10 Best Sustainable And Tech Fashion Startups of 2020-2021

10 Best Sustainable And Tech Fashion Startups of 2020-2021

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Every day new fashion startups are being launched across the globe. These are initiated by tech professionals and accelerated by platforms for sustainable fashion innovations such as Fashion for Good, Reshape, and LVMH. When these startups yield good results the corporate partners jump in such as Adidas, Kering Group, Zalando, Target, C&A. 

Some of the new trends introduced by the startups are VR fashion, AI, Augmented Reality clothing. While others have created new business models in the sectors of retail, advertising, and recruitment too. 

Without further delay, let's quickly jump into the article to know more about them. Here are the top 10 sustainable and tech fashion startups of 2020-2021:

1 Depop 

Founder: Simon Beckerman

Location: London

Product: Peer-to-peer Social Shopping App

Website: depop.com

Depop is a most reliable marketplace for more than 10million users for selling, buying, and finding new trends. This group of influencers, sellers, creatives, and consumers are transforming the retail world. This peer-to-peer platform encourages creatives to buy and sell products online. Depop is popular among micro-influencers and small business sellers. 

2 Lyst 

Founder’s: Sebastjan Trepca, Devin Hunt, Chris Mortan 

Location: London 

Product: Fashion Search Engine 

Website: lyst.com

Lyst is a personalized fashion marketplace for unique customers. This platform allows the buyer to find thousands of fashion stores all at once. It brings out 5million products from across 12,000 brands and retailers. 

3 Reflaunt

Founder: Stephanie Crespin

Location: Singapore

Product: Resell service

Website: reflaunt.com

Reflaunt is a platform that allows brands to keep their customers engaged for a longer period through second-hand products and resale service. This also helps in generating revenue along with reducing environmental impact. 

Fashion Startups

4 Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Founder’s: Laurenti Arnault, Ru Amiri

Location: London

Product: Sustainable Fashion Marketplace

Website: wardrobeoftomorrow.com 

Wardrobe Of Tomorrow is a dedicated market towards a sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan, ethical platform for designers who care for the people, animals, and planet.  This market is also working towards re-selling, renting the garments. 

5 LoveCrafts

Founder’s: Nigel Whiteoak, Cherry Freeman, Edward Griffith 

Location: London

Product: Social Marketplaces For Crafting

Website: lovecrafts.com

LoveCrafts works to build a social marketplace for the crafting sector. This market world is designed for makers. Those less inclined to shop for clothes can find sewing, knitting, and crocheting products they need to start with making. 

6 The Fabricant 

Founder: Kerry Murphy

Location: Amsterdam

Product: Digital Fashion House

Website: thefabricant.com

The Fabricant is a digital fashion market that is leading digital fashion without wasting anything but imagination and data. It is a specialist in photo-real 3D fashions and animations using digital editing techniques.  

Fashion Startups

7 Hurr Collective

Founder’s: Victoria Prew and Matthew Geleta

Location: London

Product: Peer-to-peer Wardrobe Rental Platform

Website: hurrcollective.com

Hurr Collective is an award-winning startup which offers a secure and powerful platform using real-time ID verification, geo-tagging, and AI-powered fashion stylist. This platform allows the customers to manage their wardrobes sustainably. It also brings all the entrepreneurs together who can access great fashions at retail costs. 

8 Thread

Founder’s: Ben Kuncsan, Ben Phillips, Kieran O’Neill

Location: London

Product: Personal Styling Platform

Website: thread.com

Thread is a startup established to assist men to dress better. It combines AI with a personal online stylist. The platform asks for details like preferences in fashion, price margins, size, and favored brands and helps pick the best fit for the customer according to the needs.  

9 Same But Different (Thursday finest)

Founder’s: Veronika Harbick, Michael Carlson

Location: Brooklyn

Product: Personalised 3D knitted Apparel

Website: wearesamebutdifferent.com

Thursday finest is in partnership with Macy’s, allowing people to customize their fashion goods. This is the startup that had a pop-up store in SoHo. Here they make men’s ties and knit scarves on the spot using a 3D printer. 

10 Smartzer 

Founder: Karoline Gross

Location: London

Product: Content Tagging Platform

Website: smartzer.com

Smartzer is an interactive type of digital video player that lets customers click on videos to find the garments they want and can buy them. This startup has big fashion brands on its list like Barbour, Puma, and QVC who want to make a profit from videos. 


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