10 Eco-Friendly Brands that Float the World of Fashion
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10 Eco-Friendly Brands that Float the World of Fashion

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Summary: Fashion is a huge contributor to pollution, so little changes in its operative ways can work wonders to drive the green fashion revolution forward. This article explores 10 such eco-friendly brands that are doing their part to lighten their footprint on the planet in the years to come. When fashion goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, the results can be quite heart-warming.

Eco-friendly is the new fashion statement that's reigning the world right now!

And why not? It's attractive, beneficial and kind to the environment, and quality-over-quantity driven.

Brands at large, especially fashion brands, have thus figured out how to unlock the potential of tapping into the socially and environmentally conscious demographic.

As per a McKinsey US Cohort survey, 66% of people buy a product based on sustainability and 88% of consumers prefer their brands to be eco-friendly. Forbes cites that fast fashion, too, has considerably slowed down which is evident from the 50% decrease in fast-fashion sales.

So without further ado, let's take a look at 10 eco-friendly fashion brands which are doing right by nature and our planet.

1. Nike


Just Do It - well, they were pretty serious about it environmentally, it seems. The famous sports brand is well known for its eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives that are constantly evolving. Nike believes in reinventing and reimagining to transform with changing times and establish itself as a pioneer in sustainability. "MOVE TO ZERO" is Nike's personal journey as a brand toward zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the planet.

2. Ralph Lauren

“I discovered the heritage of a timeless world, uncontrived, free-formed and free-spirited, natural and from the earth, and it touched me and became the living part of all I design,” says Ralph Lauren. 'Citizenship and Sustainability journey — Timeless by Design' is Ralph Lauren's next chapter in sustainability to go over and beyond the circle of recycling and reusing to lengthen the life of the products they make to cut waste and promote the philosophy of quality over quantity.

3. TenTree


This brand has taken "it's all in a name" quite literally. TenTree has taken the initiative to plant ten trees for every product they sell. They also feature trees as a graphic on most of their merchandise, over and above adopting sustainable fabric and indulging in eco-friendly manufacturing. In doing so they have created a community of loyal customers and keep on adding to that number every day. They have also set a goal to plant a billion trees by 2030.

4. Pact

Think super-soft sustainable clothes, think Pact. The brand grows and harvests organic cotton to finally make products out of it to ensure a clean and responsible supply chain. Besides being certified by GOTS, the leading standard for organic farming and manufacturing, they have partnered with SimpliZero, a tree planting initiative, to offset the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain.

5. Eco Vibe


When Eco's in the vibe, fashion brands shall thrive! Puns apart, Eco Vibe, based out of Portland in Oregon uses only recycled material or resources that are all-natural. Relatively a fledgling in the industry, having been founded in 2010, the company is extremely conscious about how its products are made. Through its ethical production of apparel, shoes and accessories, they are part of the 1% Back for the Planet movement, wherein they donate money to environmental causes.

6. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the stalwarts of environmental ethics in the industry of fashion who led the way in relatively olden times by using recycled material and switching to organic cotton. A producer of outdoor clothing, Patagonia boasts of having used 87% recycled material in its most recent clothing line. All the cotton that they use is 100% organic. Far removed from fast fashion, Patagonia is a believer in the longevity and timelessness of designs.

7. Harvest & Mill

green footprint

Compost till kingdom come. Well, Harvest & Mill has taken the compost way from product to packaging. Not only this, they have harnessed the power of natural dye by sourcing their clothes from farmers and dye artists in California and Indiana to contribute to the fashion industry's green footprint on the planet.

8. Amour Vert

Eco-friendly brand Amour Vert, which means 'Green Love', rode down the green path since opening its doors. It has been planting trees since its inception. Since 2010, Amour Vert has planted 353,990 trees and sequestered 146,963 tons of CO2. Its endeavor has also saved12 billion gallons of water and reforested 1,763 acres.

9. Mud Jeans

40% powered by recycled jeans and 60% by sustainably sourced materials, all Mud Jeans products are completely vegan. The efforts of this eco-friendly brand have saved 300 million liters of water, saved 12,000 pairs of jeans from landfills and curbed the effects of 700,000 kilos of CO2 in the past three years.

10. United By Blue


This eco-friendly brand definitely abides by a blue ethos. As per its one-for-one business model, since its inception in 2010, the brand pledged to remove a pound of trash from an ocean, waterway or coastline for each product sold. The brand can currently boast of more than 300 clean-up projects, which led to the removal of more than 4 million pounds of trash. All of this is over and beyond the ethical production of apparel, home goods, accessories, and bags. United By Blue has set a goal to cut its 2021 emissions by 50% by 2030 to play its part in limiting climate warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Winding Lanes of Eco-friendliness

The emergence of so many eco-friendly brands with an intention to leave behind a green footprint on the planet goes to show how the world is taking the sustainable route to stay relevant and evolve with time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cutting down on CO2 emissions and saving water can work wonders for a brand's social image
  • Most fashion brands have taken or are in the process of taking the eco-friendly route to stay relevant
  • With time, the emergence of a demographic of conscious consumers has paved the way for a green fashion revolution

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