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Importance of Sustainability Certification

Sustainability in fashion is the need of the hour considering the present impact of our industry on the environment. Today, more and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and pledging their loyalties to sustainable clothing brands. In fact, such buyers prefer to verify how the products they consume are being manufactured and sourced, and clothing brands can effectively assure consumers of their sustainable and ethical values by securing well-known sustainability certificates.

Top Certifications

PETA Certifications

A PETA-Approved Vegan label certifies that a brand has signed a statement of assurance guaranteeing that their products are vegan. Alternatively, one can go for PETA’s Cruelty Free brand mark which assures that no animals were harmed while producing the commodities. Brands need to submit their own reports to earn these certifications and no consequent audit or verification is conducted by PETA.

PETA Certifications

Fairtrade Certifications

Fairtrade certifications ensure that the products or the brands comply with fairtrade standards which include ethical treatment of workers and fair trade practices. International Fairtrade Certification Mark is a label which certifies a product meets fairtrade standards. A brand can also acquire Fair Trade Federation (FTF) membership to claim that their operations meet all Fairtrade ethical standards.

Fairtrade Certifications

Cradle to Cradle (C2C)

C2C certification can be applied to individual products to assure that they are sustainable. C2C takes into consideration the entire production cycle paying attention to everything from material health to the usage of renewable energy resources. It’s a holistic certificate which takes a broader look at the product from its initial to final stage.

Cradle to Cradle (C2C)

Eco Age Certification

Eco Age certification considers a number of factors such as environmental impact, treatment of animals, diversity and inclusion within an organization, and fair working conditions. Brands can seek the Eco Age certification if they wish to proclaim their commitment towards social and environmental progress.

Eco Age Certification

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