30 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Use In 2022
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30 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Use In 2022

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Summary: Investing in eco-friendly products rather than products that do not take into account their impact on the environment is the gold standard in the present day. Businesses that are manufacturing eco-friendly products are taking steps towards minimizing their carbon footprint and are in turn gaining popularity for their sustainable efforts.

Embracing an environmentally sustainable approach to fashion is paramount in today’s day and age. Fashion brands that give back to the environment and are eco-conscious when producing their collections are important as this will help build a more sustainable future.

30 Sustainable Products to Inspire Your Collection

The following fashion finds are the perfect examples of sustainability in fashion. These products can inspire a more eco-friendly approach to apparel and accessories production.

1. 90's Tan Suede Fringe Leather from Thrilling

Thrilling is a Black-owned online fashion brand that sources vintage and pre-loved fashion items such as clothing and accessories from all over the US. The brand then sells them online, promoting thrift culture.


2. The One Planet Capsule Collection by Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger has The One Planet Capsule collection that features products made from 100% organic cotton and other recycled materials. The collection has amazing plastic-free unisex hoodies made with eco-friendly printing techniques to choose from.

3. Straw Sunglasses by Le Specs

Sunglasses get a sustainable makeover with the eco-friendly brand Le Specs. The Unwritten Straw Sunglasses from the brand is a perfect example of sustainable fashion accessories. This stylish and versatile piece is made of  35% rice straw and 65% recycled plastic.

4. Earth Top Handle Bag by Ferragamo

Made from FSC-certified cork, a renewable resource derived from trees without harming them, the Ferragamo Earth Top Handle Bag is a wonderful eco-friendly fashion accessory. It is a completely carbon-neutral product that also makes use of biodegradable linen for its inner lining and zippers made from recycled materials.

Top Handle Bag

5. The Real Real x Gypsy Sport

Gypsy Sports is an NYC-based streetwear fashion brand that has collaborated with luxury consignment The Real Real to present a stylish range of products made solely from upcycled denim. This collection has everything from distressed jean bucket hats to patchwork denim clothing up for grabs.

6. Chase Chelsea Boots from Matisse

With ethically produced and recycled vegan materials, LA-based brand Matisse offers fair wages to its artisans and even uses recycled packaging for its products. The brand uses small-scale artisanal production that is conducted in family-owned factories which makes it a fashion label dedicated to sustainable practices.

These Chase Chelsea Boots by Matisse are a guilt-free eco-friendly purchase that is versatile enough to complement a wide range of winter outfits.

7. Recycled Packages from Frasier Sterling

Frasier Sterling is a jewelry brand that uses 100% recycled plastic packaging with the aim to put a stop to the production and use of single-use plastic packaging. Their recycled plastic packages have chic designs and can be reused to store your favorite jewelry pieces and other trinkets.

The Cherry Soda Hoops by Frasier Sterling are a cute fashion accessory to get inspired by as it is made of 14k gold-plated hoops and artistically cut glass charms.

8. Earth Day Capsule Collection from Madhappy

Earth Day Capsule Collection

To celebrate Earth Day, the fashion brand that is focused on creating a conversation around mental health, Madhappy launched a capsule collection with products made from organic cotton, organic dyes, and natural fibers that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

Even the price tags on each piece from the collection are made using recycled paper that contains sunflower seeds which you can tear up and plant in a pot or your garden. 

9. Slip-On Shoes by Cariuma

Acknowledged for its sustainable practices and product innovations, Cariuma's slip-on shoes are currently the world's lowest carbon footprint sneakers with an emission of less than 6 kg CO₂e in comparison to 14 kg CO₂e emitted to produce a regular sneaker.

10. Poplin Maxi Dress CAES

Fashion brand CAES believes in creating products that are stylish and versatile so that they can be used to create numerous different looks. This approach helps encourage consumers to buy fewer things and the brand's good quality materials make the products last longer as well. This white maxi dress is a chic wardrobe staple that was produced using a slow fashion model and created from organic and recycled materials.

11. Gardenia Knit Skirt by Altuzarra Re-Crafted

Gardenia Knit Skirt

Made from recycled fabrics from their earlier collections, this Altuzzara Re-Crafted Gardenia Knit Skirt is a sustainable fashion buy that is upcycled and utterly chic.

12. MM6 Patchwork Panel Mules

The Maison Margiela Patchwork shoes are made from patches of excess material from the brand's past collections. These kinds of products made from upcycled materials are a great way to reduce and reuse fashion industry waste.

