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This planet, our home, desperately needs us to step forward and mend our ways. As a part of the global apparel industry we need to act now if we want the industry to be more sustainable in future. To attain sustainability in fashion we must reduce our water/ energy consumption and toxic waste generation.

The task isn’t difficult when we simply pay attention to our sourcing and production processes. Sustainable clothing brands should turn to the use of sustainable fabrics as their very first step. All we have to do is choose eco friendly fabrics which do not harm our planet! Saving the world can in fact be that easy!

About Sustainable Fabric

Sustainable Fabric #1:


EcoVero is a highly sustainable variant of viscose produced from renewable wood pulp. This EU Ecolabel certified fabric lives upto the best environmental standards across its entire life cycle, emitting 50% less carbon dioxide than ordinary viscose.


Sustainable Fabric #2:

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most demanded fabric in the industry but it is largely unsustainable. Instead we can collectively turn our attention to organic cotton which is grown from 100% natural seeds with no use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton decreases water usage by 90% as opposed to traditional cotton.

Organic Cotton

Sustainable Fabric #3:

Organic Hemp

Organic hemp is counted among highly sustainable fabrics because it enriches the soil it is grown upon and absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere compared to other plants. Organic hemp requires no chemicals or pesticides and is more water-efficient than cotton.

Organic Hemp

Sustainable Fabric #4:

Recycled Polyester

Non-biodegradable plastics are a predominant source of pollution, but the story can be altered when they are recycled. Recycled polyester reduces wastage by processing and transforming existing plastic into long-lasting eco friendly clothing.

Recycled Polyester

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