British Vogue December 2020 Takes a Peek into the Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Fashion Collection

British Vogue December 2020 Takes a Peek into the Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Fashion Collection

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There’s a lot of buzz about sustainable fashion these days. The fashion industry has witnessed a storm with a brand new sustainable clothing line launched by the Prince of Wales. At the age of 71, Prince Charles, who has believed in re-wearing clothes for a long time, spoke about his passion for sustainable clothing, and how he believes that it could be the new normal. 

This gave birth to the Modern Artisan Project that is all about high-end men’s and women’s clothing that can be used for years on end. While talking to the team of British Vogue December 2020 edition, the Prince of Wales unveiled his vision for luxury sustainable fashion.

His unique masterpieces are set to be trendsetters in the years to come. They are evergreen designs that are ready to challenge the status quo. The British Vogue December 2020 edition featuring the Prince of Wales on the cover showcases more about this new apparel edition. 

Let’s take a look at what the hullabaloo is all about.

The background story

The royal family has always worked to promote employment through various means, especially by supporting local artisans. Now, coming to the fashion industry, the Modern Artisan Project works with local artists and teaches them the art of digital printing. This new training initiative allows them to keep up with a rapidly-evolving digital industry. Armed with these new skills, workers and trainees can now jump up the ladder in many ways.

Six trainees from Italy and the UK came together, breaking the cultural barrier to create something luxurious and sustainable. These two groups were supported, trained, and educated on new-age methods to develop their talent and craftsmanship. The group from Italy was responsible for the design. However, the group from the UK managed small-scale manufacturing straight from Scotland.

Everything was taken into account. Does the product look trendy? How can the product sustain itself for a longer duration? What should be done to make it re-wearable? All the answers were full-proof and data-driven. That is why this line generated so much attention among the media and fashionistas all over the world.

These 18 exquisite menswear and womenswear designs were created in close collaboration with YOOX NET-A-PORTER. The idea behind these designs was to give these excellent and limited edition pieces a Da-Vinci touch, making them exclusive yet sustainable. When we term this clothing sustainable, we must also explore how the apparel was created. The materials used here are wool, silk, etc. So, they aren’t vegan, but they are still certainly sustainable.

Prince of Wales British Vogue

Cost and motive highlighted in British Vogue December 2020 edition

Prince Charles' mantra of “Buy once, buy well” is what this collection is all about. With the continuous demand for new, the Prince talks about owning clothes for a long time; clothes that never go out of fashion and never seem worn out in the British Vogue December 2020 edition. Now, this is something that can attract a lot of GenZ and Millennials alike.

All the clothes in this limited collection range from $500 to $1,700. Though the prices are high, these clothing items come with special handling instructions, so that the material never looks worn out and can be used for longer durations. The profits collected from this range are to go to the Prince’s Foundation, which helps impart valuable skills to artisans and enables them to join the workforce.

Prince of Wales British Vogue

Why is sustainable clothing the real future?

Fast-paced and sustainable clothing are two coins of the fashion industry. However, sustainability is the new buzzword. The British Vogue December 2020 edition showcased this. Having an iconic personality discuss sustainable fashion is the best way to take it to the masses. 

People are becoming aware of their share in making the world a better place. But it's still hard to break the cycle for use-and-throw clothes. The Modern Artisan Project does a fantastic job to highlight why long-lasting clothing is the future. Moreover, the clothing doesn’t need to be dull and outdated. It can be dynamic so that it always keeps up with the times. The ubiquitous Scottish Tartan print is a testament to this. It has survived decades and is still incredibly fashionable and relevant today. It is sustainable, and the perfect balance of panache meets awareness.

So, when travelers are moving to sustainable travel, it's not a far-fetched day when the clothing industry to moves in the same direction. The demand is going to increase in the coming years. So, why not hop on the trend right from the start? If you are a visionary fashion brand, this is the right opportunity for you to go sustainable.


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