10 Picks for the Hottest Eco-Friendly Brands
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10 Picks for the Hottest Eco-Friendly Brands

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Today’s customers are looking for apparel and shoe brands that minimize their carbon footprint. This growing conscience is making brands rethink their manufacturing and distributing process, and that’s why we now have brands that are mindful about how they manufacture their products.

From using recycled materials, natural raw materials such as wood, to plastic bottles, brands are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Eco-friendly brands are working hard to bring in some positive changes. These brands are committed to protecting the environment and are inspiring the fashion industry to follow more sustainable practices. We have here outlined the top ten eco-friendly clothing brands that are positively affecting the planet.

1. Tentree

Tentree is a renowned eco-friendly brand. For every item that you buy from this brand, the company plants ten trees. Tentree is aiming to plant 1 billion trees by the end of 2030. In addition to this, Tentree uses sustainable materials to manufacture its clothes. The brand uses recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, and more such items.

2. Patagonia

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand that is over 40 years old. The brand is recognized for following environment-friendly business practices. Since its inception, Patagonia’s aim has been to preserve the planet. Most of the raw materials used by the brand are either grown organically or recycled to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Organic Basics

Another ethical clothing brand is Organic Basics. The brand specializes in wardrobe essentials and comfy base layers. Additionally, they use low-impact, biodegradable, and recycled textiles (e.g., TENCEL, Lyocell, and wool).

Organic Basics collaborates with eco-conscious factories to minimize the harmful impact on the environment.

4. Cuyana

Cuyana is a dedicated women’s brand that prides itself in manufacturing apparel and accessories in small batches. The eco-friendly brand does this in order to minimize overproduction. 

From comfortable joggers, stylish drape dresses to weekender bags, Cuyana has much to offer. The brand offers a two-year warranty on all their purchases. Also, Cuyana uses sustainable materials, such as straw, linen, silk, and leather. They aim to become 100% sustainable by 2022.

5. Alice+Whittles

Eco-conscious consumers looking for an ethical clothing brand should check out Alice+Whittles. This brand is all about producing sustainable footwear and accessories. All products by Alice+Whittles get produced by small-scale producers and artisans to lower the company’s carbon footprint.

6. Nisolo

This is an eco-friendly brand that produces shoes, accessories, and more for both men and women. Nisolo has collaborated with the local artisans of Peru. The brand also utilizes a handmade production process that is used to craft Nisolo’s distinctive adult-size shoes. Nisolo’s shoe collection is worth checking out.

7. Outdoor Voices

As the name suggests, this brand is about durable activewear pieces. Each item is manufactured keeping longevity in mind. Outdoor Voices uses recyclable and eco-friendly materials; the company also follows environment-friendly practices for product shipments. In recent years, the company has partnered with organizations like The Nature Conservancy and WWF.


NAADAM was founded in 2013. Since its inception, the brand has stood true to its promise and commitment to following ethical and sustainable practices while manufacturing and producing its in-house luxury pieces. This brand has produced beautiful jumpsuits, dresses, sweaters, and much more. Along with using eco-friendly materials, the brand also offers ethical conditions to the animals from whom they source raw materials.


ABLE is an empowering brand that believes in educating, empowering, and training women to become a part of the sustainable workforce. ABLE wants to break the cycle of global poverty. The brand has been making waves in the fashion industry of late. ABLE uses eco-friendly materials to produce beautiful and trendy clothing, bags, accessories, and shoes. It’s a leading ethical clothing brand. 

10. Reformation

Reformation is a brand that focuses on a safe, fair, and healthy working environment. And to achieve that, this eco-friendly clothing brand follows regulatory standards. Reformation has a reputation as a sustainable brand that keeps track of its progress to become more environmentally friendly. Every item by this brand is produced keeping in mind land use, water input, eco-toxicity, human toxicity, and green gas emissions. In addition, Reformation uses certified organic raw materials, recyclable and natural fibers to ensure a lesser impact on nature.

Eco-Friendly Brands


These were the top ten ethical clothing brands that are helping people from all over the world buy eco-friendly products. Each of these brands is known for using sustainable and recycled natural materials. To find more eco-friendly clothing brands and source eco-friendly fabrics and more for your own designs, visit Fashinza


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