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers
The Benefits of Choosing Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers 
Summary: Sustainable fashion is the new buzzword in the fashion industry. Even as the fashion industry continues to rely on fossil fuels and traditional manufacturing processes, sustainability measures by several countries such as the US and the UK have left the brands with no choice but to include organic cotton fabric suppliers in their supply…
Organic Cotton
Find Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers in India 
Summary: Demand for organic cotton is on the rise with fashion brands investing in and expanding their existing range of sustainable fashion. India, alongside Brazil and China, is among the preferred countries for procuring organic cotton fabric. Here is how you can go about finding the best organic cotton fabric suppliers in India.     The fashion…
Suppliers Manufacturers
Guide to Fabric Sourcing: How to Find Fabric Suppliers & Manufacturers
Summary: Any clothing business is dependent on the availability of quality and cost-effective fabrics. Managers keep looking for suppliers and manufacturers who can deliver them the best-in-class products at competitive price points. Wholesale fabric suppliers come with several advantages including a wide range of organic and cotton fabrics at wholesale prices.  If you are looking…
90s fashion trends
Lookout for sustainable fabrics to ace the ‘90s fashion trends
Summary: New colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics are set to define the fashion scene in 2023. One thing is for sure: the undercurrent of the ‘90s fashion trend is strong and so is the need for sustainable sourcing of fabric. Brands need to make sustainable fabrics key to their outings. Consumers' fascination with nineties nostalgia in…
2000s Fashion
Pick A Fabric & Design an Outfit for 2000s Fashion
Summary: Acid-washed, stretched, crushed or raw, denim is making waves again. While it never goes out of fashion, a number of 2000s fashion-inspired denim outfits are taking the spotlight this season. From patchwork to embellishments and baggy jeans to jean skirts, brands can create many variations from this versatile fabric. Here are all the outfits…
Ecovillages For Fabrics
5 Pioneer Ecovillages For Fabrics
Summary: Sustainability is a new buzzword in the fashion industry today. Most brands explore fashion from an ethical lens and promote dedicated, eco-friendly spaces to regenerate social and natural environments. That's where the concept of ecovillage came around. The dedicated community plans these spaces to become more socially and environmentally sustainable. In 2015, Eileen Fisher,…

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Fabric wholesale

Fabric can make or break your brand’s name. A good quality fabric is what you need for any fashion choice you make for your brand. The quality of fabric you use depends on the manufacturer you choose. Finding an authentic fabric source can be difficult, especially if you are looking for premium quality. But what you need, of all, is a source that can provide you with what you want. Fashinza is the company that can cater to all kinds of demands fabric wholesale needs.

If you are looking for fabric wholesalers, Fashinza is the place for you. We have a mission to provide with the highest quality of fabrics and cater to the specific demands of the brands. Fashion brands are in need of fabrics all the time. We offer a wide range of fabric with varied compositions and prints at Fashinza. Fashinza has in-built connection with leading fabric mills and maintains a lucrative in-house stock of fabrics.

Garment manufacturers can also buy wholesale fabric or bulk fabric stock from Fashinza. The fabric stock we have includes traditional to trendy, you can choose from the wide array of the stock. We can send sample fabric swatches immediately and you can have your criteria consulted. We also offer top-notch upholstery fabric and home decor fabric.

We value our commitment to sustainability as well. Hence we also offer sustainable fabrics for Fashion brands. To learn in detail about various types of fabrics follow our blog page aka fabric directory. Contact Fashinza for more information.

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Receive expert tips to grow your fashion brand!

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