Sustainable Packaging In 2022 And Beyond

Sustainable Packaging In 2022 And Beyond

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Summary: With the fashion industry's rapid growth, the use of plastic for packaging has also increased. But people have realized the importance of sustainable packing and are putting in the effort to conserve the environment. 

Customers have started choosing brands that use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging methods. Plus, sustainable packaging is also great for business as it helps in reducing carbon footprint and boosts brand image. 

Continue reading to learn about sustainable packaging in 2022 and beyond. 


Sustainable packaging is one of the most important features in the sustainability of a business. It allows you to ensure that your products are being made in a way that is environmentally friendly and supports the environment.

The reason why sustainable packaging is so important is that it helps you to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. You can reduce the amount of waste that comes from manufacturing by ensuring that your materials are recyclable or biodegradable, reducing how much you have to landfill.

Sustainable packaging has become a major area of concern in the fashion industry. Even customers have started addressing sustainability problems and are switching to eco-friendly approaches. 

In fact, consumers are ready to pay even more price for products with eco-friendly packaging. Brands using sustainable packaging are likely to be trusted more by customers. 

If you run a fashion company, here's why you must hop into the trend of sustainable packaging:

  • Sustainable packaging can help in cost reduction. 
  • Eco-friendly packing helps in gaining consumer trust. 
  • It reduces plastic pollution. 

This article will explain how sustainable packaging works and what it looks like for businesses today.

How to Become Sustainable?


Here are some sustainable packaging methods you can choose for your fashion brand:

1. Switch to Cardboard 

Cardboard is one of the best ways to switch to sustainable packaging. A cardboard box can be used multiple times before it actually gets recycled. 

A much better option is corrugated cardboard, as it can be easily molded into any shape or size. Not only is cardboard reusable, but it will also keep the products safe. 

2. Returnable Packaging 

Big brands like Zara are using returnable packaging to decrease the planet's waste. 

Likewise, you can also choose a return packing method as a part of your sustainable initiative. The returnable packaging boxes can be easily reused and repacked. 

3. Plantable Packaging 

Another eco-friendly packaging method that is gaining popularity in the fashion industry is plantable packaging. This packaging uses boxes with organic seeds that customers can plant in the soil after soaking the package in water. 

4. Minimalistic Packaging 

Besides sustainable packaging, you can also rely on a minimalist packaging approach. It is also a great solution for reducing plastic waste because brands would require only a few instead of multiple plastic layers.

5. Compostable Packaging 

Compostable Packaging 

The compostable packing method is also gaining popularity in the fashion industry. The packaging uses plant-based materials to reduce wastage. Many brands use compostable packaging to create a better image than their competitors. 

If choosing compostable packaging for your fashion brand, make sure you tell your customers about the proper disposing method. 

6. Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging is one way to do that. It's made from renewable resources like cornstarch, plastic starch, and other biodegradable materials. 

The material is flexible and can be used for various applications, including packaging, food storage containers, and more!

Flexible packaging will allow manufacturers to make their products in smaller sizes and with less waste, which means that people will have more options when choosing what products they want to buy. 

It also means that companies won't need as much space for storing or shipping their products, so they can save money on storage costs as well as transportation costs—which is especially important for a company.

7. Using Eco-Friendly Ink

Eco-Friendly Ink is another way to reduce your impact on the environment. It's made from plant-based materials like soybeans and sugarcane, which means no petroleum is needed to make it or later dispose of it when you're done with it. Since several brands are shifting toward more sustainable packaging methods, eco-friendly ink has also made its mark.

Most fashion brands don’t use petroleum-based inks to ship the packaging as it will cause pollution to the entire ecosystem and the terrestrial part of the ecosystem. The ink is bio-degradable and contains heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, lead, and others. 

But the eco-friendly ink contains water-based inks, soybeans, and other volatile organic compounds which are not harmful to the environment. 


eco-friendly packaging

Now, as you can see, adapting to an eco-friendly way of packaging is a win-win situation for all fashion brands around the world. Sustainable packaging has a greater impact on the market. 

As you can see, going eco-friendly is not too hard. As a fashion brand, you must make a few conscious decisions and choose the right packaging methods. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Choose a sustainable packing method to take a small step in reducing the amount of plastic on earth. 
  • Customers have started choosing brands that use eco-friendly and sustainable packing methods. 

You can collaborate with Fashinza for the success of your fashion brand. We can help you with sustainable packaging and connect you with reliable manufacturers. 

Book a demo with Fashinza today. 


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