A guide to the top sustainable fashion consultants to give your brand edge

A guide to the top sustainable fashion consultants to give your brand edge

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Summary: Engaging top sustainable fashion consultants for building a greener vision is a smart solution for the future and even the present success of a brand. Sustainability consulting is a service that understands this need of the hour and combines analytics, strategy, and scientific information to stitch together the sustainable dream for brands. This article explores a few such consultants.

Sustainability is the new style on the fashion runway that is here to stay. To frame it better, sustainability is increasingly becoming an indispensable metric to measure the value of a fashion brand.

Gone are the times when the glitter and glory overshadowed the ghoulish underbelly of fashion and the pollution and wastage attached to it. But it must be acknowledged that sustainability is a journey and not a one-time event that may be achieved overnight.

So, how can brands achieve their sustainability goals and vision? The answer may lie in seeking the help of sustainable fashion consultants.

Sustainability fashion consultants help further a brand's image and social positioning by identifying opportunities and implementing changes that will help rake in revenue while maintaining an eco-friendly stance. With changing times and a growing green consciousness among citizens of the world, the need for sustainable fashion consultants has registered a spike.

Research shows that sustainable brands see steeper financial gains compared to unsustainable counterparts. Customers have also spoken through trends that show that products with on-package sustainability claims registered nearly $114 billion in sales in 2019, while products marketed as sustainable grew 5x faster than those that weren't.

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The following are a few sustainability consultants who may be key to making or breaking your fashion brand.


A well-known name among the global 'Big Four', Ernst & Young or EY is well known for various business consultancy services that they provide companies across the world. With a strong presence in over 150 countries, across 700 offices with 312,250 employees, EY's Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) finds many takers across businesses. EY has multidisciplinary teams in place to help brands understand environmental, sustainability, health and safety risks while advising them on the opportunities associated with such issues. These services may be tantamount to any fashion brand looking to lighten its footprint on the planet.

Boston Consulting Group

A global leader in business strategy consultancy, BCG offers a customized offering to each client keeping in mind market dynamics, sustainability vision, growth, and more with special emphasis on the circular economy, which is a fast-traction-gaining concept in fashion. BCG helps a brand optimize operations and rethink strategy to meet the changing demands of production and supply networks, consumers etc.

Moda Circolare

Moda Circolare, a Canadian sustainable fashion consultancy, helps brands by embedding the ethos of sustainability into their business strategies. From governance transparency to social and environmental issues and an eco-friendly value chain - Moda Circolare provides customized solutions using a sustainability assessment tool. They also provide roadmap development, sustainability and circular fashion training, strategy development and sustainable sourcing solutions to apparel brands.


With offerings like Sustainability Strategy, Circular Product, Certification Guidance, and Training Workshops, Regenerate is pretty serious about fashion's long-term outcome. They signed a voluntary commitment with the United Nations to abide by their Social Development Goals. They commit to SDGs for Better Fashion to better spread awareness of the impacts of the fashion industry on people and the planet. They incorporate sustainability into product design, strategy and capacity building.


Recloseted is a one-stop-shop sustainable fashion consultancy that consults on supply chain, sustainability strategy, communications, reporting and launch of fashion brands.
Armed with a range of services basis data analysis, feedback from sourcing experts on eco-conscious materials and ethical manufacturers and inputs from business consultants, Recloseted focuses on sustainable practices that may be implemented across the supply chain of fashion brands - from sourcing to delivery of products.

Circular Earth

With an eye on the future, Circular Earth believes in the holistic sustainable development of a fashion brand from the ground up - whether it be an established brand or a brand that is about to be launched. They particularly focus on the evolution and regenerative circular processes, key to a greener footprint and optimization of costs. The consultancy aims to promote a kinder earth through its services to fashion brands and also dabble in start-ups, crowdfunder collaborations, and the concept of parallel brands.

Sustainability and the Future

Sustainability is the key ingredient to the long-term sustenance of the fashion industry and opting for sustainability consulting is the scientific approach to it. The sooner a fashion brand understands the importance of sustainability as a cost-optimization tool that benefits the brand value and supply chain evolution, the more likely it is that the brand will succeed.

Sustainability is an indispensable value addition to already existing or upcoming fashion brands alike. To understand how better to fortify your business with the aid of sustainable strategies, consult Fashinza.

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Key Takeaways

  • Top fashion sustainability consultants will focus on circular economy to break the cycle of fast fashion.
  • United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are crucial to craft a proper sustainable strategy for a fashion brand.
  • Sustainability is a key factor in the minds of 21st-century customers, who are conscious of their carbon footprint on the planet. As per reports, customers are even willing to pay premium prices for sustainable products.

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