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Summary: Communication is an integral part of supply chain integration, particularly in fashion brands with global procurement chains where not every worker or stakeholder is versed in the same language or communication skills. This is where graphic products have helped universalise visual communication with technology designs and graphic products. 

One of the pillars on which a sustainable and resilient supply chain is built is effective end-to-end communication between all stakeholders. Without access to requisite and timely information, the robustness of a supply chain is compromised. In a world increasingly relying on global procurements, with long and diverse chains, product and procurement-related communication have become multi-level and multi-lingual. This is where visual communication for safe and effective workplaces is so important.

Graphic products aid in the visual sharing of information about products, equipment and processes within an organization. These include specialized designing tools such as industrial labeling printers, all-weather vinyl, facility signs and accessories such as barcode scanners. These graphic products provide a critical link between different users and processes for efficient supply chain integration. They also make hazardous and remote workspaces, accessible and safe for the employees.  

What do graphic products include? 

The graphic product combines a range of equipment, tools and technology that helps in visual communication in corporate workspaces and supply chains. These may include a variety of things that help in the inter-departmental management of a clothing line and those that help business associates in aligning their roles with that of the fashion brand. These include corporate logos that build brand identity and integrate electronics and elements of design with the latest technology such as 3D printers and resistant materials.

Visual communications in a workspace can be the product, sales and employee-oriented. For instance, barcode labels are one of the most common Point of Sale (PoS) essentials.

Similarly, packaging material with a warning about fragile content and vinyl-based signage used to identify facilities and restrooms for male and female workers also falls within the ambit of graphic products.

How graphic products aid supply chain integration

A fashion house relies on business suppliers, sales and after-sales services. Graphic products enable better coordination by removing the communication barrier and bolstering supply chain integration. Here is how graphic products can play a vital role in day-to-day manufacturing and sales for a clothing brand

1. Universalization of communication tools.

Graphic products help to improve the processes of a business and a customer’s experience with visual communication. Simple solutions such as restroom identifications and signage for directions offer clear communication in an organization for employees and at storefronts for customers. These tools help in universalization of visual language and facilitation. 


2. Safety solutions.

Humans are the most important element in supply chain integration. One of the best uses of all-weather labels is warning signs and markers used for identifying hazardous worksites. These simple but highly specialized tools help create safe and productive workspaces for employees and visitors.  

Safety solutions

3. Improves productivity and operational efficiency.

Equipment such as industrial printers, vinyl labels and other hardware help in improving the efficiency of the workforce both at the clothing factories and at the stores. DuraLabel, one of the widely-used Graphic Products brands, helps in supply chain integration by educating workers and customers and allowing them a better work and user experience. 

Improves productivity

4. Industrial manufacturing, warehousing and shipping.

A fashion brand relies on robust logistics for a thorough supply chain integration. Whether it is labeling printers, barcode scanners, pipe markers or packaging instructions, without these tools, warehousing and product classification and sales would become a nightmare. Even shipping requires tracking IDs and container labels that can survive extreme weather conditions. All of these are made possible by graphic products. 

Industrial manufacturing

5. Troubleshooting challenges in product safety.

Ever wonder how the most delicate of clothing materials such as yarns and fabrics and highly sensitive products such as smart wearables pass through multiple hands with minimal damage?

Those conspicuous labels printed on the packaging are at work 24X7. These materials made from vinyl for indoor and outdoor use are designed to resist UV rays, moisture, and harsh chemicals. They not only help in supply chain integration but also enhance operational efficiency and ensure the safety of products at the warehouse, in shipping and during the last-mile delivery to a customer. 

Visual communications: An innovative information exchange solution 

New-age fashion brands are working relentlessly to make their supply chains more resilient with increased operational efficiency. Visual communication via graphic products proves to be a great tool in supply chain integration.

By working around the language barrier, they bring operational efficiency to manufacturing and ensure safe and reliable warehousing and shipping. Graphic products also help in employee health and safety and make universal facilities accessible to all workers.

Key Takeaways 

Key Takeaways
  • Graphic products are a collection of tools that, with the help of technology, enhance visual communication in a fashion and apparel company. Through supply chain integration, they help to overcome the language barrier and enable improved coordination and operational efficiency. 
  • Graphic products for a clothing company can be divided into three categories. These include facilitating information and product exchange, process execution, and the safety and enjoyment of people - both employees and end users.

If you are a clothing brand looking for graphic products for better supply chain integration, Fashinza can connect you with the best suppliers with equipment and technology. Chat with us at https://fashinza.com to get connected with a global procurement network, today!


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