How These Vegan Fashion Brands Are Paving The Way For Sustainability Profitably

How These Vegan Fashion Brands Are Paving The Way For Sustainability Profitably

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Veganism as a movement has led to a significant cultural change and has led to the growth of vegan clothing brands. Veganism has recently become very popular in various countries. It has gained support from celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus, and Arianne Grande. Veganism is now more than stopping the killing of animals for food. It has now become a lifestyle. It is evident from the facts that the production of vegan products increased by 75 percent in the UK and grew by 12 percent in France. And America has completely banned the use of fur in Las Vegas. 

Vegan Fashion

In simple words, vegan fashion consists of clothes and accessories made from raw materials that are procured without harming any animals. Vegan fashion accessories neither contain animal materials nor animal by-products, promoting sustainability. 

Vegan clothing brands avoid using silk, wool, leather, fur, suede, felt, or dye and glues extracted from animals. However, this does not affect the quality of the clothes, and one cannot tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan cloth. This is why vegan clothes are being widely accepted in the mainstream. 

Need Of Vegan Clothing Brands

Need Of Vegan Clothing Brands

Vegan clothing brands are a need of the hour for several reasons. Some of these reasons are - 

  • The conventional animal-based clothing materials are extracted from animals that are often caged and subjected to torture and exploitation. Moreover, these animals are killed when they no longer profit from the owner. 
  • Vegan fashion is necessary to stop the violation of animal rights in various world regions.
  • To process conventional fabric such as silk, wool, and leather, manufacturers require a lot of natural resources such as water and fuel. The chemicals and preservatives used in the process are dumped into the water bodies, making them uninhabitable for sea creatures. 

Vegan Fashion Brands That Are Paving The Way For Sustainability Profitably

Vegan Fashion Brands That Are Paving The Way For Sustainability Profitably

The vegan fashion revolution has influenced several fashion designers to create a clothing line not manufactured from animal products. Some of these vegan fashion brands are -

WAMA Underwear

To make its products sustainable, this brand uses hemp to manufacture underwear. WAMA underwear claims that it has saved 283,277 days worth of water and the energy required to light LED bulbs for 297,560 hours. 

SUSI Studio

SUSI studio has actively produced footwear made from recycled rubber and animal-friendly materials.

In The Soulshine 

It is one of the leading vegan clothing brands which manufactures its t-shirts using vegan ink. The Soulshine has recently collaborated with animal rights organization PETA. 

Brave GentleMan

This clothing line has built a wide range of clothes manufactured using recycled soda and water bottles. Furthermore, the brand also utilizes recycled polyester for its clothes, reducing the waste created by polyester. 


Reformation is a brand that creates high-quality clothes using fabrics obtained from recyclable clothes and vegan materials. It aims to recycle all the vintage clothes to make stylish clothes. 


Loomstate is one of the vegan clothing brands that use 100 percent pure organic cotton to manufacture its products. 


The clothes and products produced by Doshi are vegan, smart, and fashionable. All the products they make are free from toxic chemicals and are manufactured primarily from recycled materials. These products are appreciated by people having strong religious, ethical, and environmental beliefs. 


This vegan clothing company produces its clothes by recycling the waste clothes from the previous production process. Neuaura recycles almost 68 percent of all the waste clothes left by its factory. 

Delikate Rayne

This company has changed preconceived notions about most vegan clothes by organizing large-scale fashion shows. Delikate Rayne specializes in garments manufactured from vegan leather. 

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme is a vegan clothing brand that reduces its carbon footprint by making its products using vegan materials. 

Groceries Apparel

This fashion line creates clothes from eco-friendly materials such as plant extracts. This brand’s website is one of a kind. One can find a category by the name of ingredients. This section has clothes made from eco-friendly ingredients, such as recycled plastic, vegetable dye, eucalyptus, help, and organic cotton. 

The Dharma Store

The dharma store sells vegan fashion products and promotes the vegan lifestyle through its unique graphic tees. All the products it sells to the customers are also sent in biodegradable packaging. 

All of these vegan clothing brands are not only selling clothes made from materials that are vegan but also play a crucial role in spreading veganism. However, if any brands wish to source these kinds of vegan clothes and become a part of this vegan movement, they can contact Fashinza. Fashinza is a B2B apparel manufacturing platform that is actively helping clothing brands to manufacture their collections by connecting them with suppliers. 


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