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Our Brand Identity

Our new identity

Recently we turned one year old and it was time for us to get a makeover. We reimagined our logo and brand identity to represent the things that make us who we are. Our new logo is inspired by threads – a fundamental element of our industry.


We took the first alphabet from Fashinza and created this wordmark logo with smooth, round, and flowy edges to resemble the form of a thread. The infinity-like loop at the top of the logo represents the connection Fashinza creates between brands and manufacturers. The dot on top ‘i’ in ‘Fashinza’ is shaped like a leaf to reflect our commitment towards sustainability.

Our industry is an ever-changing, trendy, and quirky one where we get a lot of scope to play around with fabrics, patterns, colors, and textures, creating something new and vibrant everyday. We have attempted to induce the same vibrant and quirky personality to our logo through our playful use of lines and colors.

Reading between the lines and colors


We use coral as a primary color for our brand. Coral results from the fusion of three colors – orange, pink, and red. A shade that is generally associated with positivity, coral works great for the fashion industry. Pink is commonly considered to have a fun ‘girly’ element to it, orange is perceived as energetic, and red might be associated with ‘masculine’ strength. In blending three warm colors – pink, orange, and red – coral manages to shed the historical baggage associated with each of them. While red can be interpreted as aggressive, pink frivolous, and orange mass market – coral manages to forge a unique identity which is inclusive and revitalizing.

The origin story

All good stories start with an “exposition” – an event that sets the characters into motion. In our story, the characters to watch out for are our founders Pawan Gupta and Abhishek Sharma, and this story starts with their road trip to Jaipur. While exploring the Pink City in 2019, Pawan and Abhishek discovered something new – they came to learn that Jaipur’s famous ethnic apparel industry is largely dominated by women.

In a country where women have traditionally been held back from joining the workforce, here was an industry that was not only promoting women’s employment, but was driven by women at all levels. The presence of women was equally notable among artisans and entrepreneurs within the industry.

This was the moment that inspired our co-founders and the idea of Fashinza was conceived. Already aware of the problems faced by MSMEs in India, Pawan and Abhishek, IIT-Delhi Alumnis, decided to use their niche knowledge to introduce a digital transformation into the apparel industry. The goal, they decided, would be to scale business for MSMEs and simplify the sourcing process for brands at the same time. In January 2020, Fashinza was officially launched and thus started our journey.


Our super powers


Nothing makes a story more adventurous than some cool tools and gadgets. Our ‘super tool’ in this story is our platform, which is one of its kind. To briefly introduce you to our platform, we could say that it’s smart, fast, and makes the best use of the latest technological innovations. It can grant you unprecedented visibility – when using our services, you’ll be able to track every stage of your sourcing process through this platform.

Imagine being free from the everyday duties of checking a hundred apps and instead monitoring/ managing every aspect of production – from design to delivery – through one single platform. Now this is nothing short of a super power, wouldn’t you agree?

The great mission

Our co-founders and the entire team of Fashinza is of course pursuing a greater mission. In fact, we have three missions on the list.

Firstly, our mission is to automate production management for the fashion industry by offering a smart, fast, and transparent platform that combines the best of 21st century technologies. We aim to make it possible for apparel brands to undertake bulk production with minimum effort. We have created a cloud-connected network of manufacturers whose services can be easily accessed through our platform, and our team is geared to overlook all the ground jobs so that brands can forget their worries and focus on their growth.

Secondly, our mission is to promote sustainability and ethical practices within the apparel industry – we are dedicatedly working to secure a greener future for the planet.

Thirdly, we are committed towards inclusivity. We strive to create a work environment where every individual is valued and respected for their contributions, and where everyone gets a chance to learn and grow. We actively promote women empowerment and we do not believe in limiting people with labels and binaries. We welcome diversity with our arms wide open.


Our merchandise

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  • Rizpah Brinkman
    Posted May 21, 2021 at 11:58 am

    An intriguing discussion. There’s no doubt that that you ought to write more on this topic. It’s a shame that this is a taboo subject and people generally do not discuss such subjects. Many thanks!!

  • Anil Lakhani
    Posted February 22, 2023 at 7:33 am

    This was required and you guys have made it my best wishes for future and looking forward you to use the super tool .

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