Eco-Textiles: The Future of Fashion

Invest in recyclable textiles to reduce wastage of resources!

What We do?

Fashinza connects clothing brands with hundreds of verified eco-friendly manufacturers who operate from 200 ethical factories spanning across India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. We promote sustainable fashion by ensuring that the raw materials are produced using the latest technology to reduce harmful impacts on the environment. Our manufacturers assess the lifecycle of fabrics such as cotton, velvet, spandex, and corduroy to provide brands with the most sustainable fabric choices for their clothing lines.

We pay utmost attention to three factors while hand picking our manufacturers, which are Quality, Sustainability, and Ethics. We ensure that they prioritise social and environmental concerns in planning and implementing their operations, and we only work with manufacturers who hold a reputation for timely delivery of premium products. Besides, we make sure that our partner manufacturers provide healthy working conditions to the artisans who bring the ethereal designs to life.

Sustainability at Every Stage

Benefits of Using Eco-Textiles

  • Reduced use of water and energy resources
  • Recyclable raw materials that reduce waste generation
  • No use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers

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Why Fashinza?


Committed to make the fashion industry net positive for the environment

Reduced wastage

We make more money by being more efficient and reducing wastage

Ethical Practices

Our suppliers follow ethical social practices including fair wages and artisans’ conditions

On-ground Presence

Our experienced team of technicians and QCs is present on-ground everyday

Visibility and Traceability

Our platform provides end-to-end visibility so that you don’t have to worry about “What’s Happening”

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