13. Swim Playa Hats by DOS

Handmade from vintage 70s towels, the Beach Hats from DOS are super stylish and bring the best of vintage fashion and new-age trends to the market. The brand even offers customizations so that consumers can have the hats created in their favorite colors for a truly unique design. 

14. Angela Roi's Vegan Purses

Vegan leather is a great sustainable alternative to traditional leather. New York-based brand Angela Roi has a beautiful selection of sustainable vegan leather artisanal purses that are made ethically with premium materials. This brand is also relatively affordable and has a wide range of bag designs to choose from.

15. Recycled Bag from Anya Hindmarch  

Recycled Bag

This chic bag is crafted from reclaimed plastic bottles and is coated with a layer made from refurbished car windshields to make the bag weather resistant and durable. This bag is a part of the I Am A Plastic Bag collection, which is a range of products that has no carbon footprint at all.

16. Joan Biker Jacket by Deadwood

Made from 100% recycled Polyethylene terephthalate, the Deadwood Joan Biker Jacket is a classic yet sustainably produced leather jacket that has a soft vintage appeal. The brand leverages deadstock skins, repurposed vintage clothing, and upcycled post-production waste to make sustainable fashion products.

17. Mirian 18kt Gold Ring by Ana Khouri

Ana Khouri collaborated with Fairmined to sustainably source and create this beautiful 18kt gold ring. The ring is environment-friendly and is handcrafted in a socially responsible manner. 

18. Cardigan from Aya Muse

Aya Muse is a sustainable fashion brand loved by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Beiber. It offers pre-orders of clothing items to prevent the overproduction of inventory. It also uses recycled yarns and fabrics, all of which eventually help reduce waste. 

19. Azlee Ring 

Azlee Ring

This ring from Azlee is made from 100% recycled materials. A part of the amount consumers pay to purchase products from this brand is donated to Surfrider Foundation, Oceana and Sea Legacy, and The Marine Mammal Center to help save the oceans.

20. Loewe Belt

This stylish belt from Loewe's Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection is made from recycled calfskin and canvas.  

21. Vegan Leather Biker Jacket from Deadwood  

This stylish biker jacket is made from vegan leather. It has a sharp, tailored silhouette that will add structure and panache to any outfit. This deep green leather biker jacket is made from organically grown cactus, which is a source of vegan leather.

22. French Terry Crewneck by Krost

Made from surplus fabrics and upcycled materials from earlier collections, the Krost Upcycled French Terry Crewneck is a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

23. Poja Jacket from Industry of All Nations

The dye- and bleach-free garment from the Industry of All Nations is created with 100% organic cotton and natural shell buttons. The jacket is a great wardrobe must-have that is eco-friendly and timeless. 

organic cotton

24. Women's Tree Breezers by Allbirds

The Women's Tree Breezers is a sustainably made washable ballet flat made up of natural and reclaimed materials. The production of this footwear has a carbon footprint that is half of what an average pair of shoes emits.

25. Marble Pink Hat by Patagonia

This bucket hat by Patagonia is made of 100% reclaimed nylon and carries the Fair Trade Certified label. 

26. Peace Towel

This towel is made from 100% cotton and does not even use plastic packaging. Peace towels have contemporary designs that inspire sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 

27. Pomellato Ring

This ring is made from ethically mined gold and it also features a gorgeous ruby stone from Greenland, which is fully traceable.

28. Simone Rocha Skirt from TRR Recollection 01 

Simone Rocha Skirt

This upcycled skirt is actually a reimagined apron dress that is decorated with flower appliqué derived from the '40s and '50s quilts.

29. SLVRLAKE Denim

SLVRLAKE is a cult-favorite denim maker that has recreated some of its most iconic pieces with a new eco-friendly Hemp fabric. This fabric is a durable material made from the hemp plant which takes 50% less water to grow as compared to cotton.

30. Granny Tanks from THE SERIES

THE SERIES is a fashion label that offers handmade garments that are created from upcycled materials. This collection of tank tops is made from vintage knitted blankets. 

These eco-friendly products are amazing examples of sustainable fashion. They are good inspirations for other brands and manufacturers to embrace a sustainable approach to fashion and reduce their carbon footprint one step at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Recycled materials and vintage garments can help make good quality eco-friendly products.
  • Vegan leather is a great alternative to traditional leather.
  • Ethical sourcing methods and fair labor practices are also a part of the sustainability movement in fashion.

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