Best Eco-Friendly Boutique Swimwear Brands
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Best Eco-Friendly Boutique Swimwear Brands

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Emerging swimwear brands are becoming more innovative. They are not only finding ways to design and manufacture stylish swimwear but also reducing their impact on the environment. Consider this fact: brands today are repurposing ocean waste. In other words, old fishing nets are being repurposed by eco-friendly swimwear brands.

If you are still wearing polyester and nylon bikinis, it is time to ditch them for better alternatives. Hot girl summer means taking a stand against global warming! 

Read more about our top picks for the best eco-friendly swimwear brands. Support the brands below and you can make a positive environmental impact this summer.

  1. Summersalt

We begin our list with Summersalt. This brand uses reusable packaging and recycled textiles. The brand has a dedicated section for swimwear; we recommend their bikinis and one-pieces. Summersalt has sizes that start from XS up to 2XL. The company uses sustainable materials to make swimwear sets that are fashionable, made to last and sustainable.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a Laguna Beach, CA-based company. Their designs are inspired by 70’s beach glamour. 

Vitamin A uses plant-based fabrics and recycled nylon in order to conserve water. Their product line ranges from beachwear, one-pieces, accessories, and bikinis. The brand’s popularity stems (in part) from the water-reduced digital technology used to create their prints.

  1. Reformation

Reformation is a Los Angeles-based company that uses deadstock and sustainable fabric in its clothes. Reformation utilizes a holistic and eco-friendly manufacturing process. The company’s product line includes one-pieces, bikinis, cover-ups and beach bags. That’s about everything that you need to be beach ready! Reformation’s eco-friendly swimwear line has led to the employment of over 75% of women employees.

  1. Sézane

Sézane is a dedicated swimwear brand inspired by French chic swimwear designs. Sézane’s collection is designed to make you fall in love with it! As a France-based company, Sézane's products range from one-pieces, bikinis, and accessories. Sézane utilizes ethical production and uses sustainable and natural materials to protect the environment. Each swimwear piece is made of quality fabrics that encompass timeless cuts.

  1. BOLD Swim

Based in Los Angeles, CA, BOLD Swim is all about bikinis and one-pieces. Being a leading sustainable swimwear company, BOLD Swim uses biodegradable and non-toxic fabrics. Their fabric is sourced from Brazil and feels luxurious.

Bold Swim is a POC-led brand. Their size range starts from XS and goes up to XXXL.

  1. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a dedicated plus-size brand. Their size ranges from XXS and goes up to 6XL. This Seattle, WA-based swimwear company has impressed everyone by including new products in its catalog. You can visit Girlfriend Collective to buy bikinis, one-pieces, bottoms, and tops. The brand uses recycled materials both for swimwear and clothes and also for packaging.

  1. Londre

Londre’s catalogue features an exclusive collection of bikinis and one-pieces. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada. It offers swimwear in sizes that range from XS to 5XXL. 

The owners of Londre focus on creating swimwear that has a smaller impact on nature and is of premium quality. Londre uses sustainable textiles, reusable and biodegradable packaging. Materials are sourced from a factory that is OEKO-Tex certified.

  1. Boden

Based in London, Boden is a company that uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon, provides fair wages, follows a transparent supply chain protocol, and uses eco-friendly packaging. From swim shorts to bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces and beach bags, Boden has something for every beachgoer. Once you buy swimwear at Boden, you can easily return it given the brand’s 365-day return policy.

  1. Youswim

Youswim is a UK-based company that sources materials from Europe. Every swimwear piece gets produced locally and is made ethically. Youswim’s strength lies in its simple product designs and vibrant colors. 

Visit Youswim to explore their wide range of two and one-pieces. Also, don’t forget to take a look at their Instagram page!

  1. TomboyX

From using sustainably harvested materials to offering sizes up to 4X, TomboyX is here to stay and for all the good reasons. TomboyX is based in Seattle, WA. Its business profile includes women-owned and eco-friendly factories. TomboyX’s product line ranges from uni suits, one-piece to gender-neutral two-pieces. This is a brand that will let you find your perfect bikini size so you can express yourself the way you want.

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Bottom Line

These are our hand-picked ethical and eco-friendly swimwear brands that we think you should try. Thanks to these brands for using sustainable, natural, recycled, and biodegradable materials. Indeed, there are many other swimwear brands; however, if you are new to eco-friendly brands, do check them out!


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