Exploring the Best Shops/Brands That Sell Fairtrade Clothing in India

Exploring the Best Shops/Brands That Sell Fairtrade Clothing in India

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Fashion is one of the most critical parts of an individual’s life. This is because (in our not so humble opinion) clothes make the person, especially when it comes to that first impression!

In the age of rapid climate change, consumers have become more conscious about the fast-fashion attire we adore and how it is produced. The environment is taking a hit due to rapid urbanization and increasing globalization. As a result, the fashion industry is moving towards more sustainable manufacturing processes. 

Today, India has nearly 35 fairtrade clothing brands that have adopted an environment-friendly and sustainable cloth manufacturing process. Such brands are giving their customers trendy and modern outlooks and contributing to saving mother nature. 

What Is Fairtrade?

Before we discuss the top ten fairtrade brands in India, let’s understand what exactly fairtrade is. Fairtrade is a global framework of regulated commerce between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries. The ultimate aim of such trade is to ensure that any producers producing the raw material in developing countries through sustainable methods receive a fair return on their investment.

Top 10 Fairtrade Clothing Brands in India

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1. Upasana

Upasana is a brand that believes that fashion can transform people’s lives. They’ve created unique initiatives and collaborated with communities around the country. Upasana - The Conscious Fashion Hub is a forum where professionals can all come together to debate. And they also discover answers to today’s societal challenges. It is one of such fair trade clothing brands that focus on fashion and social work.

2. No Nasties

No Nasties is a business that tries to improve farmers’ bleak situation. They provide people with ‘100% organic, 100% fairtrade apparel.’ Farmers are paid a fair salary, and they are also given rewards for community development. Unlike many businesses, No Nasties prioritizes people above profits. The team opposes price exploitation as well as child labor. They also avoid engineered seeds and synthetic pesticides.

3. House of Wandering Silk

House of Wandering Silk creates exquisite fashion out of handcrafted and recycled materials. The business does extensive research to discover artisans from different and remote locations. They learn about their abilities. And later on, they create goods based on their requirements and ability.

4. Ba No Batwo

The three basic phrases entrenched in the concept of Ba No Batwo are ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’ The business bills itself as a ‘modern-day rag picker.’ It collects garbage such as plastic bottles, abandoned clothing, and cosmetic containers. And is also involved in everything between designing and producing jewelry, purses, wallets, and stationery. Ba No Batwo is one of the fair trade clothing brands seeking to reimagine fashion by making beautiful things from trash.

5. Brown Boy

Kayan, the creator, determined that Brown Boy would stand for all that fast fashion did not. He decided to stop the unethical activities in other firms. To begin with, only 100 percent fairtrade certified cotton is utilized in the production of its products. This guarantees that cotton growers are paid. Also, their environment is not clogged with pesticides.

6. Ka-Sha

Ka-Sha has always discovered creative methods to create gorgeous clothes. They also develop products out of scraps that many people consider garbage. The brand’s Heart to Haat program guarantees that they come up with new trash management strategies.

7. Ethicus

Ethicus is one of the fair trade clothing brands founded to address cotton farmers’ issues. They also assist traditional artisans in receiving their due. The firm believes in inclusive growth and assesses its success, not based on earnings. They help improve the standard of living of its employees, including everyone from farmers to weavers and designers.

8. 11:11

11:11 (eleven-eleven) is one of the few businesses making a concerted effort to promote khadi. The label creates high-end fashion items that are handcrafted. Their products are dyed with colors taken from barks, flowers, and leaves. They use indigenous textiles like khadi and Kala cotton from Gujarat’s Kutch region.

9. Doodlage

Doodlage, to create zero waste, uses left-over and rejected textiles from big manufacturers. They don’t let the trash end up in a landfill someplace. They also use eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, maize, and banana cloth.

10. Paromita Banerjee

Paromita Banerjee, a fashion designer based in Kolkata, is a strong supporter of handloom items. Paromita strongly believes that the minor imperfections generated by human hands distinguish handloom fabrics.


In the Indian market, fair trade clothing brands are developing a name for themselves. Brands are embracing this new movement in the world of the apparel business. People are appreciating the compensating employees and using natural materials and colors. Indians have recognized that they can help save the earth and their people while also looking fashionable.


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