What Is Vegan Fashion? An Introduction to Vegan Clothes
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What Is Vegan Fashion? An Introduction to Vegan Clothes

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Vegan fashion is a term used for clothing designs and accessories that are made purely from cruelty-free sources. The word ‘Veganism’ has taken the world by storm, and definitely for good reasons. It has long been a topic of discussion in the food sector, which has slowly made its way in other sectors, including fashion. This introduction has been made in an attempt to stop fashion companies from using animal parts in the form of skin, trunks, and more.

Is Vegan Fashion All About Not Using Animal Parts?

Well, in addition to not manufacturing products from animal parts, vegan fashion also prohibits the testing of products on animals. We are well aware of the endless experiments done on different animals by brands. This is done to ensure complete safety efficacy and liability of the new ingredients included in the specific products on the human body. While the experiments turn out to be a success, after a point in time, there also remains a high probability of affecting the tested animal during the process.

There are hundreds of products that are animal-derived and have been selling at whopping prices globally for the past several years. Some of the popular products that fall under this category include:

1.     Fashion

You can easily come across a wide variety of products in the fashion world for both men and women which use animal products. This includes products made from high-quality leather. This “high-quality” is, however, derived from animals that are slaughtered for their skins. Some of the popular leather products that people across the globe absolutely love to buy for vast sums of money include wallets, bags, jackets, hats, and gloves. In addition to rich leather products, animal skins are also used for the production of warm fur coats that are fashionably carried during winter.

2.     Décor

If you take a close look at the home décor items you use, you may come across some items that include materials from animal skins. For instance, many people order their sets of upholstery made from pure leather for the look and feel of the same. They are produced in good quality and made available in some stunning bold shades, successfully catching the attention of anyone entering or passing through the room. Other products may include car seat covers, rugs, cushion covers, vintage furniture sets, designer boxes, and more.

3.     Beauty Products

vegan beauty products

While beauty products do not usually include the parts of animals, they are definitely for testing the products. Some brands test the products right from the beginning, while others use animals to test their products in the final stages. This cruelty toward animals is done for a wide variety of products which include face creams, foundations, body soaps, body showers, lipsticks, and other daily makeup items. This process is done to save humans from the harmful effects of the chemicals used. Some common procedures include shaving a part of the animals’ hair to apply the product and injecting a chemical or more to learn the possible reactions.

An Introduction to Vegan Clothes Today

With the rising cruelties on animals for the sake of introducing a luxury product in the market, many brands have pledged to ban the system. These brands include some of the iconic luxury brands of the world, such as Versace, Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry. They have promised not to use exotic skins and furs of animals anymore and instead launch collections that promote vegan clothes.

Vegan clothes are clothes free from animal-derived components. No animal components should be found in any part of the clothing, including the fabric, glue, dye, and threads. In addition to the ban on the components, vegan clothing is also free from animal testing of any kind. 

How to Know If a Brand Sells only Vegan Clothes?

How to Know If a Brand Sells only Vegan Clothes?

To ensure that a brand you are approaching is selling only vegan clothes, they will fall under the approved list of renowned or popular animal welfare associations. For instance, companies that are PETA-approved do not use any form of animal source in their collection of products as well as the packaging boxes used. The fashion brand Marks & Spencer was recognized by PETA for its vegan efforts, and it received the title ‘Vegan-Friendly High Street Retailer.’ 

Fashinza is one of the leading fashion companies which is taking every single step and effort to build a sustainable fashion supply chain. We are dedicated to manufacturing clothing items for our clients that cause zero impact on the environment and ensure sustainability. Studies have also proven that sustainable fashion will soon become a market dominator, given the heartbreaking circumstances we see around today. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable, sustainable manufacturer, we at Fashinza will be happy to serve you.


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