Pursuing an MBA Career in Sustainability

Pursuing an MBA Career in Sustainability

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Summary: MBA in sustainability is a good career choice for those interested in responsible leadership and decision-making that reduces the impact of business operations on the environment and the climate. Here is a glimpse into courses and job profiles that come with the specialization on this subject.

Fashion brands and their customers are increasingly becoming aware of the impact of humans on the environment. This awareness is now globally reflected in a growing number of specialized programs, particularly in academics at graduate levels, which cater to applicants who desire to pursue a career in sustainability. One such program, MBA in sustainability, has become a universal pick for students and clothing brands looking to further their role in sustainability businesses. 

However, not all of these programs are created equal. Let’s explore the kinds of courses that are available and give you an overview of the career possibilities for someone interested in pursuing a career in business management with sustainability as a subject.

Welcome to the new world of Sustainability MBA

MBA in sustainability is all about following green practices and being socially responsible. This means companies following green policies will get more profit while helping the environment.

Fashion brands and clothing accessories are one of the largest polluters of earth and marine ecosystems. They are also responsible for water wastage and a massive carbon footprint. With countries such as the US, the UK, and those in the Eurozone adopting deadlines for sustainable practices for businesses and individuals, MBA in sustainability can help businesses make this pipe dream a reality. Sustainability MBA refers to professional business courses with an environment-centric and socio-ethical curriculum bundled with programs that help businesses make their operation carbon-neutral. 

Specializing in sustainability with business management

business management 

Sustainability MBA is a relatively recent degree, with the first programs emerging in the US before 2010. Most business schools offer a master's in business administration with a sustainability management specialization. These courses could range between 1 and 3 years. Professionals can also enroll for short-term diploma courses that are designed to bring them up to date with sustainable practices in a business. Here are some of the fields for specialization in the green curriculum offered in the Sustainability MBA.

  • Laws on climate change to help make policy-level interventions for a fashion business. 
  • Environmental management assists in assessing and mitigating the impact of business decisions on the environment. 
  • Sustainable community development focuses on engaging the local communities and stakeholders in green practices. 
  • Management of sustainable businesses can help fashion brands with global procurement and supply chains reduce the wastage of resources and carbon footprint
  • ESG in management aligns a clothing label’s focus with environmental, social, and governance principles for building ethical and sustainable apparatus within an organization. 

These and other green courses are simultaneously packaged with a conventional curriculum of business administration covering areas such as financial accounting, marketing management and data analytics as a part of a course in MBA in sustainability

Different career paths in green businesses with Sustainability MBA

career paths

MBA graduates with a specialization in sustainability are valuable assets to an organization. They possess the required skills and knowledge that can help sustain the growth of a company. They can work in diverse areas like business development, marketing, finance, or operations. A graduate with an MBA in sustainability can pursue many career paths. Here's a list of some of the possible roles for an MBA with a specialization in sustainability.

  1. Sustainability Consultant: You can become an in-house consultant to help clothing labels become more sustainable in their use of raw materials and their disposal. 
  2. Sustainable Portfolio Manager: This is a challenging field that requires a person to advise companies into making sustainable investments such as in green bonds and communities and help in risk management that comes with sustainable initiatives.
  3. EHSS Specialist: This is a progressive role designed to address the concerns of environment, health, safety and sustainability across verticals in an organization.
  4. Finance officer specializing in ESG: A highly strategic position, sustainable companies depend on professionals who can outline a strategy with climate risk modeling and ESG reporting.
  5. Community Outreach Officer/Rehabilitation Technician: Sometimes fashion behemoths with global sourcing policy may want to improve their community participation. An expert can help ensure sustainable livelihoods and ensure that the local community is made aware of sustainable practices.
  6. Energy-efficiency Analyst: Fashion companies are trying to become energy efficient. Professionals can help them adopt circular manufacturing processes with reduced dependence on energy.
  7. Sustainability Analyst: Sustainable buildings are a part of the environment-friendly initiatives of an organization. Work experience in certifying green buildings can be a good place to start your journey with a fashion brand.

Wrapping Up

The fashion industry contributes up to 10% of the annual total carbon footprint globally. With customers and brands switching to green clothing and practices, sustainability in business administration is now being offered for professional learning. MBA in sustainability opens the career path for new entrants and helps serving professionals in the fashion industry to make ethical and responsible business decisions. Several premier institutions such as Harvard Business School are offering these courses. 

If you are interested in finding out more about sustainable businesses and suppliers, feel free to contact us at Fashinza. We would be happy to connect you with responsible clothing manufacturers and brands who work with experts and employees trained in responsible and ethical business practices.

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Key Takeaways 

  • Those who are interested in making a positive change through sustainable business practices can opt for Sustainability MBA courses that bundle environment and sociolegal studies with business administration. 
  • Armed with business management and specialization in green initiatives, candidates and professionals can make a career as environment and health officers, sustainability consultants, or rehabilitation technicians, among several others.

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