Top 10 Supply Chain Degree Programs Online

Top 10 Supply Chain Degree Programs Online

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Summary: An effective supply chain is essential for meeting the ever-increasing global demands worldwide. And businesses today require well-talented professionals with supply chain degrees and certifications. 

A well-established supply chain management system aims to ease business functionalities. Let's see the most sought-after supply chain degree online programs to understand distribution processes in the supply chain. 

Best Supply Chain Degree Online Programs in 2022

Post-pandemic, the logistics and supply chain trends have undergone tremendous changes. An online supply chain degree provides focused learnings on shipment scheduling, inventory management, cost estimation, and export and import procedures. 

Keep scrolling to learn the best online supply chain degree programs in 2022.

1. The Business of Logistics in Supply Chain Management by Udemy 

Managing and optimizing the supply chain operations in the fashion industry is the need of the hour. The 90-minute program gives a fresh perspective on how businesses can enhance decision-making and tackle different logistics components. 

Hence, a supply chain degree from this course can help businesses expand their client base, ultimately driving revenue growth and improving collaborations with logistic partners and manufacturers. 

2. Basics of Supply Chain Management - Simple & Easy by Udemy

supply chain management

Serving as a launchpad for a complete beginner in the supply chain industry, a degree in this course may help one get started with the basics of supply chain management

The course involves a few excerpts from the TAA CCC grant program, awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration to the LINCS in the Supply Chain Management consortium. 

3. Coursera- Supply Chain Principles

Businesses still need help with unsold inventory, unrealized payments, and severely impacted operating margins. The blues of the pandemic still affect retail and supply chain integration today. 

The strain on the supply chain has highlighted the necessity of a solid financial supply chain for a corporation. Fashion companies must recognize the financial component of the supply chain to avoid disruptions at any level. Unmanaged, this could lead to working capital and cash flow crises for a company.

This extensive 15-hour introductory course includes a general introduction to supply chain networks and promotes several kinds of supply chains relevant to different industries. 

4. Postgraduate Program in Digital Supply Chain Management by Simplilearn

The course is a critically constructed digitally enabled supply chain program recognized by The Purdue University Alumni Association.  

With the rise of sustainable fashion and the online retail marketplace, a supply chain degree from this course will help businesses gain insight into various issues in supply chain management - from cutting-edge and futuristic trends.

5. Supply Chain Foundations by LinkedIn Learnings 

supply chain network

Passing down from the professor from Arizona University, this course is key to successful supply chain management. The 90-minute focused online program discusses supplier selection, inventory management, power distribution, and integration of supply chains in businesses. 

This is highlighted in the course helping fashion brands and designers start supply chain businesses. 

6.  Supply Chain Management Specialization by Coursera

To remain competitive in the supply chain, businesses must remain on top in every facet of logistics and supply chain management. 

This course teaches businesses about forecasting, logistics, lean Six Sigma, risk management, warehouse management, inventory, and demand planning, covering all facets of supply chain management. 

Finishing this basic specialization course requires six months. As an added advantage, the learners can put what they learned in the course into practice by working on a real-world case in the final module.

7. Supply Chain Fundamentals by edX

The apparel industry is ever-evolving and will continue to evolve on digital technology grounds. The course is an add-on to several data-savvy brands requiring talented professionals who can analyze and reconfigure production cycles. However, to start in this industry, one must first be equipped with the fundamentals.

8. Operations and Supply Chain Management by Udemy

How to order the components of a supply chain is covered in great detail in this course. You'll be able to identify the optimum techniques for various organizational kinds and combine multiple tactics to increase value. 

It will also assist you in understanding the most crucial aspects that influence such sequencing. You will have access to textual materials, quizzes, exercises, and a brief project as part of taking the course.

9. Blockchain in Supply Chain Management by Udemy

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Supply chains and blockchain now go hand in hand. This introductory course uses business examples to explain how this technology may be applied. 

It explains the essentials, such as what the technology is and how it functions, why supply chains are a suitable fit, and how Blockchain platforms work. Even a Blockchain demo and a cryptographic hash generator are accessible online.

10. Implementing Supply Chain Management by LI Learning

The supply chain degree from this course enables one to assess total expenses, the role of returns, and the value of flexibility and innovation by selecting the best technology and working with others externally. 

It provides an overview of the main issues that supply chain managers must deal with, as well as the newest trends driving change in the supply chain.

Getting Started in Supply Chain 

The above programs give an overview of reducing production costs and improving customer satisfaction. They are major reasons behind the scaling up of apparel businesses, resulting in newer job opportunities. One must hold a supply chain degree from these online courses to enable seamless working from procurement to delivery. 

Today, businesses must employ transparency in all processes to cater to a worldwide customer base. At Fashinza, we help brands design, refine, plan, and execute various logistics and supply management processes. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The overall cost of the businesses can be reduced by going through inventory cost optimization.
  • A business's understanding of inventory management, cargo management, export-import procedures, and logistics planning is crucial to optimize a fashion brand's supply chain processes. 
  • Brands can be equipped with excellent risk-mitigating strategies and build long-term resilience with optimized supply chain management. 

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